10 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

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Easter is just around the corner and if your kids are like mine they are crafting up a storm getting ready! I love finding fun Easter crafts for kids that I can let my kids do while I make dinner or fold laundry while they work on a craft project. 

There are so many Easter crafts for kids that they can have fun doing this year! We are sharing lots of fun Easter crafts for kids. 

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for Kids

Bunny Rabbit Handprints

Kids love making handprint crafts and I love handprint crafts to remember those cute little handprints forever!

To make this rabbit handprint craft, you will want to grab a piece of white construction paper and some white paint. 

Paint your child’s palm and fingers, except their thumb with the white paint. 

Once their hand is painted, you will place their palm on the paper and then you will separate their fingers, (keeping their pointer finger and the middle finger together and keeping their ring finger and pinky together) and place them down on the paper forming their ears. 

Once dried, take some pink paint and paint the inside of the ear pink and add a pink nose. 

Draw on the rest of the bunny’s face. 

Sponge Painted Easter Eggs

This Easter craft is one that my kids beg to do every year. This Easter craft for kids is so simple and you can prepare this craft ahead of time.

First, you will want to cut large Easter eggs out of paper.

Then you will want to cut 4-5 sponges into egg shapes. Once, you have everything cut out, grab some pastel color paint and squirt some on to paper plates. 

Your kids can then dip the sponges into the paint and sponge paint their easter egg.  Be sure you put newspaper down under the eggs to protect your table. 

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


Carrot Footprint

I love holiday canvas paintings to help with adding a personal touch to my holiday decor.  Hanging some footprint carrots will for sure add some fun decor to your Easter decorations. 

To make this lasting easter craft for kids, choose any size canvas you would like to hang on your wall!  You will then want to grab a giant trash bag and lay it on the floor to be sure you don’t have any unwanted messes. 

Once you are all set up, you will paint the bottom of your child’s foot orange and their toes green.

Once applied, help your child place their foot on the canvas. 

I find it easier to let them sit on the ground with their foot in the air rather than them stepping onto the canvas.  Be sure to slowly lift the foot off the canvas making a cute carrot foot for your Easter decorations. 


Easter Egg Potato Stamping

This Easter craft for kids is one of my daughter’s favorite! 

To do this easter craft,  you will need to cut several potatoes in half longways (so it looks like an egg) and then cut different patterns and shapes. 

Once your potatoes are cut, give your kids a plate full of different colored paints and a blank sheet of paper and let them paint a beautiful egg painting for you!  They will have so much fun!

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Decorate Cookies

Looking for Easter crafts for kids you can do together? Why not head to the kitchen to decorate cookies together! 

I bake a bunch of sugar cookies and then they decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

We keep some and then we give some to friends and neighbors. Everyone loves decorating cookies!


Easter Egg Wreath

My kids love to decorate their rooms, so during Easter, they love making Easter Eggs Wreaths for their doors.  First, you will want to cut a bunch of eggs all the same size.  Once cut, your kids can decorate them however they want! 

Choose watercolors, paint, crayons, stickers, or washi tape, the possibilities are endless.  Once they have decorated all the eggs they will then arrange them in a circle gluing them together.  Once dried, they will have a cute Easter Egg wreath for their door. 


Decorating Eggs

Easter is definitely not Easter until you decorate eggs. So, grab some hardboiled eggs and get your Easter egg dye all ready and have fun with your kids decorating eggs with one another. 

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


Felt Easter Eggs

Easter crafts for kids don’t have to be super complex.  If you have older kids show them how to make felt Easter eggs. 

To make these, it is really simple, so grab some felt and cut a bunch of easter eggs out.

Then using ribbon, buttons or any other craft supplies to decorate their Easter eggs. 

Paper Strip Easter Egg

To make this paper strip easter egg craft you will want to cut a bunch of strips of paper all the same size. 

Once cut, you will want to glue them in straight lines on a sheet of paper overlapping them just a touch. 

After they are all glued, you will then want to cut a big Easter egg in a different piece of paper and then glue it on top of your other sheet of paper so you see an easter egg out of your strips shining through. 


Easter Egg Button Art

If you are feeling really motivated, grab a bunch of buttons and let your kids go crazy making Easter egg button art. 

To make this, you will want to cut out an egg out of cardboard. 

Once cut, you will then start adding your buttons to your cardboard egg to cover the entire thing with cute buttons. 

This Easter Egg button craft is the perfect Easter craft for kids that are a little bit older. 

Get Crafty this Easter!

There you have it! 10 Easter crafts for kids that are simple and that your kids will have a blast doing! What crafts do your kids like to do?

Looking for more Easter crafts for kids? Check out this list of even more fun Easter craft ideas.

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