30 Last-Minute April Fool Pranks: Easy, Quick, and Hilarious

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Looking to spread some laughter and joy? I put together a list of 30 creative, funny, and very easy April Fool prank ideas that are perfect for sharing laughs with your family members, friends, students, or siblings. Get ready for some good-natured fun that’ll leave everyone smiling!

  1. Grab a baking pan, cut out some ‘E’s from brown construction paper, cover them with foil, and tell the kids you’ve made brownies. This harmless joke is perfect for a classroom prank or a fun treat at home. Want to be extra nice? Have a backup treat ready to go! Scroll down for the step-by-step video!
  2. Tell your children or students that school is closed on April 31st. 
  3. Take an empty mayonnaise jar with the label still attached, fill it with vanilla pudding, and enjoy it with a large spoon.
  4. Remote-controlled fart machine: Press a button for a gas-tly good time with a variety of hilarious fart sounds!
  5. Swap out Tootsie Rolls with brown crayons.
  6. Add some mischief by putting tape on someone’s mouse sensors, ensuring a hilariously confusing tech prank.
  7. A day prior, paint a family member’s soap bar with clear nail polish, allowing it to dry overnight, and then enjoy the laughter as they wonder why it won’t lather no matter how hard they try in the shower.
  8. Buy a leek from the grocery store and put it under the sink. Then tell your SO that you think there’s a “leak under the sink” and ask them to check it out. 
  9. Enhance the fun by sticking googly eyes on EVERYTHING! On veggies, eggs, and even plants – the ideas are endless!
  10. Put Jell-O in a cup, insert a straw, and allow it to solidify to create the illusion of a beverage. Offer it to someone unsuspectingly, who then attempts to drink it, only to realize it’s Jell-O. Hand them a spoon to enjoy their treat instead.
  11. Swap the bags between different cereal boxes for a playful twist on breakfast confusion.
  12. Tape photos of Slash (from Guns and Roses) to your SO or coworker’s car. Tell the car owner there was vandalism in the parking lot and it looked like their tires were slashed. (Works best if they know who Slash is).
  13. Create a creepy surprise by unrolling a section of toilet paper, drawing a big hairy spider on it, and then rolling it back up before placing it back in its usual spot.
  14. Place rubber ducks all over the place!
  15. Sprinkle some mischief into your meals by replacing the salt in the shaker with sugar, ensuring a sweet surprise whenever someone reaches for a sprinkle!
  16. Print out pictures of actor Nicolas Cage and hide them in random places throughout the house. Place these surprises behind doors, in the fridge, under items they use every day, and in other spots for delightful accidental discoveries throughout the day.  
  17. Leave out a bowl of Skittles mixed with M&Ms and watch as the unexpected flavor mix surprises everyone.
  18. Cover the sensor of the remote control with a small piece of clear tape. When someone goes to turn on the TV, they’ll be puzzled when the remote doesn’t seem to work.
  19. Spice up dessert time by scooping out vanilla ice cream for a surprising scoop of frozen mashed potatoes.
  20. Twist off the tops of Oreo cookies, or any brand with a white filling, scrape out the filling, and replace it with toothpaste or mashed potatoes for a surprising twist.
  21. Tuck realistic plastic bugs into your child’s daily spots, such as their shoe or pillow, and wait for the inevitable squeals of delight.
  22. Add a colorful twist to breakfast by dropping a few dashes of food coloring into the bottom of a cereal bowl before pouring in the cereal. 
  23. Add a humorous touch to your office by placing a sign on the printer that reads, “Voice Activated: Speak to Print”
  24. Label a water bottle with a printed ‘Toilet Water’ sticker, offering it to unsuspecting friends or family members for a prank that’s sure to raise some eyebrows! FREE download is available below!
  25. Put water into an upside-down cup. Fill a cup halfway with water, cover it tightly with a piece of thin cardboard, and flip the cup over. Place towels around the cup’s location if available. Quickly remove the cardboard before it gets too wet, clean up any minor leaks, and your prank is set!
  26. Give them a healthy surprise by filling an empty donut box with veggies instead of delicious pastries.
  27. Gourmet Doughnut Seeds, Gourmet Mom On The Go Gourmet Mom On The Go shares her ingenious recipe for creating scrumptious “doughnut seeds” that are sure to delight taste buds and spark joy in every bite.
  28. Funology provides a playful challenge: Betcha Can’t Pick Up This Dollar Trick!
  29. Cake Ball Dog Poop, Sugary Sweets takes “doggie bag” to a whole new level!
  30. Surprise your family and friends by sprinkling Fake Snow, Tinkerlab
Watch how I made these quick & easy DIY “brownies” for the April Fool Prank!

Be sure to leave a comment sharing your favorite prank, and spread the fun by sharing this list with friends and family. 

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Sharing is Caring!

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