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At 5 weeks pregnant you might be starting to suffer from morning sickness and other symptoms. Check out this comprehensive guide to help you during week 5 of your pregnancy.


5 Weeks Pregnant. Now What?

Congrats! You are 5 weeks pregnant. Now is about the time that you might be discovering that you are pregnant. You might be discovering you are pregnant by a missed period or better yet morning sickness. 


With my last baby, it was week 5 that I found out we were pregnant.


It was a Saturday morning and I was just feeling uneasy and a little queasy… My pants seemed to be a little tighter than the day before (I look pregnant way too quick for my liking) and I just didn’t feel quite like myself.



We were headed to our son’s football tournament for the day and all I wanted to do was just crawl back into bed.


Well, I made it through the day (barely) and decided to grab a frozen pizza at the store on the way home… As I walked into the store it dawned on me… “Could I be pregnant?”


We had been trying, but after months without any luck I kind of had given up on the hope of having our last baby. 


So while at the store I grabbed a pregnancy test… Okay, who am I kidding I grabbed 2 and checked out… I snuck them in my purse so I didn’t have to answer any questions… Yet. 


As we got home, I turned on the oven and went into the bathroom knowing that the pregnancy test would probably be negative because of how late it was in the day. 


As I waited for the results of the pregnancy test, I just sat there… Sat there waiting… Well, I didn’t have to wait long… The results were in, I was 5 weeks pregnant. 


The next morning I found myself being greeted by the all too familiar porcelain god (the toilet). 

5 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Many people wonder how big is your baby at 5 weeks pregnant. Well, your baby is about the size of a sesame seed. 


How is my 5 Week Old Baby Developing?

Your 5-week old baby is developing nicely. Week 5 starts the beginning of the embryonic period. Your baby’s body systems are beginning to form, the heart, brain, and spinal cord to name a few.


Your baby’s heart is starting to beat at a steady rate now and the placenta is beginning to develop.  


The embryo is now receiving nutrients through the placenta. You are now feeding a beautiful baby. 


So, with that being said it is important to start thinking about your diet and also the medications you take. If you are currently on medications be sure to check with your doctor ASAP to make sure that they are safe to take while you are pregnant.


You will also want to check with them to see what over the counter medications are safe to take as well. You will also want to think about your caffeine intake as well and if you are smoking you will want to get help to stop so that your baby can develop to the best of their ability.


How Does Morning Sickness Feel?

You would never think that something so small could affect you so much, but it can. Morning sickness is caused by your hormone levels going crazy as you start to grow a baby. 


Many women wonder what morning sickness feels like, well I am going to be super honest with you, morning sickness is the worst feeling in the world.


There are different levels of morning sickness. There are some women who are lucky enough to never have morning sickness. (This has never been me).


Then there are those women who have morning sickness that perhaps is just in the morning.


(This was me with 2 of my kids… Every morning I would wake up, brush my teeth, go throw up and then I was good to go for 13 weeks) Then there are more severe cases where you spend the majority of your day sick.


(This was me with 2 of my kids also).


My last baby was the worst for 16 weeks I had morning sickness all day long. From week 5 to week 11 I literally lived in my bed. And would crawl to the bathroom throw up and crawl back.


It was miserable.


Finally, after weeks my doctor did prescribe something that cut it way back. So if you are suffering from morning sickness like this talk to your doctor who can talk to you about options. 


5 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

When you start to feel queasy because of morning sickness at 5 weeks pregnant you might be willing to try just about anything! Here are some popular morning sickness remedies that might work great to help combat your 5-week pregnant morning sickness.


Start with something small in the morning

When I was pregnant with my first two starting with something small helped combat morning sickness. I would start with saltines in bed as a little snack and just relax for about 15 minutes. This seemed to help with morning sickness



Ginger is a natural soother of the stomach. So try ginger ale or ginger candies, etc to help with upset stomachs. 


Prenatal Vitamins

Sometimes it is your prenatal vitamins that make you sicker, so try to take them at different times throughout the day to see if you don’t feel as sick. If you are still feeling sick and throwing up talk to your doctor, but some doctors will suggest Flintstone Vitamins and Folic Acid instead if you can’t keep down your prenatal. 


Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body helps fight morning sickness. If your body says to eat a hamburger then eat a hamburger, if your stomach starts turning over thinking about pasta then don’t even try it.

Your body will tell you what it needs. When you are suffering from morning sickness NEVER force yourself to eat something. It will just end badly. 


Get Outside

Sometimes the fresh air is the best way to fight morning sickness. I know this is the hardest one because when you are feeling sick you are in no mood to go for a stroll. But try it, perhaps the fresh air will help. 


5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

  • Morning Sickness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Peeing More Frequently
  • Abdominal Cramping (this is caused by implantation of the egg)
  • Vaginal Bleeding (very light spotting/ implantation bleeding)
  • Fatigue
  • More Aware of Smells
  • Food Aversions
  • Cravings
  • Soreness of Breasts
  • Mood Swings


Some moms worry that they do not see any signs of being 5 weeks pregnant. Don’t worry mama soon enough you will have all the symptoms that come with being pregnant. 


What to Do Now that you are 5 Weeks Pregnant?

You are 5 weeks pregnant! Now what?

  • Well, the first thing you will want to do is to call your doctor and let them know you are pregnant. They will schedule you an appointment to come in and be seen, take a pregnancy test (I know you already took one, but they need one for their records to make it official), and perhaps even give you an ultrasound.


  • You will also want to start (if you haven’t already) taking your Prenatal Vitamins. 


  • If you love your caffeine now is the time to start cutting back on that.


  • Also, now that you are pregnant you will want to check to make sure your current medications are safe to take while pregnant, so consult your doctor ASAP.


  • If you currently drink alcohol or smoke now is the time to start cutting back and quitting during pregnancy. If you need help consult your doctor as they can help provide you with guidance to quit. 


  • Be sure you are no longer consuming raw foods or foods that are high in mercury. 


  • Also, continue to try and exercise and have a balanced diet. 


Congrats again mama! You are 5 weeks pregnant. It is such an exciting time for you and your growing baby. You are doing great.


How are you feeling during week 5 of being pregnant? Tell us in the comments.


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