24 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Pain

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At 24 weeks pregnant you might start to feel a little bit uncomfortable as your baby continues to grow. Here’s what’s happening during week 24 of your pregnancy. 


24 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats! You are officially 24 weeks pregnant!


Your baby is starting to become more active and you are noticing more movements inside you. 


You are close to finishing your second trimester which ends at 27 weeks.

24 weeks pregnant goddess woman at beach in swimsuit holding stomach

How Big Is Baby at 24 Weeks Pregnant?

At 24 weeks pregnant your baby is putting on more and more weight and now the size of a cantaloupe. They are weighing in a little over a pound and almost a foot long. 


How Is My 24 Week Fetus Developing?

Your 24 week fetus is developing nicely. 


This is a big week for your baby as the lungs are considered developed, but they haven’t started making surfactant (helps the lungs not stick together) yet.


Surfactant is what helps them breathe on their own. This typically starts to happen around week 26. 


Their inner ear is fully developed now and it helps them control their balance inside the womb.


Rest assured, a chubby little bundle of love is on her way.


24 Weeks Pregnant Belly


Your 24 weeks pregnant belly is getting a little bigger every day. 


Are you part of the outie club yet? Or do you still have an innie?


You may notice that your belly button that once was an innie is now an outie. If your belly button has officially popped out it should pop back in after pregnant.


I always remember when mine popped out I said I was officially done like a turkey that you cook at Thanksgiving. 


Of course, it’s not quite time for your baby to be born so just enjoy your outie for now.


You might start to notice other changes with your body. Hips might be expanding, bigger bum, bigger breasts… These are all preparing you to give birth to a beautiful baby in about 16 weeks. 


Some things might return to normal after pregnancy and others might continue to be a part of you forever. 


This is when we get to fully embrace motherhood and our new beautiful bodies. 


24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Pregnancy Pains

At 24 weeks pregnant you might be experiencing all kinds of pregnancy pain. 


Your body is likely screaming at you by this point in pregnancy. 


You are constantly trying to find a comfortable position when sitting, standing or lying down.


Riding in the car for a long period of time can be super uncomfortable on your tailbone and legs. If this is the case take breaks on car trips so you can get out and stretch your legs. 


 Your back aches, your hips hurt, you may even be experiencing pregnancy carpal tunnel. All these pains are normal. 


Hip and Back Pains


As the pressure increases on your sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to your feet you will feel pain, numbness, and tingling in your back, butt, and hips. 


As your baby changes positions in your uterus you may feel these pains off and on depending on where the baby is positioned.

Many pregnant women try to find ways to relieve hip and back pain. 


Some women invest in a pregnancy belt that will help support the weight of your belly. This belt will help by providing gentle compression in the abdominal area.


As you wear it you will notice that it gives support and relieves pains in your hip and pelvic areas.


Another way to help is to sleep with a pillow between your legs at night or doing stretches like crossing one foot over  the other and bending sideways at the hip.


Have your shoes shrunk while you have been pregnant? Your shoes are not shrinking, but your feet might be growing. 


You may notice your feet have grown and your shoes are extra snug. 


This is due to extra fluid and ligaments changing in your feet. These changes may be causing some aches and pains in your feet.


Stop trying to squeeze your feet in a shoe that is too small. Don’t walk around your house barefooted. Find some house shoes that have support.


Your feet most likely are going to stay this size, so don’t feel bad investing in bigger shoes.

How Many Months Is 24 Weeks Pregnant?!

You are 6 months pregnant and going strong. Keep doing what you are doing mama. 

What to Do at 24 Weeks Pregnant?

Adjust Your Seatbelt


Are you feeling really uncomfortable while driving? It is about time to adjust your seatbelt for your growing baby. Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt underneath your pregnant belly. You never want it to go across because you don’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on your belly. 


Start Planning that Nursery 


It is time to start thinking about that nursery. Are you planning to paint it or leave it a neutral color?


If painting is in your future be sure that you are in a very well ventilated room and take lots of breaks and DO NOT climb a ladder. 


In fact, it might be best if you have a friend or spouse paint for you and you can bring them snacks. 


Bringing Home Baby


Now is the time to think about bringing home your baby from the hospital. Where will the baby sleep at first? 


Some people have the baby sleep in their nursery from the very beginning and they just get up and walk across the house every few hours for feedings. 


Others buy bassinets to put in their room so the baby is close enough so they don’t have to get up as frequently. 


Although it is not recommended, people do co-sleep with their baby as well. If you choose this option, be sure you do lots of research and talk with your doctor/ pediatrician before you choose to do this. 


We always just used a playpen in our room for the first few weeks while our babies were really little. After a couple of weeks, they would move to their rooms. 


This is what worked best for me because I would wake up with every little noise when they were in our room, so I was getting no sleep. 


There is no right or wrong answer as to where the baby should sleep. Talk with your spouse and your doctor to make the best decision for you and your baby. 


Are you suffering from pregnancy pain at 24 weeks pregnant? Share how you are feeling in the comments.

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