51 travel crafts

From creating our own cruise ship portals for one of my Melissa & Doug posts to participating as a panelist in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s family travel twitter chat, travel has been on my mind. What better way to extend the travel experience than with a few travel crafts? Here are 51 of my favourite.

  1. 3D Salt World Maps, Kid World Citizen
  2. DIY Airline Ticket Invitations, Fab Fatale
  3. Shiny Map Magnets, How About Orange
  4. Create a Travel Brochure, Layers of Learning
  5. Packing Your Suitcase, No Time for Flashcards
  6. A Road Trip Mini Book, Here’s Looking at Me Kid
  7. Pen Pal Kit, Making Mondays
  8. Matchbox Suitcase, Craftster
  9. Passport Stamp Bingo, Pink Room Therapy
  10. Vintage Postcard Journal, A Beautiful Mess
  11. Map Letters, Callaloo Soup
  12. Travel Print Candle Holders, Craft and Creativity
  13. Catapult Paper Airplane, Minieco
  14. Printable Pretend Airport Play Set, Learn Create Love
  15. Travel Crafting Box, Whimsey Box
  16. DIY Summer Passport, Simple Homemade
  17. Handmade Passport Travel Journal, Moonfrye
  18. Vacation Map Frame, Alyssa B Young
  19. Accordion Style Travelogue, Martha Stewart
  20. Corkboard Travel Map, Crate
  21. Vacation Letter Writing Printable, Thirty Handmade Days
  22. DIY Vacation Countdown, The Dating Divas
  23. Coffee Can Travel Kit, Crafts Unleashed
  24. Paper Hawaiian Lei, The Crafting Chicks
  25. Mini Travel Playset, Crafts Unleashed
  26. Sea Shell Letters, Pearls & Mason Jars
  27. Personalized Photo Travel Map, Cut Craft Create
  28. Backyard Destination Signs, Fresh Picked Whimsy
  29. Travel Timeline, Housing a Forest
  30. Craft a Post Office Playset, The Frugal Crafter
  31. Vintage Map Bangle Tutorial, Craft Stylish
  32. Mini Travel Memory Boxes, Design Blahg
  33. Craft Globe Garland, Poppy Talk
  34. Travel Map Corkboard, Life Blessons
  35. Souvenir Ornament, Dukes & Duchesses
  36. Mom and Me Travel Journal, Art Beads Blog
  37. Sea Shell Photo Frame, Kodak
  38. Reclaimed Map Luggage Tags, Activities for Kids
  39. Vacation Photo Scavenger Hunt, Crafting in the Rain
  40. DIY Envelop Travel Book, Instructables
  41. DIY Travel Journals, Willowday
  42. Postage Stamp Bookmarks, What We Do All Day
  43. Traveling Scrapbook Project, The Global Classroom Project
  44. Souvenir Rock Necklace, Spoonful
  45. Mod Podge Travel Memory Boxes, Surviving a Teacher’s Salary
  46. Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Trip Journal Page, Brute
  47. Licence Plate Map (you could probably do a printable version of this too), Creating Really Awesome Free Things
  48. Vacation Rocks, Quarry Orchard
  49. Summer Postcard and Pen Pal Projects, Melissa & Doug Blog
  50. Road Trip Travel Packs, Design Mom
  51. Editable Family Travel Maps, I Heart Family Travel

Whether it’s getting the getting the kids excited about an upcoming trip, looking for ways to capture vacation memories, or turn a staycation into something bigger, these travel crafts will have you dreaming about family travel time. Do you have a favourite way of preserving vacation memories?

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