22 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Pounds

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You are 22 weeks pregnant! Your baby is continuing to grow and so are you! Check out what your baby is doing at 22 weeks and what you can expect as well!


22 Weeks Pregnant


Congrats you are now officially 22 weeks pregnant! 


With your mid-pregnancy ultrasound done you are probably on a high staring at your cute ultrasound pictures the tech gave you! Along with that you have announced the gender (if you decided to find out) to all your friends and family.


It really is a joyful time in your pregnancy. 


Sure you are feeling pregnant, but you don’t feel overly huge quite yet. 


While you are feeling good and have energy take this time to spend time with friends and family. 


22 weeks pregnant silhouette black and white woman


How Big Is Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby at 22 weeks has hit a real milestone this week. Your baby is now 11 inches long and is topping out at 1 pound. Yep, that is right head to the fridge and pick up 4 sticks of butter and that is how heavy your baby is. 


How Is My 22 Week Fetus Developing?


Your 22 week fetus’ brain is developing quickly. Nerves are now forming and are developing a sense of touch. If you have another ultrasound you might catch a glimpse of your baby holding on to the umbilical cord. Don’t worry your 22 week fetus won’t hurt you, them, or the umbilical cord by doing this. 


Your baby is also starting to respond to the outside world this week. If your 22 week fetus hears a loud sound it might react to it. 


Not only that if you poke your 22 week pregnant belly you can probably make your baby move. 


Since their eyes are continuing to get stronger (although still fused shut) you can shine a light on your stomach and watch your baby react to it. 

Your baby is continuing to get more familiar with your voice as the weeks go by. Talk to your baby. Sing them. Encourage your partner and other kids to talk with the baby as well. By doing so creates a quicker bond once your baby is born. 


22 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Your 22 week pregnant belly is growing more and more every day and I am sure people around you are reminding you of that. 


Typically at 22 weeks pregnant your pregnant bump measures anywhere from 20 to 24 centimeters. How they measure is from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus. This is called “fundal height.”


Although your baby is only weighing a pound you most likely have gained way more weight than just a pound. Typically at 22 weeks, your OB wants to see you gaining about 1 pound a week. Of course, this is on average and everyone is different. 


Just remember that at 22 weeks pregnant you are wanting to consume about 300 extra calories a day.


By the time you deliver most women would have gained between 25 to 30 pounds. This is about how the weight is distributed at birth. 

  • 1 ½ pounds of placenta
  • 4 pounds of extra fluids
  • 2 pounds of uterus
  • 2 pounds of breasts
  • 4 pounds of extra blood
  • 7 pounds of fat 
  • 2 pounds of amniotic fluid
  • 7 ½ pound baby


This is just a typical breakdown for the average woman. I know for a fact I gain twice as much weight than what is typical and have small babies and lots of fluids. If you are worried about weight gain, be sure to discuss it with your OB at your next visit. 


22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 22 weeks pregnant you are bound to be seeing and feeling some pregnancy symptoms! Some of them include:

  • Heartburn
  • Racing Heart
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Cramping
  • Swollen Feet
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Trouble Catching Your Breath
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Hair Growth

Hot Flashes

This week you might face more hot flashes than you had the weeks prior to this. With your hormones continuing to change it has really sped up your metabolism. Therefore by doing this it is making you hotter and a little sweatier too!


If it is summer go take a dip in the pool and relax or a nice cool bath or shower. 


To help with hot flashes try to wear looser clothes, be sure you are drinking plenty of water and turn on the fan or air conditioner. 


How Many Months Is 22 Weeks Pregnant?

You have officially entered month 5 of your pregnancy. You only have 4 months to go. 


What to Do at 22 Weeks Pregnant?

Schedule Your Maternity Pictures

It is time to really document your pregnancy, so schedule your maternity photoshoot. If you feel awkward taking maternity pictures by yourself (you shouldn’t because you are gorgeous mama) then take pictures with your spouse or family. Document your growing pregnant belly. 


Empty Calories

Those chips look delicious I know, but try to avoid foods that are just empty calories. Try to continue to eat fruits and vegetables and foods that offer nutritional value. 


Cheese and almonds are great sources of protein. Look for things that will fill you up and give your baby the things that they need. 


Sex During Pregnancy


Some couples wonder how safe is it to have sex during pregnancy. For the most part, having sex during pregnancy is perfectly fine and safe. 


If everything is smooth sailing during your pregnancy and you and your spouse want to, go for it!


Having sex during your pregnancy will not hurt the baby. Your baby is protected with the amniotic sac and other muscles of your uterus. 


Many women report feeling sexier at this point in their pregnancy and desire that intimacy with their spouse. If this is the case have fun.


If you see spotting after sex or begin to cramp this can be normal. Heavy bleeding or major cramping is not and you should contact your OB immediately if this is the case. 


If you are currently at risk for preterm labor or other complications then your OB might tell you to not have sex for awhile. 


If you have concerns about have sex while pregnant, talk with your doctor.



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  1. LOL So funny! I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy…quickly.
    With my second I hardly gained at all (she was born with trisomy 13 at 19.5 weeks), but my body had a chance to gain about 10 pounds.
    With my third, I’ve only gained 10 lbs and I’m currently 25 weeks. I think my body knew it still had the 10 lbs from my second pregnancy already!


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