10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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I love finding simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids to do so they can get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. These St. Patrick’s Day crafts are quick and easy and kids love them!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and it seems like everywhere you look you are spotting rainbows and leprechauns and pictures of pots of gold.

My kids have already begun there quest to make lots of St. Patrick’s Day crafts this year, are yours too?

We are sharing 10 simple St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids so your kids can get in the spirit of the upcoming holiday!  

st patricks day crafts for kids

1. Thumb Print Rainbow

My kids love it anytime I ask them if they want to paint. So this simple St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids was right up their alley. 

To make this thumbprint rainbow you will first want to draw with a pencil the rainbow bows so your kids can easily know where the rainbow is. 

Once you have done this, they will then dip their thumb in the finger paint and make each color of the rainbow bow with thumbprints. 

This St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids is not only fun to make but also a fun one to keep to see just how little those thumbprints were when they get bigger. 

2. Leprechaun Trap

You can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without making a leprechaun trap. So, grab a shoebox and help your kids design the best leprechaun trap that you can. 

Perhaps if they get lucky they might just catch him, or at least capture some of his gold. 

st patricks day crafts for kids

3. Shamrock SunCatcher

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids don’t have to be overly complicated, they can be simple like these shamrock suncatchers. My kids love making shamrock suncatchers and hanging them up during March. 

To make these, you will need a plain white paper plate and some green tissue paper. You will then trace a shamrock shape onto the plate and cut it out. 

Once it is cut out you will tape your green tissue paper to the paper plate over the whole you just cut out. 

You can then attach a string to your suncatcher and hang it in your window. 

4. Make a Rainbow Necklace

If you have little ones, it is sometimes hard to find St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids that they can do on their own, that is why I love doing Fruit Loop Necklaces. 

Give your little ones a bowl of fruit loops and have them put the Fruit Loops on a string. Once they have laced the Fruit loops tie it together and it is a necklace to wear. 


5. Rainbow Chain

Kids love making countdown chains, so why not make a rainbow chain they can leave up all season long. 

Grab strips of paper that are the colors of the rainbow and let them loop them together and make a rainbow chain. 

Another variation of creating a rainbow chain making one small enough to wear as a necklace. To do this you cut smaller strips of paper and loop those together forming a necklace. 

6. Make a Leprechaun 

Your kids will have a blast as they make this St. Patrick’s Day craft idea.

Give them a plain white paper plate and some green and orange construction paper and let them create their very own Leprechaun. They can either cut out a head hole so they can stick their head through or draw a face on the plate. 

It is really up to them as they create their Leprechaun.  

7. Tissue Paper Shamrocks

These tissue paper shamrocks are perfect if you have little ones that you are crafting with. You will want to draw and cut out a large shamrock. Then you will cut some green strips of tissue paper and let them glue them onto their shamrock. 

Your kids will have so much fun creating these tissue paper shamrocks. 

8. St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

st patricks day cupcakes

Take your crafting skills to the kitchen and make some St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes! 

When we make these we usually stick with a butter cake mix and then dye the frosting green and add some green sprinkles for a special St. Patrick’s Day treat. 

9. Dancing Shamrock

Dancing shamrocks are fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids. You will want to cut out a shamrock out of green construction paper. 

You will then cut out 4 stips of paper (2 longer and 2 shorter) that you will accordion it back and forth. 

Once you have done this you will attach the two shorter ones to the sides to make his the shamrock’s arms and the two longer ones to the bottom for his legs. 

The last step of your dancing shamrock is drawing on his face! Now he is ready to go boogie. 

10. Rainbow Pom-Pom Ball Shamrock

Another fun Shamrock craft is to take those fun pom-pom balls and make a pom-pom shamrock. 

To make this shamrock, you will first want to cut out a large shamrock. 

Once it is cut out you will start gluing (with liquid glue) pom-pom balls onto it. You will want to fill the entire shamrock with pom-poms and make it as full as you can. 

I love this craft because you can really see the kids’ creativity popping through. Some kids just put pom-poms everywhere. Others love to form some sort of pattern. 

There is no wrong way to make a rainbow pom-pom shamrock. 

Happy crafting!

These St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids will be the perfect afternoon craft project. What craft projects do your kids like doing? Share in the comments.

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