31 Weeks Pregnant: Preeclampsia in Pregnancy

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At 31 weeks pregnant your baby is continuing to grow and you are continuing to grow. See what is happening in week 31 of your pregnancy. 


31 Weeks Pregnant

At 31 weeks pregnant you are definitely feeling pregnant and probably wishing it was almost your due date. 


Don’t worry, the next few weeks will pass by quickly and you will be holding your baby in no time. 


Just remember that your baby still needs a few more weeks to grow and develop, so just keep doing what you are doing mama!

31 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant?

At 31 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as a coconut and is 16 inches long. Your baby now weighs about 3 to five pounds. 


In the next few weeks, your baby will probably be at least doubling their weight because the average size of a baby is 6 to 7 pounds. 


How Is My 31 Week Fetus Developing?

As your 31 week fetus continues to develop it is getting ready to make its debut into the world and greet you. 


By now you are probably wondering what color hair it will have or if it will even have hair. 


Your partner and you might be debating on if your baby will have his nose and your eyes or look nothing like the two of you. 


At this poin,t your baby’s brain can process information which is huge in its final development in the womb. Your baby’s brain connections are developing at a rapid pace. 


31 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Certainly by now, your 31 weeks pregnant belly is getting bigger. I remember by this time in my pregnancy I was getting questions like, “Are you having twins?” “Are you passed your due date already?” pretty much anything that said, “Wow! You are huge.”


Sometimes people don’t have a filter so don’t worry about what people say in regards to the size of your stomach. 


I know it is easier said than done, but try not to let it bother you. 


Just remember that everyone carries their baby differently and the most important thing is that your baby is healthy when it is born.


If your weight is concerning to you talk with your doctor for recommendations on what they suggest and continue to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and food with proteins. Try to avoid foods with empty calories. 


By now you probably have gained anywhere from 21-27 pounds and your uterus is felt four inches above your belly button. 


31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


By 31 weeks pregnant pregnant symptoms are going a little crazy. Here are some pregnant symptoms you might be experiencing this week.


Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is a real thing, but not to be confused with not being able to breath. To tell the difference, shortness of breath is more like feeling winded when you do things. 


It could be simple things like taking the trash out, walking up the stairs, or going for a walk around the neighborhood. 


It is okay to have shortness of breath because your body is just working  a little harder the further along you get in your pregnancy. 


So continue to exercise and do things, but don’t push yourself. Take breaks and rest as much as you need to. 


If you are having trouble breathing, contact your doctor immediately because that is a sign that something is not quite right. 


Dry, Brittle Nails

Remember those nails that are growing so quickly? Well, now they are starting to dry out and break quickly. 


Some people use a moisturizing cuticle oil while others just keep them cut rather short. Dry brittle nails is always a great excuse to go get a manicure and pedicure to get ready for your big day in a couple of weeks. 


Braxton Hicks Contractions

We are talking about Braxton Hicks Contractions again this week because they are a real thing and they are easily mistaken for contractions. These contractions are necessary to get you ready for the real thing. 


If you start to have contractions then change positions and drink some water. Doing this will stop your contractions. 


If they do not stop then it might be a sign of preterm labor so you will want to contact your OB and talk with them about how you are feeling. 


How Many Months Is 31 Weeks Pregnant?

At 31 weeks pregnant you are 6 months and 3 weeks. Your due date is quickly approaching. 


What to Do at 31 Weeks Pregnant?


Flats are your Friend

By now your body is probably aching almost all day from all the extra weight you are carrying, so now is the time to put the fancy shoes away and go with what is comfortable. 


So with that being said, pull out your flats and your supportive tennis shoes and wear these for comfort and stability. 


Delivery Plan for the Family

Now that you are 31 weeks pregnant it is time to start thinking about what will happen when you go into labor. 


If you have other kids, who is going to watch them. Will you need to take them to their house or will they come get them from yours. 


Do you need to pack a bag if they are spending the night?


Who will feed the pets if your spouse is staying at the hospital? 


All these are questions you want to figure out now so you are not in a panic when you go into labor in a few weeks. 



You and your baby have been bonding for almost 7 months now and you will continue to bond for the next few months. 


When your baby arrives it will be a joyful occasion. 


Some parents feel instantly connected to their new addition where others feel like the connection is not what they thought it would be. 


Just remember that bonding takes time. So if at first you aren’t instantly connected just keep loving on your baby. Talk to them. Sing to them and hold them. 


All these things give your baby a sense of security and will strengthen your bond. 



Preeclampsia is something to not take lightly. It is a blood disorder that can happen in the third trimester of your pregnancy or even after you deliver the baby. Some of the warning signs of preeclampsia are a headache that does not go away or if your eyesight changes and becomes blotchy.  You might even have pain in your shoulder or upper abdomen. If you start to see any of these warning signs of preeclampsia contact your doctor immediately. 


How are you feeling at 31 weeks pregnant? Are you starting to become nervous about delivery day? Share with us in the comments!

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