9 Weeks Pregnant: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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This week marks 9 weeks pregnant! There is so much happening this week! Your baby is no longer an embryo and so much more! Check out this complete guide to your pregnancy at week 9!


9 Weeks Pregnant


Congrats you are 9 weeks pregnant! 


I remember feeling like running a victory lap once I hit 9 weeks. 


Maybe it was because I was hopeful morning sickness would end or I just felt that much closer to holding my baby. Either way, I loved week 9. 


9 weeks pregnant blue sweater

How Big Is Baby at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

This week your baby is about the size of a cherry and about 1 inch long. 


How Is My 9 Week Fetus Developing?

This is such a big week for your baby because your baby is no longer an embryo it is now a fetus. 


Your baby is now looking more and more like a baby.


At 9 weeks pregnant your baby’s head is more developed and is straightening out. Your baby’s ears are also starting to grow. 


You can now see your baby’s toes on an ultrasound. 


Not only all this is happening, but your baby’s organs have begun to develop. These include the heart, the brain, the kidney, liver, and lungs. 


Although you won’t be able to feel your baby moving for some time, your baby is moving! They are moving their arms and legs as their muscles begin to develop. 


9 Week Pregnant Symptoms

Nasal Congestion

Congestion and runny nose are common in pregnancy. This is called pregnancy rhinitis. This is caused because of an increase in estrogen during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes the lining of your nasal passage to swell. Using a humidifier can help add moisture at night while attempting to sleep. Nasal drops or saline drops will be your friend so go ahead and stock up and keep them nearby. 


If you have nasal congestion accompanied by a fever can be a sinus infection and you need to call your healthcare provider.

Mood Swings


Pregnancy and mood swings go hand in hand. Mood swings are caused because of emotional and physical changes that are happening to your body.


You may notice an increase in mood swings at different times throughout your pregnancy. 


With all that is going on and an increase in fatigue just be aware of your moods and talk to your OB about how you are feeling.

Headaches at 9 Weeks Pregnant


Headaches at 9 weeks pregnant happen to a lot of pregnant women. 


These headaches at 9 weeks are caused because your body has increased its blood volume and your hormones are surging. 


Not drinking enough water, restless nights, and lack of caffeine intake can also cause headaches. 


Make sure you carry a water bottle with you wherever you go to help with dehydration. 


Don’t skip a meal either. This will cause your blood sugar to drop and may spring on a headache. 


One thing to keep in mind headaches in your second and third trimester can mean high blood pressure. 


If your headache is accompanied with blurry vision or seeing dots contact your OB right away. 


Morning Sickness

By now I am sure you are tired of morning sickness! 


I know I was so over morning sickness after day 1. 


Constant nausea and vomiting aren’t going away just yet.  It can be frustrating to try to eat healthily and give your body and baby the nutrients they need when you can’t keep anything down and nothing sounds good.


Small meals and constant snacking can help tremendously by keeping you from getting the feeling of an empty stomach. 


If you are having severe morning sickness which is preventing you from doing many things consult your doctor as they may be able to prescribe medicine for you to help combat it. 


Don’t feel ashamed to ask your doctor. With my last baby, I was curled up in the fetal position for most of my early pregnancy due to morning sickness all day long. 


Once I talked to my doctor she was able to prescribe some medicine for me to give me some sense of normalcy… It didn’t make morning sickness go away, but it helped fight it a bit.

Frequent Urination 

It is totally normal for frequent urination to occur during pregnancy. This will probably get worse the bigger your baby gets.


Some women swear by double-voiding. This basically means you pee and then when you are done you pee again. 



Heartburn is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Heartburn during pregnancy is caused by all the hormones your body is producing. These hormones relax muscle tissue throughout your body.


When your muscle tissue relaxes your food goes slower through your system which makes you feel bloated, gassy which then leads to heartburn. 


If you are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy try chewing sugarless gum. While you chew it helps produce more saliva and then the saliva helps neutralize your stomach. 


Tums and Rolaids help as well and are totally safe to use while pregnant. 


9 Weeks Pregnant Belly


By now your pants might be a little snugger. If you find yourself that your 9 week pregnant belly is expanding faster than you would like then you can buy a belly band which helps you still be able to wear your old pants.


I swore by my belly band not only during the early stages of pregnancy but after I delivered as well. 


Your 9 weeks pregnant belly has doubled in size since before you were pregnancy thanks to your uterus expanding for your little baby. 


By now your lower part of your stomach is beginning to become more firm. (This is your uterus)


I always loved this stage because I no longer felt like I had a few too many apple pies and had a flabby belly just sitting there. 


When you are 9 weeks pregnant people are all gaining weight differently. Some haven’t gained any while others are. 


Normal weight gain during your pregnancy is between 25-35 pounds.


I always laugh at this because I gained 75 pounds with all my kids even when I exercise and eat right.


So I am a firm believer that all women react to pregnancy differently. 


Just make sure you are eating right and exercising. Talk to your doctor if you have weight gain questions during pregnancy. 


How Many Months Is 9 Weeks Pregnant?

You have entered your 3rd month of pregnancy this week.


What to Do At 9 Weeks Pregnant?


Financial Planning

Now is the time to start financial planning for your new little one. 


Start saving for your new little one. Put money away to help pay delivery fees. Plan what you are going to do while you are on maternity leave or how you will survive on one income if you plan to stay home. 


Comfortable Clothes

Buy some comfortable clothes. Get some stretchy pants and some baggy shirts to wear around the house. 


My favorite thing to do was to wear around the house was my hubby’s basketball shorts and shirts so that nothing was touching my stomach at this point. 


Grab a supportive bra for your tender breast and for added support. 



Continue to write down your questions to ask your OB when they arise.



Continue to drink water. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Make sure you are drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day to stay healthy for you and baby. 


How are you feeling this week? What 9 week pregnancy symptoms are you suffering from? Share in the comments!


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