12 Winter-Themed Crafts for Kids

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When the winter months roll around, you might find yourself looking for winter-themed crafts you can do with your kids. Not only are these crafts a fun family activity, but crafts can also be absolutely crucial in a child’s development.

Winter Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for crafts that can bring the whole family together, look no further. Here are 12 winter crafts for kids that can help you and your family welcome in the winter.

1. Paper Snowflakes

winter crafts for kids

Paper snowflakes – much like real snowflakes – are each unique and special. This chance to make something entirely their own is very enticing to many children.

All you need is some square papers. For a more realistic option, you can go with all white, but a variety of colors can be much more fun.

First, fold the paper in half diagonally then fold it corner to corner again. Fold the paper triangle into thirds from there. This will make the bottom of the triangle uneven, so you’ll need to cut a straight line across.

Then, cut shapes in the sides of the triangle. When you unfold it, you’ll have a beautiful and original snowflake. Just make sure not to make any cuts all the way through your snowflake so it doesn’t fall apart.

2. Make Your Own Penguin

winter crafts for kids

Penguins are one of those animals that are immediately associated with winter and cold weather. Not to mention, they’re so cute your kids will be excited to make a penguin of their very own!

For the body, you can use a wood cylinder, but a toilet paper roll can also be used in a pinch. A styrofoam ball is a good choice for the head. From there, all you need is a little paint to let your child decorate their penguin.

After putting the head and body together, a little felt can be used to create the arms and feet. You can also use a bit of ribbon to make a scarf and a little yarn to add a loop to hang the penguin up.

3. Fabric Snowmen

winter crafts for kids

The easiest way to make these snowmen is to stretch and secure soft fabric over some styrofoam balls. Then, you can use extra fabric to create scarves and pins for eyes and noses.

This craft – and every other craft on this list – is a great chance for personalization. You can help your child add a DIY label or tag where they sign their name.

This will add a touch of personalized charm, and kids will absolutely love it. This is a great project if your kids are stuck indoors on a snow day.

4. Paper Polar Bear

winter crafts for kids

Another animal that comes to mind in winter weather is a polar bear. With a bit of creativity, your child can make a polar bear of their very own!

To start, let your child cover a paper plate with white tissue paper pieces. Then, add some construction paper to make a nose and ears. Finally, give their polar bear some googly eyes to finish him off.

5. Perler Bead Snowmen

Perler beads are extremely easy to use and make for some fun crafts.

To start off, allow your children to create their snowmen on the grid that comes with the Perler beads. Once they’re finished creating it, you simply iron them together and let it cool. This is one of the easiest winter crafts for kids!

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6. Paper Ice Skates

winter crafts for kids

For these, just cut out ice skate shapes from a piece of paper and allow your children to decorate them. Then, add a popsicle stick to the bottom of each skate for the blade and use a piece of yarn to link them together for hanging.

7. Olaf

If there’s one craze that love that fits the winter theme, it’s Frozen. This movie is extremely popular and one of the characters kids hold dearest is the fun and lovable snowman Olaf. So, your kids will love taking the time to make an Olaf of their very own!

To start, you’ll want a piece of blue construction paper to work as the background. For Olaf’s body, cotton balls are best for creating his snowy appearance. Then, just use some more construction paper to create the details!

8. Paper Plate Winter Hat

When it comes to winter time, everyone needs a winter hat to keep their head warm. With a little creativity, these winter hats can also make a great craft.

First, take a paper plate and cut it in half. This semi-circle will work as the base for the hat. From here, you can supply your kids with plenty of craft supplies and let their imaginations come to life.

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A few good ideas for craft supplies are construction paper and foam stickers. You can use some of the cotton balls left over from Olaf, too!

9. Snowman Paper Puppets

For this craft, take a piece of paper and fold it lengthwise into thirds. Now, glue the top flap into place and then rotate your paper puppet so it’s vertical.

Fold this rectangle in half so that the two short edges are together. Next, fold each flap down to line up with your middle fold and glue the two outer folds down.

From here, let your kids use markers, crayons, colored pencils, and extra paper to decorate their puppets like snowmen. They can bring these snowmen to life by placing their fingers in the openings they made earlier.

10. Snow Globes

For this craft, you’ll need a small paper cup to work as your base, craft supplies such as markers, construction paper, and googly eyes, as well as a plastic globe. For the plastic globe, you can buy some at your local craft store or you can fashion your own.

Inside the plastic globe, put smaller white balls for snow – cotton balls can work in a pinch. Then, attach the globe to the paper cup base. From there, just let your children use the extra craft supplies to turn these simple globes into a snowman head.

11. 3D Ice Skating Scene

If you want a really unique craft to do with your kids, then help them make a 3D ice skating scene. This is a lot of fun and it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

To begin, paint “ice” on a piece of card stock and let it dry. You can even add some fake snow on the top of the ice for effect. Around the edges of the ice, place cotton balls to create a snowy bank.

Then, let your kids draw details such as an ice-skating figure and pine trees. You can help these drawings stand up by simply creating a little flap at the bottom and folding and gluing that.

12. Mittens

This craft is simple, but it evokes a distinct feeling of winter. After all, who can play out in the snow without a pair of mittens?

For this craft, you’ll need construction paper, markers, stickers, and a line of yarn. Take your construction paper and cut out a pair of mitten shapes.

Then, let your children decorate their mittens with other craft supplies. Once they’re done, use a hole punch in the bottom corner of each mitten and connect them with a string so they can be hung up.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these fun winter crafts for kids!

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