37 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Cleaning

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At 37 weeks pregnant you are almost through your entire pregnancy. You and baby continue to get big and prepare for the big day! See what’s happening this week.


37 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats on making it to 37 weeks pregnant! It is an exciting time in your pregnancy. 


Yes, you can feel yourself getting bigger and you are uncomfortable, but yet your delivery day is so close you can feel it. 


Knowing that you will be able to snuggle with your baby in a few short weeks will help the time pass quickly! 

37 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 37 Weeks Pregnant?

At 37 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as romaine lettuce. They are about 19 inches long and weighing about 6.3 pounds give or take. 


How Is My 37 Week Fetus Developing?

Your baby is now practicing breathing by taking in amniotic fluid and exhaling it. At 37 weeks baby’s lungs are considered fully developed.


Your baby can now stretch and bend their fingers. You may notice if you get a 3D ultrasound your baby sucking their thumb or have their hand smushed up against their face.


If your baby is born at 37 weeks it should be healthy and strong. But with that being said, never try to induce yourself to have a baby at 37 weeks. 


This can cause all kinds of complications that you don’t want to experience. 


37 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 37 weeks your cervix may start to dilate. 


Your doctor will let you know if you are dilated at all. 


Just because you are dilated does not mean you are going to have the baby soon. So don’t get your hopes up! Once I had a doctor tell me that I was going to have my baby any day. 


This was 2 ½ weeks early, so everyday I woke up thinking today might be the day. 


Well, guess what? That baby was 10 days late. 


That was the longest 24 days of my life thinking every day the baby was coming. 


Said, some OBs will strip your membranes for you if you ask at 37 weeks. It all depends on your circumstances and your pregnancy. 


But just be aware stripping membranes is not a straight ticket to the hospital to have the baby. 


Am I having Contractions or Braxton Hick Contractions?


At 37 weeks pregnant it is completely possible that you might go into labor. So it is important to know the difference between braxton hicks contractions and real contractions. 


So how can you tell the difference?


At the beginning of labor your contraction vary from every 5 to every 15 minutes. These contractions usually last anywhere from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. 


When you are going through them it certainly feels like they last a lot longer though!


You can tell you are having regular contractions if when you move and change positions the contractions continue. 


If this is the case, it is a good idea to call your OB and let them know that you are having contractions, but they are still far apart.


Once contractions start you will want to track how long they last for and how much time passes in between.


If they become closer and more intense it might be time for you to go to the hospital to go have a baby! 


37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Preeclampsia is when you see a sudden increase of fluid retention in the third trimester and an increased blood pressure reading. This could be a sign of developing a high blood pressure disorder. 


This disorder is known as preeclampsia. 


Preeclampsia symptoms include headaches, blurry or spots in vision, sudden weight gain, increase in swelling and a blood pressure of 140/90 or higher. 


If you have any of these symptoms you need to contact your healthcare provider right away. 


Preeclampsia is serious for both mom and baby. 


The only solution is delivery or bedrest, but you need to see your doctor.



Your cervix is extra sensitive while you are pregnant and you might notice occasional spotting. 


You  may notice after sex you spot a bit and that is ok. 


Call your doctor if you notice heavy bleeding or bleeding that doesn’t go away. 


This could be a sign of a placental abruption and you would need to seek treatment right away.. 


Your cervix is prepping for delivery so you may be noticing the changes. 


Don’t ignore something that could be an issue. There is a difference in bleeding and spotting


 Stretch marks

By now you are likely thinking there is no way you have room for another stretch mark. 

Your body hasn’t finished doing its last final stretch allowing your baby to continue to grow and finish making them all chunky and cute. 


Just keep your moisturizer cream near and lather it on after the shower to help your skin stretch a bit easier.


Also stay hydrated even if you are already visiting the bathroom every 3 seconds. Hydration helps your skin with all the growing. 


Abdominal pressure.

Now that the baby has descended into your pelvic you now have added pressure in your abdominal area. You are feeling your baby stretch and kick in different areas than you have before and no they aren’t going to punch themselves out even if it feels like it sometimes.
Thanks to the weight of the baby you are now feeling the urge to pee more and more. 


How Many Months Is 37 Weeks Pregnant?

At 37 weeks pregnant you are 8 months pregnant. 


What to Do at 37 Weeks Pregnant?


Postpartum Care

Now is the time to get all your postpartum care supplies. 


This includes thicker pads for after delivery. Also, nice stretchy underwear are nice. 


I always love a little squirt bottle to help clean your undercarriage after delivery because it is definitely painful to wipe for a little bit…


I mean you did just push a baby out.


If you are having a c section be sure you have dressing for your incision and gauze so you can change it. 


If you have questions about what you need after the baby talk with your OB and they can help you. 


Line Up Help for After Baby

Now is the time to line up help for after the baby. 


Is your mom or mother-in-law coming to help? 


Are close friends going to invite the kids over for playdate? 


What about help with cooking meals? 


I learned very quickly that if someone wants to bring them dinner, let them. 

It is such a nice gesture and saves you from trying to take care of the baby and make dinner. 

Are you seeing signs of labor at 37 weeks? Share in the comments!

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