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You are 12 weeks pregnant this week which means you are almost out of the first trimester. Find out what is happening during week 12 of your pregnancy! 

12 Weeks Pregnant

Can you believe it? You have made it to 12 weeks pregnant! To many women, week 12 is a momentous occasion. 


They are starting to look more pregnant and they are starting to feel a little bit better with fewer pregnancy symptoms. 

12 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant?

At 12 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown to about 2 ½ inches long, around the size of a small lemon.


How Is My 12 Week Fetus Developing?

You have almost reached the end of your first trimester and my how your baby has changed since conception! 


In just 12 short weeks your baby now has all their vital organs and body parts.


Guess what? Their sex organs have even developed! Don’t get too excited yet, you won’t be able to see these on a 12 week ultrasound. You will get to find out the sex (if you desire) at your mid-pregnancy ultrasound that happens between weeks 16 and 20. 


By now you can also hear your baby’s heartbeat with an external doppler. So next time you go to the doctor you will get to hear the whoosh whoosh whoosh noise of your baby’s heartbeat. 


Your baby’s hands are developing a bit more this week and their arms and legs are getting longer. 


Can you feel your baby moving this week?

Don’t worry, no one can feel their baby moving at 12 weeks, but that doesn’t mean they are not moving they are just too little to feel it. 

As your baby continues to grow bigger and their muscles get stronger you will start feeling their every move! 


12 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Now that you are starting to feel a little better you might find yourself being hungrier this week. 

You want to make sure you are eating plenty of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. 


I know you might feel so hungry that you can eat a horse, it is recommended that you only need an extra 300 calories per day right now. If you have concerns about this talk with your doctor to get more guidance. 


If you haven’t already, start taking pregnancy belly photos! It is always fun to see how much you grew during your pregnancy.


My kids love to look back at how big I was with them while I was pregnant. 


Is Showing at 12 Weeks Normal?

Some women get concerned that they are showing at 12 weeks and feel like it is too soon. Others wonder why they are not showing quite yet and everyone else is!


Showing at 12 weeks is normal, so is not showing! Everyone shows at different times and carries their babies differently. 


Is 12 Weeks a Good Time to Announce Pregnancy to Family and Friends?  (Or more people?)

Have you announced your pregnancy to everyone?


Once you hit 12 weeks pregnant it is about the time when pregnant women start feeling more comfortable announcing their pregnancy. 


To some, it might be because pregnant mamas feel like they can’t hide their growing cute pregnant bellies anymore so they are ready to share.


But for most women, they feel most comfortable sharing their pregnancy announcement at 12 weeks due to the significant drop in miscarriage rates. 


Whether you share now or later do, share the news of your pregnancy when you feel most comfortable. 


Some women share their pregnancy announcements on Social Media or just with friends. There is no right or wrong time to share your news with others. 


12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Are your gums beginning to hurt and bleed? Because of how much blood you have running through your body right now your gums are more sensitive. 


I remember my gums bleeding every time I brushed or flossed. This is normal. Continue to brush and floss and continue to see your dentist every 6 months. 



Are you feeling more lightheaded than normal? With your crazy high hormone levels and more blood vessels it is normal to feel a bit lightheaded. Be sure that you are staying hydrated, and eat regularly. 


If you are feeling lightheaded be sure to take your time standing up.


If you are constantly feeling lightheaded be sure to contact your OB and talk with them about your symptoms. 


What’s That Smell?

While you are pregnant you can smell pretty much everything! If smells are bothering you try to avoid them as much as possible. 


If steamed vegetables are giving you trouble then try eating them raw.


Other 12 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Increased discharge
  • Light spotting 
  • Dizziness
  • Bloating
  • Morning Sickness (hopefully it is almost over for you!)


How Many Months Is 12 Weeks Pregnant?

You are in the final week of month 3 of your pregnancy.


What to Do at 12 Weeks Pregnant?

Cat Litter Box

Be sure you are having someone else change the cat litter box as you should not do this while pregnant. The reasons for this is toxoplasmosis which is a parasitic infection that can be found in cat poop. 


Healthy Diet

Continue to eat a healthy diet. Eat lots of different proteins such as red meat, pork, chicken or fish (in moderation). If you are a vegetarian be sure you are getting your proteins with tofu and beans and other protein-rich foods. 


Continue to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well.



During week 12 of pregnancy is a great time to start doing your Kegels. 


I remember feeling absolutely ridiculous while doing them, but they help so much strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that support your uterus and bladder. 


They are easy to do even while sitting at a stoplight in the car.


Basically, you will squeeze your pelvic floor muscles together by clenching them. Think how you try to prevent yourself from eating or peeing. Hold it for a few seconds then relax. 

You will want to do 20 of these 3 times a day. To learn more about the benefits of Kegel exercises click here. 


Prenatal Vitamins

I know Prenatal vitamins might not taste great, but it is important to take them through your pregnancy so keep taking them. Your baby needs the extra nutrients to keep developing. 


Did you announce your pregnancy to your family and friends? Share in the comments how you announced it!

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