The Best Fall Crafts for Kids [Including Preschoolers and Toddlers]

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Fall is my favorite time of year and with so many fall crafts for kids, you are bound to find a project that all your kids will like. We are sharing some great fall crafts for preschoolers and fall crafts for toddlers so that you can have fun with your kids at home this fall. 

Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Leaf Pastels

To make this craft you will need:

Fall Crafts for Kids
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I love creating fall leaf pastels with the kids. This is such a simple art project, but looks like you spent hours on it. 

  • First, you will want to go on an outdoor scavenger hunt to find the perfect leaf for the project. Choose a bigger leaf that will fill most of the page if you can. 
  • Then you will want to trace it onto the paper with a pencil. 
  • Once traced you will rub the chalk in 2-inch sections around your traced leaf. Be sure that the pastel does not go where your leaf was. 
  • After you have done this, then take a tissue or your finger and smear the pastel outward creating a beautiful fall masterpiece. 
Fall Crafts for Kids
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Fall Tree

You will want to gather the following supplies:

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Fall is all about the changing colors of the trees, so this is a fun art project in the fall to display that. 

  • To begin you will use your blue construction paper as your background. 
  • Then with your brown paper have your child cut out the trunk of the tree. 
  • Next have them cut 1-inch strips of paper with the orange, red, and yellow paper. 
  • Once cut, have them cut them in half. 
  • The next step is to have them roll them as if they were making a paper chain. Have them glue each end together.
  • Once you have created tons of little circles, glue these onto the tree. 
  • You could even have some leaves falling off the tree if you would like. 
  • Draw some grass at the bottom, and you have created your very own fall tree. 
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Fall Crafts for Preschoolers

If you are looking for fun ways to develop fine motor skills these fall crafts for preschoolers will be a fun way to do so. Not only will they practice this skill, but they will practice name recognition as well. Try some of these fall crafts for preschoolers to really bond with your child over a fun art project. 

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Q-Tip Tree

Supplies needed for this Q-Tip fall crafts for preschoolers are:

Take a white piece of cardstock paper and draw a tree with multiple branches coming off the tree trunk. You can outline the tree shape or you can let them design their own Q-Tip Tree painting. 

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  • Start by putting red, orange, and yellow paint on a plate. 
  • Taking a Q-Tip dip one end into your paint and dab on the paper making leaves making a beautiful fall tree. 
  • Continue repeating this step until you have a nice full Fall tree! 

Button Branch

Simple supplies need:

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Take the craft making outdoors by letting your preschooler find the perfect branchy outside in the yard.

  • To make this button branch, start by gluing your branch onto any colored piece of construction paper. 
  • Now with colorful buttons fill-up the branch by gluing the buttons onto the paper and having them appear as the leaves.
  • To make this craft a bit more educational you can have them sort the buttons into sizes or colors and glue them together in groups according to their size!

Pumpkin Seed Name Art

To create this pumpkin seed name art you will need:

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Need something to do with all those pumpkin seeds after you gut a pumpkin to crave? This is the perfect fall craft for preschoolers as it allows them to practice recognizing and learning how to spell their name. 

  • To make this craft pre-write your preschoolers name large on the piece of paper. 
  • Once you have done that now the fun can start for them! 
  • Taking the pumpkin seeds they will glue them on the outline of their name. 
  • Once they are dried in place they can use washable colored markers and decorate the pumpkin seeds to whatever colors they want. 

Fall Crafts for Toddlers

Sometimes it is hard to find fall crafts for toddlers. So we are sharing some of our favorites that you can easily do with young children. 

Handprint Leaves

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To create this fun fall craft for toddlers you will need:

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I love creating handprint art projects for kids. I love these because I can see how their handprints grow over the years. 

  • To begin you will want to make sure you have a way to wash your child’s hand prior to starting. 
  • Then you will paint your child’s hand red and have them place it on the paper. 
  • You will repeat this same process with both the yellow and the orange. 
  • Once the handprints dry you will draw with your brown sharpie the vain of the leaf on the palm of their hand as well as up the middle finger. 
  • This fall craft will be a fun memory to hold on to over the years. 
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Pumpkin Strip Pumpkins

To make this project you will need:

  • sheets of different colors of paper (think fall colors as well as glitter paper)
  • Glue
  • Brown sharpie
  • Green tulle
  • Child safety scissors
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Fall is the beginning of pumpkin everything, so why not with fall crafts for kids too? I love how simple this project is, but how pretty it turns out!

  • To begin you will want to have your child or you can cut strips of paper from your colored paper you have selected. Make each strip about ½ inch wide. 
  • Once cut, have your toddler glue them next to each other on a piece of white paper. 
  • After the strips are glued, you will want to cut out a pumpkin shape. 
  • Glue your cut out pumpkin onto a new sheet of white paper. 
  • Next, with a brown marker or your sharpie, add your stem to the project. 
  • Add a bow with the green bow. 
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Your child has just created the cutest pumpkin craft ever for you to display in your home. 

There you have it! Fun fall crafts for kids that they will have fun doing with you! What fall crafts do you like to create with your kids? Share in the comments. 

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