6 Weeks Pregnant: Morning Sickness

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When you are 6 weeks pregnant there are so many things changing with your body and your baby. Check out this guide to your baby’s development and how your life is changing being pregnant! 


6 Weeks Pregnant


You are 6 weeks pregnant! By now you might be feeling really nauseous thanks to morning sickness. 


At 6 weeks I was in the thick of morning sickness. I remember taking frequent trips to the toilet to throw up throughout the day and would cringe with the thought of waking up knowing it just meant more morning sickness. 


Don’t worry, this feeling will hopefully pass soon and you will be able to enjoy being pregnant!  


6 weeks pregnant holding belly


When Does Morning Sickness Begin in Pregnancy?

Morning sickness can really begin at any time. In fact, some women claim they have morning sickness as early as 3 weeks. There is no set time for morning sickness to begin or end during pregnancy. 


Some women’s morning sickness is really manageable with natural morning sickness remedies and others require prescribed medication from your doctor. If your morning sickness is severe, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. 


6 weeks of Pregnant Symptoms


Along with morning sickness, you might be seeing some signs that you are pregnant! At 6 weeks there are some common pregnancy symptoms that women begin to really notice. 


Here are some common 6 weeks of Pregnancy Symptoms. 


  • Nausea
  • Exhaustion / Fatigue
  • Morning Sickness
  • Tender Breasts/ swollen
  • Feeling Bloated
  • Spotting
  • Cramping
  • Mood Swings
  • No Symptoms


Some women have no symptoms at 6 weeks of pregnancy. If you are one of these women, do not panic. Some women just are lucky enough to have no pregnancy symptoms. 


How Big Is Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnant?


Your baby is week is the size of a sweet pea. It is always fun to think that something so small can make you feel as awesome as you are. 


This week is about the time that things are really starting to happen more! Your sweet bundle of joy is starting to take the C shape. If you have an ultrasound at week 6 you will start to see small buds which will soon become legs and arms. 


Your baby’s face is beginning to form as well. Yes! That is right, your baby’s tiny facial features are forming. This means their nose, eyes, ears, chins, cheeks are starting to take shape. Soon enough you will get to stare at these tiny features with your baby in your arms.  


Not only is all this happening but the neural tube is starting to close. The neural tube connects the brain to the spinal cord. 


The tissue is also beginning to beat which will form the heart. This tissue is beating a whopping 100 to 160 times per minute. (This is twice as fast as our heart). Your baby’s blood is also beginning to circulate. 


So much is happening this week, no wonder why you are exhausted. 


How Many Months Are You at 6 Weeks Pregnant?


At 6 weeks pregnant you are in your first trimester and in your second month of pregnancy. 


When Do I Get an Ultrasound?

Once we get pregnant I think all women want to go for that first ultrasound, sometimes these ultrasounds are called dating ultrasounds.


Dating ultrasounds essentially help doctors determine your actual due date. This is especially helpful for women who have irregular periods. 


These dating ultrasounds last about 10 minutes and are done between 6 and 11 weeks. If the dating ultrasound occurs before this time then you might not see a heartbeat and it might require a follow-up ultrasound to make sure your baby is growing properly. 


 I remember going to our first ultrasound with our little girl. 


Since I didn’t have regular periods at the time I thought I was about 8 weeks pregnant. We walked in for our ultrasound I had to undress from the waist down for a transvaginal ultrasound. 


Medical providers do transvaginal ultrasounds when the baby is so little because it is the best way for them to be able to see the baby. A transvaginal ultrasound is an internal pelvic exam with a wand with a camera on the end so the doctor can see inside you really small things. 


The doctor came in and we saw this little baby and I was filled with so much joy! Until my little joy was a lot smaller than 8 weeks and there was no little fluttering heartbeat. 


My joy turned to panic (don’t worry, we had a healthy baby.). The doctor said the baby might just be smaller than we thought so she sent us for some blood tests to see if my hormone levels were increasing.


After a series of hormone tests the levels were still increasing, so we had a followup dating ultrasound and sure enough our baby was bigger and the heart was beating perfectly! We were just way off on the due date! 


What Do I Do At 6 Weeks Pregnant?


If you are 6 weeks pregnant you will want to make sure you are taking care of yourself!


  • If you have not scheduled a doctor’s appointment yet, now is the time to make an appointment. 


  • Be sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins as they are super important for the development of your baby.


  • Do you love caffeine as I do? Because it is time to cut back on your intake.


  • If you currently drink alcohol or smoke now is the time to start cutting back and quitting during pregnancy. For extra help consult your doctor as they can help provide you with guidance to quit.


  • If you are currently taking medications check with your doctor ASAP to ensure they are safe to take while pregnant. 


  • Make sure you are no longer consuming raw foods or food that is high in mercury as this can harm the development of the baby. 


  • Exercise! Don’t get all crazy when it comes to exercise if you haven’t been exercising prior to being pregnant. A brisk walk, pregnant yoga, etc. 


  • Eat a balanced diet. Try to eat protein, fruits, and vegetables if morning sickness allows you to. 


Well mama, you are 6 weeks through your pregnancy. Your little bundle of joy will be here before you even know it! 


How are you feeling at 6 weeks pregnant? Share with us in the comments! 




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