17 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Kicks

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You are 17 weeks pregnant! You are almost halfway through your pregnancy. There are lots of changes happening with you and your baby this week! 


17 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats you have reached 17 weeks pregnant. You are in your 2nd trimester of pregnancy and probably feeling pretty great. 


By now hopefully morning sickness has passed and you are probably feeling like you have more energy than before. 


You have the pregnancy glow and you are looking forward to seeing your baby in the next couple of weeks in your mid-pregnancy ultrasound.  

17 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 17 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby at 17 weeks pregnant is the size of a pear. They are measuring a little over 5 inches and is weighing about 5 ounces. 


How Is My 17 Week Fetus Developing?

This week your 17 week old fetus is getting a little chubby because it is developing a layer of brown fat under their skin As time goes on in your pregnancy more layers of fat will be added. 


This fat helps keep your baby warm after birth and helps provide much-needed energy to your little 17 week fetus. 


Your baby is still on the move as it rolls around and plays in your amniotic sac. You probably are not feeling it quite yet, but very soon you will be able to feel every movement your baby makes. 


Not only is your baby busy playing, but your baby is growing toenails this week. Within the month their nails will be covering the entire nail beds. In fact, shortly after birth, you might even need to trim those cute little toenails and fingernails. 


Your baby’s heartbeat is now being regulated by their brain at a fast 140 to 150 beats per minute. Yes, this is twice as fast as yours. 


Your baby is also continuing to practice sucking by sucking on their thumb to be ready to drink from your breast or bottle after they are born. 


How to Make Baby Move at 17 weeks?

Are you dying to get your baby to move at 17 weeks? Well, guess what? I have a secret to getting your baby to move at 17 weeks. 


If you want your baby to move then shine a bright light on a portion of your pregnant belly as you lay very still. You might begin to feel fluttering in your stomach which is your baby moving! 


The reason your baby moves when it sees the light is because your 17 week fetus does not really love the light. 


Try it and see if you can make baby move at 17 weeks by doing this. 


17 Weeks Pregnant Belly


There is no denying you are pregnant with your 17 weeks pregnant belly. With you gaining 1-2 pounds a week people are sure to notice your cute little 17 week baby bump. 


Continue to take weekly pregnant belly pictures so that you can remember these moments. 


It will be fun to look back on to see just how big (or little) or 17 week pregnant belly was. 


17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Your nose has tiny vessels into and because you have so much blood running through your body it makes your nose super delicate. Any increase in pressure can cause these little vessels to rupture causing a nosebleed. 


Hot Flashes 

Hot flashes can be super annoying and of course, happen at the worst times. You can just blame the increase of estrogen for them. 


They are aggravated by not eating well-balanced meals and anxiety. So try to keep your food selections healthy and don’t put yourself in stressful situations to keep your hot flashes at a minimum. 



As your uterus enlarges in size it puts pressure on your blood vessels causing dizziness. 


Dizziness can also be caused by a drop in blood sugar, lying down for too long, standing up too fast, becoming overheated or not drinking enough water. 


To help from getting dizzy try standing up slowly after lying down for long periods of time. 


Drink plenty of water and select healthy snacks to help regulate blood sugar. 


Just keep in mind that dizziness is common with pregnancy but if are constantly getting dizzy then consult your doctor as it could be something more serious like low iron or blood pressure issues.  


Stretch Marks

Blessed stretch marks! We call them our badge of honor! 


You may start to notice that your belly and/or hips are starting to get red or purple streaks on them. Not every woman is lucky enough to get stretch marks but it is common in a lot of women. 


Typically 8 in 10 women get them. They turn to silver and much less noticeable months after the baby is born. 


Don’t waste your money on all those so-called miracle creams to eliminate stretch marks. 


Your best bet is to just apply moisturizing cream each night before bed. 


This doesn’t make them go away it just keeps your skin hydrated.


How Many Months Is 17 Weeks Pregnant?

You are in your 4th  month of pregnancy!


What to Do at 17 Weeks Pregnant?


Prenatal Massage

With all your aches and pains you might be feeling you might be wanting a massage, I know I was. So make an appointment for a prenatal massage. This will help you relax and get rid of some of the aches and pains temporarily. 


Finding a Pediatrician

Now is the time to start finding a pediatrician for your baby after they are born. A great place to start is by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. 


Once you get recommendations, call your insurance to make sure they are in-network and then call to talk with the doctor’s office to find one you like. 


Finding a Pediatrician is an important decision. Just remember if you pick one and end up not loving them you can always find another one that you love. 


Infant CPR Class 

Becoming a mom brings on a lot of responsibility and why not be equipped with the skills you need to save your baby’s life. 


Infant CPR classes are a great way to be prepared as a new mom because unintentional choking and suffocation are the leading causes of injury deaths for children under the age of 1.


I love that taking infant CPR classes gives me the confidence to know that I am prepared to save my baby’s life. 


What is your favorite thing about being 17 weeks pregnant? Share in the comments!


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