3 Weeks Pregnant: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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You are 3 weeks pregnant and perhaps you are finding out you are pregnant or looking for early pregnancy signs. We have everything you need to know right here!


3 Weeks Pregnant


Congrats! You are 3 weeks pregnant.


During the 2nd week of your pregnancy, the magic happened, when your egg was fertilized by a sperm who made it all the way to your egg!


At this point, you probably don’t even know that you are pregnant because conception literally just happened a couple of days ago, but you are.


3 weeks pregnant

How Big Is My Baby at 3 Weeks Pregnant?


At 3 weeks pregnant you might not ever see your baby on an ultrasound because your baby is so small.


In fact, your baby is smaller than a grain of salt. 


Baby Development at 3 Weeks

This week your baby is a blastocyst which is several hundred cells. These cells are multiplying and implanting themselves into the lining of your uterus. Cells are forming the embryo and the placenta.


As these cells are forming the placenta cells are pumping out hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the pregnancy hormone that tells your body to stop releasing eggs. Without hCG, your body will keep shedding its uterine lining and your baby.

So while hCG will give you the most amazing morning sickness it is totally necessary for your baby. 

When your body makes enough hCG it will be able to be detected on a pregnancy test. 


Your Baby’s Home is Starting to Form

Your body is forming the amniotic sac and it is starting to form with amniotic fluid. This is where your baby will live for the next 9 months. 


3 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

When you are 3 weeks pregnant most of the time you don’t even know it and there are not a lot of symptoms that you are pregnant. 


This is because your pregnancy hormones are not very high yet, but they will be soon! 


Some women do report some early signs of pregnancy though. 


Early Signs of Pregnancy


Implantation Bleeding

What is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is when your fertilized eggs connects to the wall of your uterus causing you to bleed just a bit.


Sometimes women mistake this for a random short period. 



As you become more pregnant your hCG levels rapidly increase. Since these levels are increasing at such a rapid pace it causes you to feel really nauseous.


Changes in Breasts

Another sign of early pregnancy is you begin to see changes in your breasts. Your breasts can become sore, they can start to increase in size and your nipples can start to darken.


These changes in your breasts are preparing you to be able to make milk so that you can breastfeed your child. 


 Missed Period

If you have cycles that are normally shorter than 28 days then by the end of the week you might know that you are pregnant because of your missed period. 


Pregnancy Test

If you think you might be pregnant, then you can take a pregnancy test to find out. Some pregnancy tests state that they can determine you are pregnant as early as 5 days before your missed period. 


If you are testing this early be sure that you are testing with your first pee of the morning because your HCG levels are really low at this point. 


If you get a negative test result it does not mean that you are not pregnant, it might just mean it is too early. 


Wait for your missed period and test again. 


Tips to Survive Pregnancy


If this is your first pregnancy you might feel all kinds of emotions. You might be excited, a little scared, and a little uneasy about what to expect the next 9 months. 


Just remember


Your body is changing fast. It is time to slow down. 


If your body tells you it is tired then listen and take a break put your feet up and relax.

If you are starting to feel stressed find ways to relieve the stress because stress is not good for the baby. 


So find ways to cope with the stress because that is key. 


Remember to limit caffeine intake and stop all alcohol consumptions. 


Don’t consume raw meat or things that contain high levels of mercury.  


Nutrition is very important in the early weeks of pregnancy. Most importantly you need to increase your Folic acid intake and start taking your prenatal vitamins.


Be sure to have a balanced diet. Be sure you are consuming enough protein and calcium because it is important for you and the baby. 


If you are currently exercising continue exercising. If you have not been exercising don’t get all crazy, but do add in some exercise. 


Maybe this is brisk walking or pregnancy yoga. 


Regular exercise helps with Issues such as constipation, moods, swelling, sleepless nights.  


If you are currently taking medications, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure they are safe to take while you are pregnant. This also includes over the counter medication. 


Looking Forward

You may feel uneasy about things and your mind is probably racing with all the what-ifs and how to that comes with being pregnant. Just remember to stay calm and take a deep breath.


If you have questions, the perfect time to ask them is at your first prenatal appointment. So when questions arise right them down and take your list with you. 


Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. 


I remember being pregnant with all my kids and wondering who my baby would look like, what color hair they would have if they would have my crooked fingers, and if it would be a boy or girl! 


These conversations were so fun to have with my spouse. We would sometimes write them down and then once our baby was born we would pull out the list and see who was most accurate.


Just remember to relax and enjoy the ride of your pregnancy.


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