13 Weeks Pregnant: Acne During Pregnancy

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13 weeks pregnant marks the last week of the first trimester. Check out what is happening with your 13 week fetus and your baby this week!

13 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats! You are 13 weeks pregnant which means next week you move into your second trimester. 


For some women, this means that your morning sickness has subsided a bit because your hormone levels have leveled off. For others, you are still in the thick of morning sickness. 


If you are in the thick of it take a deep breathe relax and give yourself grace.


I remember when I was so sick with our last baby I felt like I had to continue to be wonder woman. I was trying to take care of the kids, clean, cook, and get everyone where they needed to be.

This was just making me sicker. So slow down, relax and do what you can. 

13 weeks pregnant


How Big Is Baby at 13 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is now three inches long and about the size of a jumbo shrimp. Your baby at 13 weeks pregnant is weighing in close to an ounce.


How Is My 13 Week Fetus Developing?

It is a busy week for your 13 week fetus! 


Did you know that your little fetus is producing urine? Yep, that is right those little kidneys are hard at work producing urine and releasing it into the amniotic fluid. 


The spleen is also busy as it continues to produce red blood cells to carry oxygen to your little fetus’ body. 


Your baby is also working on those vocal cords! Even though you won’t hear their cute voice until several more months they are developing their vocal cords to be able to coo at you. 


Is your baby going to be a thumb sucker?

Only time will tell if your baby will suck their thumb out of the womb, but for now, your baby can get their thumb to their mouth, so at your next ultrasound you might see a little thumb sucking happening. 


13 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your 13 week pregnant belly I am sure is growing quite nicely! 


By now your uterus is increasing in size and you are starting to look pregnancy. 


During week 13 of pregnancy is when you will start to gain weight. It is recommended that you will gain about a pound a week during the next several weeks of pregnancy. 


This is only a recommendation. All women are different and gain weight differently. If you are underweight you can expect to gain more, or if you are a bit overweight you might not gain that much. 


I remember when I was pregnant with all my kids I would become frustrated because I was eating right and exercising and I consistently gained more than a pound a week. 


I talked with my OB about it because I was worried I was harming the baby. She helped me to understand that these are just guidelines but we can’t control how our baby handles pregnancy. 


If you are concerned about weight gain, consult your doctor.  


13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At week 13 you might start to feel a bit better and seeing your pregnancy symptoms changing a bit.



Like we talked about a few weeks ago your veins are here to stay. These are caused by an increase of blood flow to your baby and are totally normal. 


More Energy

This might be the first week in a long time where you actually feel motivated to do more than you have been doing!


This week you might have a burst of energy that you haven’t felt yet, so take advantage of them. Make a to-do list of things that need to get done so that when you are feeling great you can start marking things off the list.  


Increase in Sex Desire

Some women in week 13 of pregnancy report that they are feeling way more in the mood than ever before. So take advantage of it. 


It is totally safe for your baby to have sex while you are pregnant. You might have some post-coital spotting which is fine. This is caused because your cervix is a bit more sensitive. 


If you are having bleeding like a period or enough to use a pad contact your doctor immediately. 


Leaking Colostrum at 13 Weeks Pregnant

Some women do leak colostrum during week 13 of pregnancy. After your baby is born this colostrum is referred to as the good stuff as it gives your baby lots of nutrients. This is basically what your baby drinks prior to your milk coming in. 


Colostrum is a thick yellow fluid that leaks out of your breasts. 


It is totally normal to have Colostrum leaking at this point. If your breasts are leaking buy some breast pads to help absorb your leaking fluid. 


How Many Months Is 13 Weeks Pregnant?

13 weeks pregnant is 3 months pregnant and is the last week of the first trimester! 


What to Do at 13 Weeks Pregnant?

Choose a Hospital

Now is the time to start looking into what hospital you are going to deliver at. Be sure to talk with your doctor to see what hospitals they deliver at.


After you talk with your doctor call the hospitals and schedule a tour so that you pick the hospital that fits your needs the best. 


Pregnancy Journal

Have you started a pregnancy journal? It is so fun to look back and see how you felt and what happened during your pregnancy. 


These journals don’t have to be fancy. Just a place to jot your thoughts and feels while pregnant. 



You want to make sure you are getting enough calcium while you are pregnant. So be sure to drink milk and eat foods that have calcium to support the development of your baby and helps your bones as well! 


By getting enough calcium while you are pregnant it helps prevent osteoporosis when you are older and helps lower the risk of preeclampsia. 


Maternity Leave

Now is a great time to start looking into your maternity leave benefits at work. You will also want to look into if your spouse has paternity leave. This will help you prepare for when your baby arrives. 

How are you feeling in week 13 of pregnancy? Share with other moms in the comments!

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