15 Weeks Pregnant: Amniocentesis

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15 weeks pregnant is an exciting week during your pregnancy. Your baby is growing and you are probably feeling a little better now that you have more energy! See what is happening this week! 

15 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats you are 15 weeks pregnant! You are in the 2nd week of your 2nd trimester and hopefully, you are feeling great! 


If you are feeling great take advantage of it! Perhaps do a project around the house that you have been wanting to do or maybe go on a weekend getaway with your hubby. 


It is totally safe to go on vacation in the United States while you are pregnant. If you have questions about traveling always consult your doctor. 


15 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 15 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is about the size of an apple and is weighing about 2.5 ounces and is measuring about 4 inches on average. 


How Is My 15 Week Fetus Developing?

Your 15 week fetus is making good progress this week. 


Facial features of your sweet little baby are moving into position, ears are sitting low on the sides of the head. 


Your baby currently has translucent skin covering their body. Blood vessels are moving around 100 pints of blood every day. That little heart is working hard to do this. No wonder why it is beating so fast at your doctor’s appointment. 


Your baby is moving, stretching, kicking, flipping and doing all kinds of tricks as it continues to live in the amniotic sac. Most women can’t feel these crazy movements yet but will be able to soon enough. 


Can you Feel Baby Move at 15 Weeks Pregnant?

When you first feel your baby move it is the most magical thing you will experience. If this is your first pregnancy though you might not detect the movement right away. 


When you feel your baby move it will be like a flutter… Like a butterfly kiss on the inside. 


It is very subtle and you really have to be still to feel it. 


Some women report feeling the baby move at 15 weeks pregnant. 


If you don’t notice your baby moving at 15 weeks you aren’t alone. Most people don’t recognize fetal movements for about 5 more weeks. 


15 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your 15 week pregnant belly is going through big changes. Your uterus used to fit inside your pelvis, but that is no longer the case. It is now stretching and growing beyond your pelvis.


Some women at 15 weeks pregnant look really pregnant, while others don’t.


There is no right way a 15 week pregnant belly should look. We all carry our babies different therefore we won’t all look the same while pregnant. 


The most important thing is that your baby is healthy and that you are healthy. 


Over 35 and Pregnant?

If you are over 35 and pregnant then at 15 weeks pregnant your OB will probably have you go through amniocentesis testing. 


Amniocentesis testing is a test to determine genetic abnormalities. It will take about 2-3 weeks to get the results back and your doctor will discuss the results with you at your next appointment. 


15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Pregnancy Brain

Have you ever heard of the term Pregnancy brain? It is totally a real thing! If you are feeling a little forgetful we can thank pregnancy. 


Pregnancy brain is caused by the hormones, not sleeping very well (thanks to your frequent trips to the bathroom), and stress. 


If you are suffering from pregnancy brain it might be good to write do your to-do list, take notes in your phone, and be sure to write down the few things that you are running to the store to get so you don’t get there and can’t remember why you went to the store. (speaking from experience on this one!)


Swollen Feet and Legs 

Are your legs and feet starting to swell? This might be caused by Edema. Edema is when your body retains fluids which is a normal symptom of pregnancy. 


Bigger Shoes?

Are your shoes starting to feel a little tighter or small? You are not alone. When you are pregnant the hormone relaxin causes the ligaments in your feet to loosen up. This then causes the bones to spread which could make your shoes feel really small. 


With my first child by foot grew a ½ of size because of this. With my next one, it grew another ½ of size. 



If your gums are still swollen, red, and bleeding you are not alone. Pregnancy hormones cause inflation and gum disease during pregnancy. This can cause preterm labor so be sure you continue to go for your regular dental cleanings. 


Back Pain

At 15 weeks pregnant this is just the beginning of your back pain problems during pregnancy. This is something many women suffer from when pregnant. Practice good posture, wear shoes with good support and do exercises to strengthen your back muscles. 


Urinary Tract Infections

While pregnant, more women are prune to get Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). If peeing becomes painful or you have to pee like right now that might be a sign that you have a UTI. If you get a fever and back pain with this as well, contact your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe you an antibiotic to help fight the infection. 


How Many Months Is 15 Weeks Pregnant?

At 15 week pregnant, you are in your 3rd week of pregnancy. 

What to Do at 15 Weeks Pregnant?

Change it up!

Have you been doing the same type of pregnancy workout? It’s time to change it up. Maybe walk or do prenatal yoga, perhaps swim laps. Talk to your doctor about safe exercises to do while pregnant. 


Don’t Forget Breakfast

I remember when I was pregnant with our last baby I would forget to eat breakfast. Don’t do this! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day while pregnant. 


Even if you don’t love breakfast eat something. It doesn’t have to be oatmeal, eggs, or cereal. You just need to eat something to get your system going in the morning. 


Can you feel your 15 week old baby moving yet? Share in the comments!

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