10 Weeks Pregnant: Fetal Heart Rate

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At 10 weeks pregnant there are lots of exciting things happening with your fetus and your body! Check out these tips and tricks to help you get through week 10 of pregnancy!


10 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats you have made it to week 10 of your pregnancy! If you think about it, 10 weeks pregnant marks ¼ of the way through your pregnancy. 


How Big Is Baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant?

This week your baby is about the size of a prune. Your baby is just about 1 ½ inches long too! 

10 weeks pregnant



How Is My 10 Week Fetus Developing?


Your 10 week old fetus is developing quite nicely this week. 


This week marks the week where your baby has developed almost all their body structures. 


Your baby’s eyelids are formed and are beginning to fuse shut. Their little eyelids won’t open until around week 25. 


The final shape of your baby’s ears and lips are almost complete. 


Not only is all this happening, but your baby’s teeth are developing in their gums. 


Urine is beginning to be produced by your baby as the kidneys begin working. 


Is your baby going to be a bodybuilder? 


Bones and cartilage are beginning to form this week. Elbows have been working since last week with their little movements, but this week knees and ankles are starting to form. 


10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Mood Swings

Mood swings are normal and expected, especially during early pregnancy when hormones are raging. Just be patient with yourself when you start getting more frustrated than you used to or you start crying at a funny movie. 


Veins on Breasts Early Pregnancy

Veins on breasts during early pregnancy is normal! 


I remember during my first pregnancy freaking out one morning because I had veins on my breasts around week 10 of pregnancy. I quickly called my doctor and they assured my everything was going to be just fine and it was completely normal. 


Veins on your breasts and abdomen in early pregnancy are seen especially if you are skinny or your skin is fair. These veins sort of look like a road map or like a two year old took a sharpie to your breasts and drew on them. 


This is caused by the increase in blood your body is making. These veins are carrying blood to your baby so that your baby can grow healthy and strong. 


You can plan to have veins on breasts and abdomen from now until you deliver your baby unless you plan to breastfeed. They will be there for that as well! 


Morning Sickness

In week 10 of your pregnancy you probably are still suffering from morning sickness. Hopefully in the next coming weeks you will see some relief from this as you venture to your second trimester. 


It’s always funny to think that something so small can make you so sick. 


Food Cravings

Have you had any weird or unusual food cravings yet? Food cravings are always fun to look back on…

With my first it was Jack in the Box Tacos. I could not drive by a Jack in the Box without stopping. 


My second was jars and jars of pickles. 


My third was watermelon. 


Food Aversions

Along with cravings you will develop food aversions as a 10 week pregnancy symptom. I remember with my last baby not even being able to even think about strawberries (one of my favorite foods by the way!)


Increase Vaginal Discharge

Your body is changing and as it changes it is producing more vaginal discharge. There is nothing to worry about with this because it is completely normal.


If you start to bleed contact your doctor. 


Other 10 Week Pregnancy Symptoms Include:

  • Vomiting 
  • Fatigue 
  • Heartburn and Indigestion
  • Bloating and Gas
  • Headaches 
  • Faint or Dizzy


10 Weeks Pregnant Belly


At 10 weeks pregnant many women are starting to look a little bit pregnant. People around you might start to notice that your stomach is looking a little bigger, but they don’t want to ask. 


A 10 Week pregnant belly is starting to become more rounded at the bottom thanks to your uterus. It is becoming firmer and the “pudgy look” is going away.


I remember at week 10 by best friend finally asked me, “Are you pregnant or have you been eating dessert every night!”


When it comes to your 10 week pregnancy bump don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women or pictures you see online. Everyone shows at different times and carries their babies differently. 


If you are concerned with your 10 week pregnancy belly talk with your doctor. 


How Many Months Is 10 Weeks Pregnant?

At 10 weeks pregnant you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy. 


When Do You Announce Your Pregnancy?


Many pregnant women by now are bursting at the seams (literally) to announce their pregnancies to family, on social media, and at work, but when do you announce your pregnancy?


Announcing your pregnancy is a personal decision you and your spouse need to decide together. Most people wait until around 12 weeks because the risk of miscarraige significantly decreases, but some can’t hide it anymore at week 10!


Perhaps your coworker saw you sneaking saltines in between your morning meetings or your friend heard you dry heaving in the bathroom at their house or maybe they started noticing your changing stomach. 


Whatever it might be… they might have their suspicions by now. 


But don’t let that be the reason you announce your pregnancy. Wait until you are ready for the world to know because news will travel fast once you announce your pregnancy. 


What to Do At 10 Weeks Pregnant?


Struggling to Eat Still?

If you are still struggling with morning sickness or to keep food down try to eat small amounts of food frequently and don’t let yourself get hungry.


If you are having a hard time keeping food down try the BRAT diet which consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. 


The reason for this is because it is the easiest foods to keep down. 



Continue to exercise. Although you might not feel like doing pregnancy yoga or going for a brisk walk, do it. It will make you feel better and stay fit during your pregnancy. 


Whatever exercise you do be sure it is safe to do during pregnancy. If you have questions about pregnancy safe exercises consult your doctor. 


Take a Selfie

Let’s face it. Your body is changing. So document this pregnancy adventure with a selfie. Take a picture of your growing bump and how your body is changing during week 10 of pregnancy. 


What is your favorite thing about being 10 weeks pregnant? Have you announced your pregnancy yet to friends? Share in the comments!


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