38 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Engaged

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You are 38 weeks pregnant! You are officially full-term and ready to deliver. Check out the early signs of labor so you are ready when the time comes!


38 Weeks Pregnant

At 38 weeks pregnant you are probably feeling very done being pregnant I know that I was! Just know that your delivery day is just around the corner and can come at any day. 


With our last baby, I had gone to the doctor in the morning for my normal appointment with no signs of labor.


 At that time I had an ultrasound to check on the baby and the tech told me that he was about 7 pounds 11 ounces.


I went home went for a walk and then took the kids swimming. While we were at the pool I started to feel a little off.


I got out and it hit me… 


I was having contractions, like real contractions and they were five minutes apart.


We raced home, got the kids ready to go to our friend’s house and then we headed to the hospital.


4 hours later I was holding a sweet little 7 pound 11-ounce baby boy. 


So,labor can strike when you least expect it. 

38 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 38 Weeks Pregnant?

At 38 weeks pregnant your baby is now the size of a small personal watermelon. They are weighing around 6.8 pounds. 


How Is My 38 Week Fetus Developing?

Even though you can’t see it your baby has now developed eye color of blue, gray, or brown. 

Your baby has begun to develop their vocal cords and are ready to make their first cry in the world when they enter.


 They are starting to shed the hair that covered them to keep them warm. This is called lanugo. 


38 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 38 weeks pregnant you will start having people comment that you are carrying much lower. 


This is because your baby has started its descend to the pelvic area. 


You are still gaining almost a pound a week and you can’t seem to figure out a comfy position to get to sleep as your belly continues to change.


Soon your cute little pregnant belly will be gone so just keep doing what you are doing mama!


38 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Losing Your Mucus Plug

Losing your mucus plug  is a big sign that labor is about to happen. Before you get too excited though it could still be 2-3 weeks before you deliver.

Some women don’t even realize that they lose their mucus plug.

 It will be a clear slightly bloody discharge from your vagina. Somtines it sheds in globs or all at once.


Don’t stress when you lose your mucus plug, it is perfectly normal and safe.


Water breaking

I always thought my water breaking would be like in the movies, you know the big splash on the floor or the massive puddle of water between my legs. 


This actually is not quite what it is like. It is more like a trickle of fluids that start to leak out of you.


When your water breaks the amniotic sac that is protecting your baby is broken. This is the start of labor.


If and when your water breaks you will want to call your OB and let them know. 


Know the Signs of Labor

It is important for you to know the signs of labor so you can be prepared. But first, before look at the signs of labor let’s review the Signs of False Labor.


Signs of False Labor

  • Contractions at irregular intervals
  • Contractions centered in your abdomen
  • Not too painful
  • Contractions don’t get stronger or more intense
  • When you move they stop
  • You can talk through contractions


Early Signs of Labor


It may be difficult to recognize early signs of labor as they are symptoms you have been experiencing throughout your pregnancy.

Below are the early signs of labor.

  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Cramping
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Blood Discharge
  • Morning Sickness 

These are symptoms  you have had so pay attention to if it’s happening more frequently or more severe.  

Here are the Signs of Active Labor

After you see the early signs of labor it will then turn into active labor. Signs of active labor include:

  • Water Breaking
  • Regular Painful Contractions
  • Contractions that become more intense
  • Contractions are equal distance apart and become closer
  • An Increase of Pressure on your Pelvic and Rectal Area


If you are in active labor you need to contact your doctor and begin tracking the length of your contractions as well as the distance in between. 


How Many Months Is 38 Weeks Pregnant?

At 38 weeks pregnant you are not 8 months 2 weeks. Your body is continuing to prepare to give birth soon!


What to Do at 38 Weeks Pregnant?

Ask Your Doctor All Your Last Minute Questions

At 38 weeks pregnant now is the time to ask your doctor all your last minute questions you have. 


Be sure to write them down so you remember to ask them everything you are wondering. 


Naturally Inducing Labor

You are done and have reached the point of excitement and want to meet your baby. You’ve heard lots of home remedies to induce labor and a few of those are 

  • Walking 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Sex 
  • Squats 
  • Really spicy Pizza
  • The Pregnancy Dance


Remember to keep it safe and if you aren’t sure to ask a doctor. And never ever drink caster oil to induce labor. 

Make a Baby Announcement Text List

Before your baby arrives you will want to let everyone know! 


The one thing you don’t want to do is forget someone that is important to you. 


So now is a great time to make a group text so that you can let everyone know all at once. 


By making this now you can send a pic and stats in about 2 minutes so you can then put your phone away and snuggle that sweet baby and get some much needed rest! 


Consider Perineal Massage

Yea sounds crazy but it just might be worth the time spent. Gently massaging your perineal can help stretch your perineum, which is the area between your vagina and rectum. Make sure you have clean hands before doing this. 


By doing this it helps loosen up your cervix for delivery to help prevent tearing and get you ready for delivery day. 


Have you seen signs of Early Labor Yet? Share in the comments!


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