19 Weeks Pregnant: Almost halfway!

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At 19 weeks pregnant you are almost halfway through your pregnancy. Check out how your body is changing this week and how your baby is growing. 


19 Weeks Pregnant

You are 19 weeks pregnant! You are almost halfway to meeting your new little one. Now that you are about halfway done with your pregnancy you are likely feeling your baby kick and tumble. 

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How Big Is Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby at 19 weeks pregnant is as big as a Mango and is weighing about 8.5 ounces and measuring  6 inches long.


How Is My 19 Week Fetus Developing?

This week your baby’s arms and legs are developing to be more proportional. Their hair can be seen on the scalp in an ultrasound this week as well. 


Your baby’s heart is beating two times faster than yours. 


Their lungs are starting to develop and their main airways are starting to develop


Also this week their protective covering called vernix caseosa is forming. 


The Vernix is basically keeping the baby from wrinkling in the amniotic fluid. 


By the time they are born, depending on the week they arrive, will mostly just in the bends of their skins. It appears to be white and cheese like. 


 Babies born after their due dates don’t have as much on them as those born before their due dates. 

19 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your 19 weeks pregnant belly is definitely growing. People are starting to really notice your pregnant bump. 


Embrace it and make sure you aren’t wearing too tight of clothing on your belly. Maternity clothes are your friend. 


Enjoy being pregnant and don’t try to hide that baby bump. 


Don’t forget to continue to take pictures of your 19 week baby bump even if you are starting to feel big, you will want to look back on these memories. 


19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Some women at 19 weeks pregnant still are feeling great with no pregnant symptoms, for everyone else we are seeing all kinds of 19 week pregnant symptoms. Here are some of the pregnancy symptoms you might be feeling this week. 



You may find yourself leaning forward more thanks to the growth of your uterus and your center of gravity is off. 


Now is the time to let others do all the lifting for you. 


Let your spouse carry in the groceries for you. If you aren’t able to get help just make sure you are using proper lifting techniques when you go to lift something heavy. 


Start by widening your stance, bend at the knees, and then proceed to lift with your arms and legs very slowly and not with your back. 


Hip Pain 

Investing in a body pillow can be a game-changer if you are experiencing hip pain. 


When you sleep on your side and place this pillow between your legs it helps take the pressure off your back and hips. 


Abdominal Pains

These are basically growing pains. As your baby grows your belly stretches. This is called round ligament pain. 


Doing some prenatal yoga can help as well as wearing a maternity support belt. 


Stuffy Nose

This is common and can be helped with running a humidifier at night while you sleep. Due to the rise of hormones, this causes your nose to be more congestive. 


Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a tricky thing while pregnant and it is important that you go to your scheduled prenatal appointments and monitor your blood pressure. 


Low or high blood pressure has serious side effects. 


Low blood pressure causes fainting and dizziness where high blood pressure causes blurry vision and complications for mom and baby. 


Feeling the Baby Kick

By now many women say they can feel their baby kick. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet. 


Kicks can be felt for the first time anywhere between 18 and 22 weeks.  


Don’t be expecting a big jolt. They are little tiny flutters that you may wonder if it was the baby or a gas bubble when you first feel it. 


There is no mistaking it when it happens. So don’t fret if you haven’t felt movement your due date could be off or your baby could isn’t big enough yet to make a punch or kick strong enough to be felt! 


How Many Months Is 19 Weeks Pregnant?

4 months and 1 week! Just one more week and you will be halfway to meeting your new bundle of joy. 


What to Do at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

Maternity Clothes Shopping 

Having clothes that fit and make you feel good are important. Shop around and find what makes you feel comfortable. 


Many department stores now carry their own line of maternity clothes and nursing bras. Don’t forget to add comfy shoes that can stretch to your shopping list. 

Talk to your baby 

Talking to your baby helps your baby know who you are and is helping you and your baby bond. 


The more you talk to your baby and they hear your voice it helps soothe them out of utero. 


Your voice alone can give them a sense of security and helps them feel relaxed and comforted.

You can read them a book, sing a song, talk about what you are doing as it’s happening. Find something you are comfortable with and start bonding with your baby. 


Naming Your Baby 


Some women grow up knowing what they will name their children. Some have a hard time figuring out a name. 


When figuring out what to name your baby say their full name out loud and see how it sounds. 


Write out their initials and make sure you are ok with them. 


If you are trying to honor a family name, but don’t want to call your baby that perhaps put the name as a middle name. 


Sharing a child’s name before birth can cause some people to give rude comments back and their suggestions. Sometimes it’s best to just keep the name a secret until they are born and then they have no say! The child is already named. This decision is completely up to you!


Share with us your favorite ways to bond with your baby in utero at 19 weeks pregnant!

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