36 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar at 36 Weeks

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You are 36 weeks pregnant!

At this point, you might not be gaining weight between weekly appointments with your health care provider (or you might be gaining weight – these generalizations are really only so useful).

That does not mean baby is not gaining weight.


36 weeks pregnant

How Big is Baby at 36 Weeks Pregnant?

She’s 6 pounds!

Babies are routinely born at about 6 pounds!

There is a whole baby in you!

True, she could probably make it in the world now, but she’s still got some simmering time.

The longer she stays in, the better.

Your body knows what it’s doing.

You think your body obviously has no clue – clearly you should be done by now. Come on, it’s been 36 weeks… this thing has gone from a single cell to a 6-pound being.

To keep a close eye on you and baby, your health care provider is probably seeing you weekly from this point until you deliver.

“Oh heavens, when are you due?” and “You look like you’re about to burst!” no longer sound so cute and well-meaning, do they? Tell those strangers to shove it and waddle on, sister.

You’ve got a few weeks to go.

If you’re like most first-time moms, you’ve got 5 or 6 weeks (long, long, long weeks) to go. As much as you’re dying to see that little person for the first time (and just not be pregnant anymore), this waiting game is great time to bond with baby.

Chat with her – maybe not in public so much – and try to enjoy these last few weeks.

You only get to be pregnant for a few short months of your life (unless you plan to start your own football team). If you’re feeling like you just can’t bond with a person you haven’t met, that’s normal too.

You will love your baby.

Some people feel that bond in pregnancy, others when baby is born and others when they have some special moment with baby – it often takes several days or even weeks after birth.

Whenever you have that “Aha! I’m a mom and I like it, dagnabit!” moment, you’ll move on to other fears. Like how you’re going to save for college.

How Many Months is 36 Weeks Pregnant?

8 months

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