32 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Size and Fetal Kick Counts

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You’re 32 weeks pregnant! A lot is happening this week with you and your baby, so let’s see what’s happening as well as the signs to look for with Preterm Labor. 


32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks pregnant is an exciting time in your pregnancy. 


This week you are entering your 7th month of pregnancy with only 8 short weeks left. 


At this point you can almost see the finish line in sight, so just keep doing what you are doing mama you are almost there. 

32 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant?


At 32 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of a squash weighing in at 3.8 pounds and about 16.7 inches long. 


How Is My 32 Week Fetus Developing?


At 32 weeks pregnant your baby’s organs are completely formed and ready. 


Your baby is inhaling the amniotic fluid to give the lungs extra practice to take that first big breath in a few short weeks. 


Not only that, but your baby’s skin is no longer transparent. 


They certainly are almost ready to be in your arms, but not quite yet. 


32 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Oh, your 32 weeks pregnant belly might just be the talk of the town by now. But don’t worry you have the pregnancy glow and everyone is so excited for you.


At 32 weeks pregnant you should measure 30-34 inches above the top of the uterus to your pelvic bone at this weeks doctor’s appointment.


At 32 weeks you may start to see your baby start to drop, which is exciting news for you. 


32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Leaky Boobs

Throughout your pregnancy your boobs have really been changing, haven’t they? First, they were sore and tender and then you probably saw them increase in size. And now over the past few weeks, you might have noticed that they are now leaking. 


Don’t panic this is okay.


Your breasts might have already started producing colostrum, which is a thick yellow fluid which is actually what your baby will drink the first few days after birth.


So if your breasts are leaking just wear a breast pad to control the leaking a bit so it doesn’t leak through your bra and shirt. 


Darker Nipples


Your dark nipples are here to stay fora whilee if you are already have them. If they are not darker yet, you can expect them soon. No one really knows why they get darker when you are about to have a baby, but some say they become darker so that your baby can see them better. 


How Many Months Is 32 Weeks Pregnant?


A 32 weeks pregnant you are officially 7 months pregnant! You only have 2 more months to go. 


What is Preterm Labor?

Preterm labor is pretty much when you go into labor before you are 37 weeks pregnant. 


Preterm labor consists of having real contractions as well as your cervix changing. 


When your cervix is changing this means it is thinning out and dialating. 


What are the Risks of Preterm Labor?

Preterm labor puts your baby at risk of coming out of the womb too soon. This can cause long term health complications as well as short term ones. 

These can include:

  • Low Birth weight
  • Underdeveloped Organs
  • Difficult Breathing
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Higher chance of disabilities


Signs of Preterm Labor

In order to prevent preterm labor, it is best to know the signs of preterm labor.  

  • Cramping in the abdomen or regular contractions (more than 4 an hour)
  • Low Back aches and pain
  • Pressure on your Pelvis
  • Bleeding and spotting
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Leaking Fluid (water breaking)


If you see any of these signs of preterm labor be sure to contact your doctor ASAP. 


What to Do at 32 Weeks Pregnant?



If you haven’t already now is the time to start thinking about your childbirth experience. 


Are you going to want pain relief or are you wanting to try for a natural childbirth?


The most well known pain relief method most women use is an epidural. If you are leaning towards using some sort of pain relief, talk with your doctor about your options and then you can decide what is best for you. 


If you are trying for a natural childbirth go for it! 


A natural childbirth is basically when you give birth without an pain relief. 


I remember my first natural childbirth. I was sort of forced into it because their was just no time to administer an epidural. 


After that birth, I felt a million times better and way more alert right after my delivery. I was up walking and feeling great.


Because of that experience, I had two more natural births after that. They both were a great experience as well. 


Yes, you do feel all the pain. And yes, it hurts, but if I was to have another baby I would have a natural childbirth again and again. 


Regardless of what you choose, you need to do what is best for you. 


Practice Drive

Do you know the quickest way to the hospital at any point of the day? Well, now is the time to practice getting to the hospital. So, jump in the car with whoever is taking you and see how long it takes to get there.


After you know that plan out alternate routes just in case there is traffic or car accidents. 


You can’t be too prepared when you need to get to the hospital quickly. 


Can I Still Have Sex Pregnant?

When you hit your third trimester lots of pregnant wonder if they can still have sex. The easy answer is yes.


It might not feel that great or be that comfortrable, but having sex is not going to hurt you or the baby.


If it is uncomfortable you might have to find new positions or switch it up, but it is perfectly safe. 


It is understandable to still be worried if sex is okay this late in pregnancy. Talk with your doctor and see what they say in your circumstances. 


If you have had preterm labor, have an incompetent cervix, your water is broken, or you are bleeding after sex consult your doctor as it might not be safe. 


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Sharing is Caring!

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