34 Weeks Pregnant: Early Signs of Labor

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You are 34 weeks pregnant! Your body continues to get ready to deliver your baby. See what is happening at 34 weeks with you and your baby!


34 Weeks Pregnant

Can you believe you have made it to week 34? 34 weeks pregnant means 95% of women will deliver in the next 6 weeks. 


Your body is getting ready to deliver a little more every day. 


In the meantime, your baby is getting bigger and is running out of room. This means you might be feeling your baby in different spots and kicks and punches might be feeling different.


One sudden shift of your baby might mean you are running to the bathroom. 


Or if you are lucky your baby will stick their feet up in your ribs for an extra special bit of pain. 


34 weeks pregnant

How Big Is Baby at 34 Weeks Pregnant?

At 34 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of a cantaloupe weighing in at 4.7 pounds and 17-18 inches long. 


How Is My 34 Week Fetus Developing?

Your 34 week fetus is beginning to train itself for the outside world. When your baby sleeps they now close their eyes and opens them when they are awake. 


They are starting to make their own sleep schedule. Hopefully, they are training themselves to sleep at night and be awake during the day. 


Your baby’s waxy skin is thickening and getting ready to join the world. 


At this point, your baby is taking up almost all the room in your 34 weeks pregnant belly. With this being said if you are laying flat you will be able to see body parts poking through your body at times. 


If you poke one side of your stomach you might see your baby scurry the other way or they might roll over there on there own. 


It is important to do your kick counts to ensure your baby is still doing good all the way up to delivery day. 


Keep talking to your baby and bonding with them. It is only a matter of time until you will be holding your baby in your arms. 


If you are having a boy, there is a good chance his testicles have dropped into his scrotum by now. In some cases one of both of his testicles will not drop before he is born. If this is the case, don’t worry they will drop by the time he is 6 months. 


34 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Your 34 weeks pregnant belly is starting to look like you are about to pop. You may have an outie by now and your uterus is now 5 inches above your belly button. 


Your belly should be measuring about 32-36 inches. If you are measuring bigger or smaller many things could account for this. It could mean a bigger or smaller baby. Or perhaps it means more or less amniotic fluid. 


If your doctor has any concerns she will do an ultrasound to see what is going on. 


You might have noticed in the last week your pregnant belly seems a bit lower than it did. This is just a sign that delivery day is getting closer. 


Your baby is descending down to your pelvis which means you might be able to breathe, but now they are sitting further on your bladder. 


Don’t worry, your baby will only be hanging out there for a few weeks. 


34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Blurry Vision

At 34 weeks pregnant you start to see a little more blurry vision than before. 


This is caused by pregnancy hormones. Don’t you love that pregnancy hormones affect every single part of our body?


Some days your vision will be blurry other days they will be dry and irritated. It is all a third-trimester pregnancy symptom. Don’t worry, these symptoms are not here to stay, they are temporary just for a few more weeks. 


If you are having vision issues be sure to consult your doctor and let them know as this can be a sign of preeclampsia. 


Vaginal Discharge

As you get further and further into your pregnancy you will start to see an increase in your vaginal discharge. This is is totally normal and we can again thank those awesome pregnancy hormones. 


The reason we start to see so much vaginal discharge is because of the blood flow that is now headed to your pelvic region to prepare for delivery. This stimulates the mucous membranes and created discharge. 


If you continue to have a lot of discharge be sure to wear breathable underwear with a panty liner to keep you feeling dry. 


Soon you will be losing your mucus plug which is usually a sign that your delivery day is approaching soon!



Swelling will pretty much be with you from now until the end of your pregnancy. The bigger you get the more your body tissues will collect and hold onto fluids which then causes you to swell. 


Common swelling places are ankles, feet, and fingers. Remember if you hands start to swell take off your wedding ring. 

How Many Months Is 34 Weeks Pregnant?

At 34 weeks pregnant you are 7 months and 2 weeks pregnant. You have 6 weeks to go. 


What to Do at 34 Weeks Pregnant?


Food Prep

Now is the time to start food prepping. Freezer meals are a great thing to make now and freeze for those first few nights that you come home for the hospital. Or those crazy nights. 


You will also want to go shopping and stock your pantry so you don’t have to run to the store right when you get home from the hospital. 



You have 6 weeks left so keep eating your well-balanced diet. Be sure that you are getting enough proteins, vegetables, and fruits. 


Also, make sure you are getting 1000mg of calcium every single day. This helps build strong bones and teeth for your baby. 



Now is the time to firm up childcare for when your baby is here. Are Grandma and Grandpa going to watch your baby, maybe a close friend? A nanny or maybe they will be going to a daycare center. 


Whatever you have decided, confirm that there is still space and the other party is planning it. You don’t want to be stuck with no childcare after the baby is born and it is time for you to return to work. 


What is your favorite part of your 34 weeks pregnant belly? Share in the comments!


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