51 April Fools Prank Ideas

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It may not be a holiday that gets the kids out of school but April Fools Day is a favorite with my gang. Who could blame them?

Looking for tricks to pull on my family, I came across these 51 pranks you may want to try in your home.

Pranks that Get the Family Laughing and Connecting on April Fools Day

  1. Blue Milk, Parenting
  2. Phantom Coin Trick, Funology
  3. Balloon Pillow, Kids Activities Blog
  4. Toilet Paper Roll Note, Instructables
  5. Yogurt and Peach Fried Egg, Clean and Scentsible
  6. April Fools Printable Prank Cards, Spoonful
  7. Green Egg Mini Cakes, By Stephanie Lynn
  8. Spring Marshmallow Picking, Meaningful Mama
  9. Invisible String Trick, Funology
  10. Bed Switch, Parenting
  11. Mashed Potato Sundaes, Bake at 350
  12. Stuffed Shoes, Parenting
  13. Fake Mouse Hole, Spoonful
  14. Meatloaf Cupcakes, Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy
  15. Alien Birth Certificate Printable, Spoonful
  16. Gourmet Doughnut Seeds, Gourmet Mom On The Go
  17. Edible Bugs, Teach Mama
  18. Fancy Up Your Bathroom, Make It & Love It
  19. ‘Sponge’ Cake, Spoonful
  20. Fake Dog Poop, My Little 3 and Me
  21. Printable Chore Camp Brochure, Spoonful
  22. Sleeping Kids Washable Mustache, Kids Activities Blog
  23. Chocolate Broccoli Cookies, SheKnows
  24. Drawer Confusion, Martha Stewart
  25. Printable Silly Ticket, Piikea Street
  26. Changing the Colour of Water, How Does She
  27. Earwax Q-Tips, Joys Life
  28. Google Nose Search, Google
  29. There’s a Worm in My Apple, Meet the Dubiens
  30. Tater and Bean ‘Chocolate Chip’ Cookies, It’s Just Me Again
  31. Mini Lunch Bag and Lunch, Oh Happy Day
  32. Edible Crayons, Our Best Bites
  33. Stinky Sock Award Printable, Spoonful
  34. Fake Ice Cubes, Alpha Mom
  35. Betcha Can’t Pick Up This Dollar Trick, Funology
  36. Buggy Lunch, Mix of Six
  37. Cake Ball Dog Poop, Sugary Sweets
  38. April Fools Day Care Package, Army Momma
  39. Ceiling Cat, TubbyPaws
  40. Line-Up for the Bathroom, Nifty Thrifty
  41. Upside Down Water Cup, Instructables
  42. Crafting a Pretend Cake, Jane and the Ducks
  43. Fake Snow, Tinkerlab
  44. Googly-Eye Refridgerator Food, Mommy Savers
  45. K Crew Kids Rock, Green Eggs
  46. Jell-O Worms, The Idea Room
  47. Bottled Toilet Water, Amy Atlas
  48. Pudding Coffee, Teach Mama
  49. A Whole Lotta Nothing Printable, Can’t Stop Making Things
  50. Tearable Puns, Dollar Store Crafts
  51. Invisible Wall, Babble

51 April Foods Prank Ideas kids

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Image printed from Gourmet Mom On The Go’s printable.

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