Paper Airplanes: How To’s and Printables

I’ve discovered that having your own kids goes a long way toward keeping yourself young. Sure, kids are active and to keep up with them you tend to be pretty active too. But as a parent now, I’ve found myself thinking about the fun from my own childhood, like skipping rope and making paper airplanes.

Sometimes I think we spend so much time surrounded by technology that we forget that family fun can be had in the form of simple things, like making paper airplanes. There’s no real cost (just a piece of paper) and it’s an activity both little and big kids can get right into. Not sure where to start? Try these links for instructions, free printable patterns and maybe a few new tips too.

Simple Paper Airplane – Paper Airplanes are a simple form of fun. All that’s needed is a single piece of paper. In case you have forgotten how to fold an airplane, we found a simple template to follow.

Paper Plane Folding – Here’s another sheet offering simple folding instructions for a paper airplane. The printable page also includes some fun decorations you can colour and glue on to your finished plane for added fun.

Paper Airplane Templates – From gliders to the space shuttle, here are step-by-step folding instructions for 11 different paper airplane designs.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Airplanes – Print these colourful paper backgrounds representing Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy then follow the instructions to fold into small paper airplanes for Disney inspired air fun.

Messenger Airplane – This cute printable design has lines for writing a secret message to someone. Fold it up and this paper airplane design to look like an air mail letter and send your message soaring.

Toy Paper Airplane – Travel back in time with this colourful paper airplane model you can print and put together for some imaginative fun.

Nighthawk Paper Airplane – Looking for something to fly in the sky other than a simple paper airplane? Try this fancy-folding paper airplane.

The Science of Paper Airplanes – If your paper airplane maker is a little more science oriented, here you can learn about the physics and throwing techniques, along with a printable template to test out your newly learned lessons.

Paper airplanes can be as easy or as complicated as you wish. Try a pre-printed pattern or get your child’s creativity going by decorating their own blank plane. With your airplanes made, why not have a little competition to see who’s design goes the further or is the easiest to land. I love the idea of creating a runway for your paper airplanes to land on.

So grab those flyers or extra sheets of printer paper and start a little folding fun.

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