The Best April fools Jokes for Kids

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April Fools Day is here and if your kids are like mine they love a good joke, especially on April Fools Day! 

This year I decided to pull out all the stops and plan some of the best April Fools Jokes for Kids that will have my kids will be on the floor laughing about.

To help your family join in the excitement we are sharing awesome April Fools Jokes for kids that you can do and also jokes your kids can do also to ensure you have the best April Fools Day full of lots of laughs! 

Looking for the best April Fools Jokes for Kids? Well, we have a great list for everyone to get a good laugh!

April Fools Jokes for you to Pull on the Kids

If you are looking for great April Fools Jokes to play on the kids here is a great list to find some that are perfect for you to do! 

April Fools Day Dinner

Every year in our home our April Fools Day dinner is a huge hit!

How to plan an April Fools Day Dinner is you plan a meal that might not be what it appears to be! 

This could be as simple as planning cupcakes for dinner. The kids will be so excited to eat cupcakes for dinner, but they will be so surprised when the chocolate cupcake is actually meatloaf and the pink frosting is dyed mashed potatoes. Oh and that fruit punch they are excited about? Well, that is, of course, Jello that no matter how hard they try to drink it, it won’t suck up the straw! 

Your kids will love April Fools Day dinner. You can also do this similar for breakfast and lunch. 

Best April fools Jokes for Kids

Switch Out Underwear

Want to pull a great joke on your kids. Switch out their underwear drawers with their siblings. When they go to put on their underwear in the morning they will be surprised and wondering whose drawers are in their drawers? 

Shortening Shoes

This is a quick and easy April Fools Joke to pull on your kids. All you need is some toilet paper or tissue paper. 

You will want to stuff the toe of their shoes with it. Then, when they go to put on their shoes they will think their feet have grown or their shoes have shrunk.

Pretend It’s Your Child’s Birthday

Best April fools Jokes for Kids

This only works if your child’s birthday isn’t April 1st. Hang some birthday banners, blow up some balloons and as soon as they wake up, greet them by saying, “Happy Birthday!” Once you have carried on the Birthday wishes for a bit during breakfast just start singing “Happy April Fools Day to you..”

Frozen Breakfast

Frozen breakfast is a classic April Fools joke for kids. You will want to prepare your child’s breakfast the night before, milk and everything and then put it in the freezer overnight. 

Then in the morning, you will want to get it out of the freezer without them seeing and set it on the table with a spoon. Your child is guaranteed to take a big spoonful of cereal only to not be able to because it is frozen. They will be baffled and you will just be sitting back laughing at this April Fools Day trick. 

April Fools Jokes Perfect for Kids to Do

These April Fools Jokes for Kids are perfect for kids to play on anyone they find! 

Flickering Light bulbs

For your child to be able to pull off this April Fools joke it will take the help of a much older sibling (or a mom who is an active participant)! We will want to purchase flickering light bulbs and replace your normal light bulbs with them. Your parents will be puzzled when they wake up and the lights are flickering. Just be sure to pick the most commonly used lights in the house to switch out. 

Key Swap

The key swap is a great trick for kids to do on April Fools Day. 

What your child will want to do is to take their parent’s keyrings and switch their mom’s keys to their dad’s keyring and vise versa. Parents will be so confused when they get to their car with their key ring and they realize they can’t unlock their doors or even start them. 

Honk and Wave

Kids love to embarrass their parents and this April Fools joke could last most of the day! Your child can make a sign that says, “Honk and wave” and then put it on the back of the car. 

Then when their mom or dad goes to work they will be getting honked and waved at the whole day. Moms and dads everywhere will be so confused why they are being honked at all day long. 

Toilet Paper Surprise

Best April fools Jokes for Kids

This is a prank a kid can pull off but won’t actually be able to witness but can surely listen from outside the bathroom door. 

What you will want to do is to take the toilet paper that is on the roll and tape it down so the toilet paper won’t unroll as your parents try to unroll it while using the toilet. You will hear them so frustrated wondering why they can’t get the toilet paper to come off!

TV Mix Up

What kid won’t love watching their dad struggling at the end of the day to get the T.V. to turn on to watch his favorite sports game? Take the remotes and switch them up in different rooms. This is a perfect April Fools joke for kids to do.

Battery Hunt

This is similar to the TV Mix Up but will not disappoint in the reaction that you will get from your parents. Start thinking about all the rooms in your house and what has batteries. 

Then go around and take all the batteries out of those items including clocks, wireless mouse, remotes, and then hide the unused batteries. They will be so confused as to why nothing has batteries anymore and why they can’t find new ones to replace the missing ones. 

There you have it! The best April Fools Jokes for kids! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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