12 Lovely Kindergarten Graduation Songs You will Love

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I cannot even believe that my little girl will be graduating from Kindergarten in just a couple of months. Where does the time go, seriously?

Kindergarten graduation is one of those special events in everyone’s lives. Your child is dressed in the cutest cap and gown with their paper diploma, and you suddenly realize they are growing up way too fast.

Then the Kindergarten graduation songs start, and I think every mom and most dads shed a tear or two. If you choose the music for Kinder graduation this year, we have rounded up the best songs for Kindergarten graduation. To help the day feel even more special.

Kindergarten graduation songs make graduation even more special for your little one and you. These are the best Kindergarten graduation songs for you to choose from.

1. I Will Remember You by Amy Gran

Even when it is not a significant time in my life, I might shed a tear or two, like graduation. This song makes for a perfect song for graduation because it is all about remembering those you have met over the year. And we all know that your child’s kindergarten teacher makes a huge difference in your child’s life.

2. May There Always Be Sunshine by Dr. Jean

May There Always Be Sunshine is a great way to set the mood that they may always be so many good things in life.

3. Thank You by Patty Shukla

We love this song because it is about thanking and appreciating the people who helped you get to where you are. It is a must to help the kids think about who they are thankful for at school. Not only that, but we love how simple the words to this song are so that it is easy for kids to sing along with as well.

4. One Small Voice by Jack Hartmann

This is an excellent song for the kids to sing together during graduation. I love it because there is even sign language that goes along with it, which allows kids, both shy and not, to sing and tell a story with their voice and sign language. And it makes for some pretty good memories.

5. The Time of My Life by Bill Medley

This song sums it up perfectly because, in the eyes of a kindergartner, they have had the time of their life. Again this is another great choice for allowing kids to look back on the lessons they have learned, the friendships they have formed, and so much more.

6. The Bare Necessities by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman

Suppose you want to do a little moving and grooving at kindergarten graduation. In that case, you will want to play the Bare Necessities by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman.

This is the perfect song to play while you watch a slide show of cute pictures of your kids throughout the year in Kindergarten.

7. You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

Of course, this is a classic from the movie Toy Story, but you can’t have graduation without it. This song is about friendship and having each other’s backs, just like they learned in school. There is a good chance that these friendships will last several more years. It is the perfect way to end the year of friendships formed in Kindergarten.

8. A Whole New World by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

Kindergarten was a whole new world to them, and they did it so well! Celebrate that with this song. Their world is just beginning again as they move from Kindergarten to first grade on a new adventure.

9. I Will Remember You by Amy Grant

Another tear-jerker, especially for parents! I will remember you is all about reflecting on the friendships that your child has made throughout the kindergarten journey.

10. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift

We have to throw a little Taylor Swift into our Kindergarten graduation songs list because all parents everywhere never want their kids to grow up. This is the perfect song to play while you are doing a slide show of your Kindergarten’s baby pics from the start of Kindergarten to the end of the year. Holy cow! They grow up so much in that year of Kindergarten.

11. Can’t Stop the Feeling- Graduation Parody

We all love the original song, but we love this Can’t Stop the Feeling Graduation Parody even more! Here kids will reflect on the last year and what they learned and accomplished and give thanks to all those who helped them along the way.

12. Have It All by Jason Mraz

If you want the perfect song to end graduation this year, then end it with Have it All by Jason Mraz. It is all about the best wishes for the future and the difference each person will make in other people’s lives. This song is a must. If you haven’t heard it, you will fall in love instantly because it is all about your child having it all. Such a beautiful message worth sharing!

With these memorable Kindergarten graduation songs, you will get to reflect on all the fun times they have had and have them be excited for what the future holds for them. What are your favorite songs you would include? Please share them in the comments below!

13. What I Am by will.i.am And The Muppets

If you want the kids to end their graduation on a positive note, you can include the What I Am song by rapper will.i.am. This song is all about positivity that helps the kids think good about themselves. This empowering song shows how special each kid is with their unique traits. In the original music, the Muppets yell out positive adjectives that the kids can feel familiar with and identify themselves with those traits.

14. Let’s Graduate by The Kiboomers

Let’s Graduate is a party song, especially written by the Kiboomers for the kindergarten kids and their graduations. It has an upbeat tune that can make the kids sing along. They can even enjoy the song by stomping their feet and clapping their hands matching the tune. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate the kids’ graduation day, this song is a must-play.

How to Use Kindergarten Graduation Songs?

How to Use Kindergarten Graduation Songs

Graduation songs are a perfect addition to Kindergarten graduation. If the kids are singing, you can see a lot of memorable moments of all the kids while singing. (like picking their nose or belting out the words louder than everyone else!)

Other than the kids singing, there are other uses for the music during the graduation festivities. I love to pick songs for when the kids enter graduation. The fun slide shows that we get to watch, and then the “Final graduation song,” which is usually a tear-jerker for all the parents in the room.

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