35 Weeks Pregnant: Group B Streptococcus

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At 35 weeks pregnant you are probably ready to be done. Check out what is happening with you and your body as well as your baby this week!


35 Weeks Pregnant


You are 35 weeks pregnant!


Time is winding down and you are wondering if you have any more room in your belly to keep this child! Guess what?! Your baby isn’t down gaining weight and you have 5 more weeks to enjoy being pregnant! 


This is the week to make sure you are prepared to go into labor at any time. Can you believe it’s almost time to meet your baby? At 35 weeks you should have your hospital bag packed and may I suggest starting earlier than later. Your pregnancy brain isn’t in your favor to remember everything you need to take! Go ahead and grab a notepad and pen and start making your list that way you don’t forget anything. 

35 weeks pregnant



How Big Is Baby at 35 Weeks Pregnant?

At 35 weeks pregnant your baby is now the size of a Honeydew melon. They are now weighing approximately 5 pounds and 18 inches in length.


How Is My 35 Week Fetus Developing?

At 35 weeks pregnant your 35 week fetus is pretty much developed. 


It is just getting extra practice now using their lungs and growing. 


From here on out your baby is gaining more and more fat or to make it sound cuter, all chunky and squishable. 


By now your baby is positioned with their head facing down. If not, your doctor will be discussing options with you if your baby is in a breech position. 


35 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Oh, your 35 weeks pregnant belly is starting to get way out there!


Can you believe your uterus has grown in size 1,000 times bigger than before conception? Wow! That’s crazy to even think about!


Only 5 more weeks to go. From now until delivery you are likely going to gain a half a pound per week. So your belly isn’t done growing just yet.


Just remember to keep eating right and taking in enough calories for you and your baby.


35 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

It’s almost unheard of to by 35 weeks pregnant with no symptoms. By now you are probably feeling all kinds of aches pains and side effects from being pregnant. 


But don’t worry, soon enough most of the symptoms will go away. 


Pregnancy Brain


You’re probably getting more absentminded as you count down to the final weeks of your pregnancy. 


Your brain cell volume really is shrinking and your bouts of sleeplessness don’t help, either. 


Expect the fog to lift a few months after your baby is born.




I’m sure you and others are noticing your waddle and yes in case you are wondering, you are. 


You are almost to the end of your pregnancy and your belly is still growing and throwing odd your center of balance weekly. 


Remember don’t be in a rush. Take stairs one step at a time. 


Don’t climb a step stool to change a light bulb, ask for help. 


The more you waddle, the more clumsier you become. Just take things slow and play it safe. 


Skin Rashes

How annoying are these rashes that are now developing all over your body? These rashes appear to be bumpy and they itch so bad. This is called “pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy” or PUPPP.


You may feel embarrassed by them, but don’t cover them up with clothing especially if it’s hot outside it will just make you itch more. 


To help ease the itch try applying alive Vera gel after each time you bathe or shower. 


The less you scratch the less they itch. 


That’s easier said than done, I know. 


How Many Months Is 35 Weeks Pregnant?

At 35 weeks pregnant you are 7 months and three weeks. 


What to Do at 35 Weeks Pregnant?


Educate Yourself 


Now is the time to educate yourself about different birthing positions. It’s not a bad thing to have some other birthing position options other than laying on your back. 


 I had a nurse when I was in labor with my third baby lay me on my side with a wedge between my legs and she told me it would help bring the baby down the birth canal. Never heard of it or seen it but guess what?! It worked and we had a baby 30 minutes later.


So don’t be afraid to try something someone suggests, you might just like it more and it might actually work for you. It is likely they have had success with it so they want to try and make your life easier. 


 Do your own research and find out about birthing positions and even the advantage of laboring in water. 


Discuss with your doctor about all the different options your hospital or birthing center offers. 


Pack Your Hospital Bag


Like we said earlier, it is time to pack your hospital bag. 


This can be an overwhelming task because you are now packing for two! 


Start by writing down everything you think you need for yourself and baby for at least 2 nights in a hospital.


This needs to include comfy clothes for you. Many women like a cute new nursing pajama set or robe. 


Don’t forget to pack a new toothbrush and toothpaste instead of trying to remember yours while rushing out the door. 


 May I suggest  focusing on yourself because the hospital has the baby basically  covered except if you have a special coming home outfit you want to put them in and a blanket to snuggle them in


Ask around and see what other moms packed in their hospital bag and see if you are missing anything or packing too much. 


Just remember, when it comes to the clothes you take to the hospital for you, you will not fit back into your pregnancy clothes. 


You will usually look about 6 months pregnant after delivery, so plan for that with your clothes. 


Get tested for Strep B 

You are now seeing your doctor every other week. You will be tested for Strep B to see if you are a carrier. Step B is harmless to adults but can cause illness in a newborn if transferred during delivery. 

This test is done by swabbing your bottom and if the test comes back positive for strep B then an antibiotic is given to the mom during labor to decrease the chances of it passing from mom to infant.

Don’t worry too much about Step B. Lots of women have it. You will be administered antibiotics through your IV during birth.

 If for some reason your baby is born before all the antibiotics are given then you will stay at the hospital for 48 hours in order to test the baby to make sure they don’t have it. 

So don’t wait too long to go to the hospital when you go into labor so there is plenty of time.


How are you feeling at 35 weeks pregnant? Share with us in the comments!

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