29 Weeks Pregnant: Leaking Breast During Pregnancy

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You are 29  weeks pregnant! You are in the third trimester and you are growing and so is your 29 week fetus. See what is happening this week. 


29 Weeks Pregnant


Wow! You have made it to week 29 of your pregnancy. And to think that 20 weeks ago you were probably suffering from some kind of morning sickness. 


How quickly things have changed and how you have changed! As we head into the third trimester it is normal to see some of the symptoms returning that we saw at the beginning of your pregnancy. 


But don’t worry, morning sickness should stay away. 


But at 29 weeks pregnant constipation might be returning. 


If you find yourself constipated again remember to continue to hydrate. 


Also, continue to drink juices that begin with P (pineapple, peach, prune, pear, etc.) to help you be a bit more regular.


Also, be sure you are getting exercise, even if it is just walking because this helps your system get moving too. 



29 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant?

You are now 29 weeks pregnant and is now the size of a butternut squash. Weighing 2.5 pounds. By now your baby is about 15 inches long. 

How Is My 29 Week Fetus Developing?

Your 29 week fetus continues to develop each and every day.


By now you probably feel how strong your baby is getting with their kicks and punches. Their muscles continue to grow and get stronger. 


You little 29 week fetus is also continuing to work on developing those lungs so they are fully prepared to take their first breath when they are born. 


29 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your 29 weeks pregnant belly is getting bigger and bigger. 


You have gained on average between 20 to 25 pounds. 


Now that you are in the third trimester you are needing to increase your calorie intake by 450 daily. 


You can expect to gain a pound a week from now till the end of your pregnancy.

So if you can still see your feet over your belly it won’t be for long. 


By now you might not be able to bend over and paint your toes anymore, so start enlisting someone to help you! Let your husband paint your toes or go get a pedicure so that you have some cute toes to look at while you go into labor in 11 short weeks. 


29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain is real. You can thank the hormones for your foggy brain. 


You may notice that you are forgetting important things like where you left your keys and why you just drove all the way to the store. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed because your memory isn’t the sharpest try to calm down because stress will only make your brain more cloudy.  


Just remember to write down your grocery list and your to-do list to help fight pregnancy brain. 

Fast Growing Nails

Fast-growing nails were always one of my favorite side effects of pregnancy. 


Estrogen increases which cause your nails to keep growing no matter if you just trimmed them.  And have you noticed how thick they are too?


This is just a temporary issue. 


Once the baby is born your nails will go back to their growth pattern before you got pregnant.

Keep your fingernails trimmed to help with eliminating germs.



Are you fatigued yet? 


Your body is working hard growing another human being inside of it. 


Your body is constantly hard at work to nourish you and your baby. 


Thanks to your growing belly and pregnancy aches and pains you are finding it harder and harder to get a good night’s rest leaving you extra tired in the morning. 


This can lead to fatigue throughout the day, especially if you are still working. 


Try to find time to relax throughout the day and have some downtime to help fight fatigue.

Just don’t stop exercising no matter how tired you feel. 


Exercising will help keep your energy levels up as well as help prepare you for labor.


How Many Months Is 29 Weeks Pregnant?

At 29 weeks pregnant you are 7 months along.You only have 2 more months to go!


What to Do at 29 Weeks Pregnant?


Pick a Pediatrician

It’s time to pick a Pediatrician if you haven’t already. 


When you pick a pediatrician ask friends and family who they like. Contact the doctor’s office and talk with the staff and call your insurance company and make sure they are in network.


It is important to pick a Pediatrician soon because you can’t leave the hospital with your baby without a Pediatrician and their first appointment scheduled. 


Count Kicks

At 29 weeks keep tracking those fetal kicks. Doing this is so important  because it helps you to know that your baby is still moving and grooving inside of you. If you don’t feel your baby in a 24 hour period, contact your doctor immediately. 


Start Stocking Up

Now is a great time to start stocking up. Go into the nursery and see what you need.


Be sure you have enough diapers and wipes so that you don’t have to run to the store right away after having the baby.


Also, check to be sure you have enough onesies, burp rags, blankets, as well as sleepers. Your baby will live in these and if they are like my babies they will leak through them and blow them out and spit up on them. 


So be prepared and stock up now. 


Take time to Relax


Stress is common when nearing the end of your pregnancy. The what if’s are haunting you. Try a few relaxation techniques to help with the anxiety and stressed out feeling.

Finding a prenatal yoga class can help lower your blood pressure and reduce muscle tension helping you feel more comfortable and relaxed

Writing your feelings and thoughts in a journal could be a great way to help you relax.
Finding a quiet place to meditate and practice breathing techniques can help you later when placed in a stressful situation. 

What are you looking for in a Pediatrician for your newborn? Share with us in the comments!

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