4 Weeks Pregnant: Home Pregnancy Test

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If you know you are 4 weeks pregnant then you either took an early pregnancy test or just missed your period. Here is everything you need to know about being 4 weeks pregnant. 


4 Weeks Pregnant


You are officially 4 weeks pregnant.


If you have discovered you are 4 weeks pregnant you have found out before most women do! This probably means that you took a test a few days before your missed period or right at your missed period! 


I remember when we were trying to get pregnant with baby number 3 I was super excited… I would take pregnancy tests as soon as I could for several months leading up to me actually getting pregnant/ 


It is such an exciting time in your life when you find out you are pregnant, I know I was. 


Once I found out I was pregnant the next thing I started wondering was, “when will I feel pregnant?”

4 weeks pregnant holding baby shoes


When Do You Start to feel Pregnant?


I remember when I was trying to get pregnant. Every month I would think to myself, “Maybe this will be the month!” I would try to “feel pregnant” in my mind and look for every possible sign I often wondered when will I start to feel pregnant?


It is really interesting because most pregnant women wonder the same thing, “When do you start to feel pregnant?”


And to be honest there is no clear cut answer. Each woman begins to start to feel pregnant at completely different times. 


Some women feel pregnant 1 to 2 weeks after conception and others feel completely normal for the first several months. 


For the most part, the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. After their missed period that’s when most women begin to start to feel pregnant because they have pregnancy symptoms or they are more aware of the fact that they are pregnant. 


What Does a 4 Week Pregnant Belly Look Like?

When you are 4 weeks pregnant, there really isn’t much change in your belly. You will notice bloating but you won’t look pregnant yet. You may just look like you ate too much of your favorite meal. Though there aren’t physical changes you may notice your clothes are fitting a little snug around your hips and belly. It’s ok don’t be ashamed it’s all part of the beauty of pregnancy. 

How Big Is Baby at 4 Weeks Pregnant?

At 4 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as a poppyseed. 


4 Weeks Fetal Development

The embryo is very tiny and only the size of a poppy seed. The Neuro tube has already formed. The building block of the spine, brain, and backbone. 


4 Week Pregnant Symptoms

When you are 4 weeks pregnant you will start to see some pregnant symptoms. 



Bloating is a common pregnancy symptom at 4 weeks thanks to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Now might be a good time to start investing in some stretchy pants to make sure you are the most comfortable possible. 



Cramping at 4 weeks pregnant can occur, but don’t worry too much as it can be a positive sign that the baby has found its place and properly implanted on your uterus wall 


Mood Swings

Oh, sweet mood swings! Mood swings are not unheard of in the first trimester. Once your hormones level out and you enter into your second trimester you will find yourself less likely to cry at things that never made you cry like that movie you have seen 100 times before. 


Fatigue / Exhaustion

Fatigue and pure exhaustion are real. Your body’s working overtime right now as your baby (or small ball of cells begins to form an embryo.  


It is totally normal if you find yourself falling asleep earlier and earlier each night. 


Morning Sickness

Morning sickness includes nausea and vomiting. It isn’t fun, but I remember telling myself it will all be worth it.  Having healthy snacks and crackers constantly by my side saved me. I found if I never let myself get too hungry then my chances of getting nauseous were slim. 


Each morning I would start with some saltines in bed before I even started my day to try and combat morning sickness. 


Tender Breasts

Your breasts may feel tender and sore and even heavier. This is mainly because of the increase in hormone progesterone and your body preparing for milk production. 


What To Do Now That I am 4 Weeks Pregnant?


Find and OB

Now is the time to find an OB if you don’t already have one. Once you find one make your first prenatal appointment. If you need help finding an OB, talk with friends and people you trust for recommendations. They can help you narrow down an OB that fits your needs and desires. 


Take Prenatal Vitamins

It is so important to take your prenatal vitaminsevery dayy. These are important for you as the mom and the baby. Making sure your folic acid intake is at least 400 micrograms each day. Folic acid helps your baby’s nervous system develop and reduces the risk of spina bifida. Ways to include folic acid in your daily diet is eating leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains.



Review your current medications with your doctor and make sure they are safe to take while pregnant. 



Now that you have gotten a positive test result to celebrate and be excited. Be sure to celebrate the news with your partner. You may even want to tell them in a creative way that you are expecting.


I remember with one of our kids making a video to announce the news to my husband. I told him hey, “I was playing with ivideo and made this for you…


As he watched he was like oh that is cool. And then at the end when he saw the end he was flabbergasted and so excited. 


If you are looking for a fun way to announce your pregnancy search Pinterest because there are so many fun ideas out there!


Share with us in the comments how you plan to tell your spouse!

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