1 Week Pregnant: Trying To Conceive

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Are you trying to figure out if you are 1 week pregnant because you have all the signs of being pregnant? Well, check out these early signs of pregnancy and what to do next!    


1 Week Pregnant


Congrats! You are 1 week pregnant and you don’t even know it yet!


This week you are probably cranky, tired and bloated. The first week of your pregnancy is actually the week of your period, and – thanks to Mother Nature – it’s the last period you’ll have for a while.(Thank goodness, am I right?!) You can begin to  calculate your baby’s due date based on the date of this period and begin planning your pregnancy and dreaming of a sweet bundle of joy in about 40 weeks! 


1 Week Pregnant: Trying To Conceive


How Big is Baby at Just 1 Week Pregnant?

Since you aren’t really pregnant yet, then your baby is not quite big enough to measure, but don’t worry! Soon enough your baby will be as big as a watermelon and then be a sweet bundle of joy in your arms!


How Can I Tell If I’m Pregnant at One Week?

If you have been trying to conceive by now you are convinced you are pregnant! You feel like you already look pregnant, your moody, and your breasts are sore, but during week 1 of pregnancy most moms don’t know that they are pregnant we are just having symptoms from our period. 


With that being said, some women do report breast soreness or tenderness, nausea, fatigue, and frequent urge to pee.


What Symptoms Do You Get When You’re 1-Week Pregnant?


If you’ve discovered that you’re pregnant this early, we hope the #1 symptom you experience is… overwhelming joy!  But of course, we understand if there are other emotions as well.  Many women feel nervous about telling their husbands, especially if this is an unexpected pregnancy.  

You can rest at ease if you’re feeling…

  • Cranky
  • Tired
  • Bloated

These are completely normal.  

One of my favorite things to do at this stage of pregnancy (early) is watching Father of the Bride II.  It’s been a family favorite for my whole life, and the memories get me excited about the coming months.


father of the bride 2  

Can You Feel Nauseous at 1 Week Pregnant?


You can absolutely feel nauseous at 1 week pregnant.  These nauseous feelings are from hormonal changes– and most see these unpleasant sensations as a good sign (though not a good feeling). 


Fear not.  Unless you are experiencing severely excessive vomiting, you’re O.K. and in good company!  These feelings typically subside around week 15 or 16 of pregnancy


Am I Really 1 Week Pregnant?


So at 1 week pregnant, you really aren’t technically pregnant quite yet. You see doctors determine your due day 40 weeks from the first day of your last missed period. 


So, at 1-week pregnant, it is considered part of your pregnancy although you have not even conceived a baby. 


So, at 1-week pregnant, you actually aren’t pregnant quite yet, even though you might feel pregnant. 


Suggestions for Mothers Who Are 1-Week Pregnant


If you are 1 week pregnant or trying to get pregnant then these are some great suggestions during your first week of pregnancy. 

  • Abstain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • Speak with your doctor about existing medications and their risks during pregnancy
  • Continue exercising at a moderate level at least three times per week
  • Switch from a regular multivitamin to a prenatal multivitamin formulated with extra iron, folic acid, and calcium for a healthy mommy and baby
  • Eat a varied diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish, lean meats and dairy products to give your baby the best start possible
  • Relax, mama! No one likes to live with a stressed-out roommate and your soon-to-be baby is no different. Rest and take care of yourself!


Why Do I feel Pregnant but the test is negative?


We have all been there. You know, when you have been tracking our ovulation cycle. We had sex at just the right time and we are now feeling all the symptoms of being pregnant. So, we race to the store to grab a pregnancy test that we are sure it will be positive.

We take the test…




How can this be? We are falling asleep at 7 pm the last few nights and your breast are tender to touch and you feel bloated.


We are disappointed and sad. How could it be? We were feeling all the feels of being pregnant. 


The truth is you might be pregnant, but your body is just doesn’t have enough hCG to show up on a pregnancy test yet.


Your body is just starting to make the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which your body only makes when you are pregnant. Traces of this hormone can only be found 3 to 4 days after conception. The further along you are the higher your count. 


Each day your HCG levels increase. The more days after conception and implantation the higher this hormone level is. 


Therefore you might have just taken a pregnancy test too soon! 


The best time to take a pregnancy test is early morning (first pee) and the day that your period is missed. 


So don’t be discouraged if you have been tracking ovulation and have pregnancy symptoms you could just be testing too early. 


Make sure you read the package carefully of your pregnancy test you are using and follow the instructions exactly. If you are getting a negative and feel pregnant I bet the negative doesn’t stay that way very long because you hCG level doubles every 48 to 72 hours.

There is never such thing as too late to take a pregnancy test just know that once you get a positive reading call and set up an appointment to start getting prenatal care. 


You got this mama! Listen to your body don’t stress and enjoy the ride! 


Did you know when you were 1 week pregnant? How did you know? Share with us in the comments!


Week Two of Pregnancy


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