25 Lovely Kindergarten Graduation Songs You Will Love

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This time of year always gets me emotional as the school year winds down and my kids move up a grade. As my oldest, prepares to graduate from kindergarten, I can’t help but wonder, “Where has all the time gone”? Seriously!

Kindergarten graduation is one of those special and emotional events in everyone’s lives. Your child is dressed in the cutest cap and gown, and you suddenly realize how fast they are growing up.

Then the Kindergarten graduation songs start, and I think that hits every mom and most dads in the heartstrings. If you are in charge of the music for Kinder Graduation this year, I put together a list of popular, fun, and even tear-jerking emotional songs for Kindergarten Graduation 2024 to help make the day extra special!

A kindergarten graduation ceremony should be fun and meaningful, so these songs could be incorporated into sing-alongs, in the classroom, or even used as background music for a cute graduation slideshow.

Fun & Upbeat Kindergarten Graduation Songs

  • Dynamite – Graduation Parody 
    • This high-energy and catchy song can add excitement and fun to a kindergarten graduation ceremony. The upbeat tempo and lively rhythm are perfect for getting everyone in a celebratory mood.
  • Shake it Off – Parody by Kinder Graduations
    • Yes, just like the original song, this fun high-energy tune kindergarteners will enjoy singing and moving to! 
  • I’m Ready to Go (Moving Up Song)
    • This song would be great for a performance, as its upbeat lyrics are easy to match with cute movements, making it a great fit for a graduation presentation.
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Graduation Parody
    • We all love the original song, but we love this Can’t Stop the Feeling Graduation Parody even more! Another great song to turn into a graduation performance, that surely the kindergarteners and parents will all love. 
  • One Small Voice – Jack Hartmann
    • This is an excellent song for the kids to sing together during graduation. I love it because there is even sign language that goes along with it, which allows kids, both shy and not, to sing and tell a story with their voice and sign language. And it makes for some pretty good memories.
  • Thank You – Patty Shukla
    • I love this song because it’s all about saying thanks to everyone who’s been there for you. It’s also a song where you can bust out some sign language, which makes it a super cool way to wrap up the ceremony on a high note!
  • What I am – Sesame Street with.i.am 
    • Not only is it Sesame Street, but the song is all about positivity that helps the kids think good about themselves. In the original music, the Muppets yell out positive adjectives that the kids can feel familiar with and identify themselves with those traits.
  • Dont Give Up – Sesame Street with Bruno Mars
    • This fun Sesame Street tune with Bruno Mars will capture both the children’s and their families attention, ending the graduation ceremony with a memorable and fun moment! 
  • Have It All – Jason Mraz
    • If you haven’t heard this song yet, you will fall in love instantly because it’s all about your child having it all. This song has a beautiful message wishing everyone the best and recognizing the impact each person can have on others’ lives.
  • Let’s Graduate – The Kiboomers
    • Let’s Graduate is a party song, written by the Kiboomers for the kindergarten kids and their graduations. It features an upbeat tune that kids can easily sing along to, stomp their feet, and clap their hands to the rhythm! 

Classic Kindergarten Graduation Songs

Disney Kindergarten Graduation Songs

Emotional Kindergarten Graduation Songs

  • Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift
    • This sweet song captures the bittersweet nature of growing up and the emotional journey through time. If you’re anything like me, tears might be shed while listening.
  • The Climb – Miley Cyrus
    • A tear-jerking song about perseverance and overcoming obstacles, which is a perfect theme for the little ones’ graduation.
  • I Will Remember You – Amy Grant
    • The classic song for graduation creates a sentimental and touching atmosphere of gratitude by remembering the people met throughout the year.
  • The Best Day – Taylor Swift
    • Taylor Swift does it again with this heartfelt song about growing up and celebrating that special bond between kindergartners and their amazing parents. 

How to Use Kindergarten Graduation Songs?

These graduation songs are a perfect addition to Kindergarten graduation. You can play these songs as commencement comes to a near so they get familiar with the graduation songs, or even add them as background audio while a slideshow plays. 

Did you have any favorites from this list? If so, let me know in the comments below! 

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Absolutely charming selection! Graduation is such a milestone, even for our littlest learners. These songs capture the essence of celebration and accomplishment beautifully. Can’t wait to see the joy on their faces as they sing and dance their way into the next chapter of their educational journey!

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