33 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Depression and Anxiety

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At 33 weeks pregnant your belly is definitely getting bigger and so is your 33 week fetus. Check out what is happening this week in your pregnancy. 


33 Weeks Pregnant

You are 33 weeks pregnant! In just two short months you will be holding a sweet little bundle of joy. By now you probably have several aches and pains, but you keep counting the days until you will have a little baby in your arms. 

33 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is growing even bigger this week. At 33 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as a pineapple. They are now about 17 inches long and weighing in at 4.25 pounds. 


How Is My 33 Week Fetus Developing?


Your 33 week fetus developing quite nicely. 


They are growing rapidly. At this point in your pregnancy, your baby is gaining about ½ pound a week. 


Your 33 week fetus is developing their fetal immune system. 


This week your baby’s bones are continuing to get harder. 


Your baby’s skull will still be soft and flexible. This is to allow your baby’s head to fit through the birth canal. 


Sometimes your baby’s head might look a little misshapen when they are born. This is because of the soft spots on the skull won’t come together until after they are born. This will happen within the first two years of your baby’s life. 


In the next couple weeks your doctor will determine the position of your baby. (hopefully, it is head down by now)


If the baby appears to be breached then your doctor might have you go for an ultrasound to see the position of the baby. 


If your baby is breeched they may try to turn the baby which is painful or they will most likely schedule a c-section. 

Mama, nothing is wrong with getting a c-section. Sometimes they are medically necessary. Other times moms opt for them for other reasons. 


Never feel ashamed if you have a c-section and never mom shame someone else for having one. 


You are bringing a beautiful baby into this world that is all that matters. 


33 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your 33 weeks pregnant belly is still growing. You have probably gained 22-28 pounds by now. You might not be able to see your feet and you might feel exhausted for most of the day. 


These feelings are all totally normal with your 33 weeks pregnant belly. 


Just remember to continue to keep moving, don’t do too much, and rest when you feel like you need to. 


33 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms



Overheating is definitely a 33 weeks pregnant symptom. 


I don’t think you can avoid overheating during pregnancy even in the winter, can you? 


The reason for overheating is your metabolic rate is going crazy.


Just make sure you keep drinking plenty of liquids. Try to stay cool, sit in the shade if you are outside, and take a cool shower to try to prevent overheating. 



There are a few things at 33 weeks pregnant that cause headaches. 


Your hormones are all over the place and can cause headaches. 


Another thing that can cause headaches is stress. Be sure you practice mindfulness techniques to try and calm yourself with simple exercises.


Be sure you are drinking enough liquids because dehydration can cause headaches as well. By now you should be drinking about 80 ounces of water a day. 


Yes, this does mean frequent trips to the bathroom.  


If you are having constant headaches, talk to your doctor immediately as it might mean there might be complications in your pregnancy. 


Forgetfulness and Clumsiness

Are you forgetting things on the daily? And tripping over your own feet? 


Yep, baby brain is probably getting worse which is caused about the stress and anxiety of having a baby soon. So keep writing down your grocery list and your to-do list so you don’t become frustrated when you forget what you were on your way to do. 


Clumsiness is totally real as you have way more weight in the front. 


Be sure you are wearing flat shoes and being extra careful not to run into things and hold on to the railing on your way down the stairs. 


This helps you keep your balance and in turn protects your baby.


How Many Months Is 33 Weeks Pregnant?

At 33 weeks pregnant you have made it to month 7! You are 7 months and 1 week pregnant. You have less than 7 weeks left. 


What to Do at 33 Weeks Pregnant?




Now is the time to start thinking about episiotomy. Basically an episiotomy is a surgical cut of your muscle area between your bum and your vagina. Some doctors cut this right before delivery to make a bigger way for your baby to come out.


Talk to your doctor if they do this. 


You want your OB to say I only do them if I have to. 


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that you do not do an elective Episiotomy. 


Get Your Home Ready for Baby 

It’s time to get your home ready for your baby. 


Wash all your baby’s laundry and get it put away in their dresser. 


Stock up on diapers and wipes. 


Get your breastfeeding tote ready. 


Make a few freezer meals. 


Prep your home for baby.   


Labor Support Team

It’s time to figure out who your labor support team is. This might include your spouse, your mom, your sister, your best friend, or a doula. 


A doula is a non-medical professional to give you support and encouragement to get through labor and childbirth. 


If you are trying to do a natural childbirth a doula is a great person to include in your labor support team because they will make sure your birth plan is followed as long as there’s not a medical emergency. 


Regardless of who is in your labor support team you will have an amazing team of nurses and doctors to help you as well. 

Have you established your labor support team yet? Who are you having by your side? Tell us in the comments!


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