60 Disney Riddles for Kids with Answers: Test Your Disney Knowledge

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If you love Disney and riddles then you have come to the right place with these 60 Disney Riddles that you and the kids will love! 

Disney Riddles for Kids

The Best Disney Riddles

Disney Riddles are a fun way to introduce your kids to a whole new way of thinking. It allows you to combine the magic of Disney while your kids are challenged in a whole new way. 

Riddles help your kids develop lateral thinking, learn simple problem-solving, and develop a creative way to solve problems. They do all this as your kids explore the world of Disney in a whole new way through Disney Riddles for kids. 

Your kids will beg you to keep telling them Disney riddles to solve as they work hard to solve them they will be using their grain in a whole new way. 

Kids of all ages love solving Disney Riddles, that is why we are sharing 60 of the Best Disney Riddles. 

Disney Riddles for Kids

I live in the jungle
My father was killed
I am to be king of
the jungle one day
I sing I can’t wait to be king
Who am I?

Answer: Simba

This is a legendary creature
Whose fiery breath can be quite ruthless
In movies about how to train them
The main one went by the name Toothless
Who is it?

Answer: Toothless the Dragon

Despite me being barely a princess;
I had a life that is the most princess.
Who am I?

Answer: Giselle

My lips are red and skin as white as a dove
I’m wishing for my prince to love
Who am I?

Answer: Snow White

I am a princess who’s not a princess;
Fight with destiny with a lucky insect.
Who am I?

Answer: Fa Mulan

I fly around,
I always get jealous,
I have a bad temper,
I always wear green,
I have blond hair.
Who am I?

Answer: Tinkerbell

I live in the street
I steal food
I was put in jail, only to get out
I met a beautiful girl,
I sing One Jump Ahead

Who am I?

Answer: Aladdin

I love music
I live under the sea
I work for King Triton
I have to watch Ariel
Who am I?

Answer: Sebastian

I am gifted with power but also a curse;
Only by true love can make a reverse.
Who am I?

Answer: Elsa (Frozen)

We are the group of girls Dot belonged to in the film A Bug’s Life?
Who are we?

Answer: The Blueberries

I am a Disney Princess
I have brown hair
I love to read
I sing Something There
Who Am I?

Answer: Bell

I am Goofy’s son in the movie A Goofy Movie?
Who Am I?

Answer: Max

I am noble, fierce and free-spirited soul;
The wind and the wild can make me whole.
Who Am I?

Answer: Pocahontas

I am Bambi’s love interest?
Who Am I?

Answer: Faline

I live in the jungle,
I was found in a tree,
I grew up in the jungle,
I wear a brown tarp,
I save a girl from Baboons,
I slide on tree branches.
Who am I?

Answer: Tarzan

I fly around,
I order around a group of boys,
I never want to grow up,
I foil the plans of a pirate.
Who am I?

Answer: Peter Pan

I lived in the north of the geographical;
Sib of the one who was gifted with magic.
Who am I?

Answer: Anna (Frozen)

I lived in London
I wear a yellow dress
I go to Africa to study gorillas
I met a boy who talks to the animals
Who am I?

Answer: Jane

I want to marry the prince someday
I have a step sister
I love purple, my sister Drezilla loves green
My mother is Lady Tremaine
Who am I?

Answer: Anastasia

I am a dog,
I think everything that happens on a TV show is real,
I run away thinking my girl was taken by the green eyed man,
I met a crazy cat and an obsessed hamster,
We all make our way back to the studio.
Who am I?

Answer: Bolt

I am kind and gentle with a heart of goodness;
Always has a faith in my dream of happiness.
Who am I?

Answer: Cinderella

I don’t like to wash my hands, or sing and dance.
I play the organ in a very diffrent way.
I have to share a cottage with six other people.
And I don’t always have a very nice attitude.
So you better stay out of my way!
Who am I?

Answer: Grumpy

I was cursed as a baby,
Three good faries took me to the forest,
I returned to the castle where the curse came true,
A handsome prince saved me.
Who am I?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty/Aurora

I am the one who looked for a swift;
Be a perfect bride is my perfect gift.
Who am I?

Answer: Tiana

I am the daughter of royal and bright;
Dream of a world which full of light.
Who am I?

Answer: Rapunzel (Tangled)

I am the leader of my people;
And I am coronated with the crown of petal.
Who am I?

Answer: Atta (A Bug’s Life)

My mother died when I was little.
I love to sing,
I love human
My best friend is a fish
Who am I?

Answer: Ariel

I am in love with a maiden.
I can disguise myself very well.
I give to the poor and take from the rich.
I am a good shot with an arrow.
Who am I?

Answer: Robin Hood

I am a princess not very well known;
Live in the land where children never grow.
Who am I?

Answer: Tiger Lily

I am a princess who’s trapped and lost in a castle;
Bargain with the witch and fight for a special vessel.
Who am I?

Answer: Eilonwy

I live in China,
I help a human who wants to help her dad,
I give her bad advice walking into camp,
I love doing stuff for my selfish purposes.
Who am I?

Answer: Mushu

I am a princess,
I am taken to America,
I meet another girl who treats me differently,
We become friends,
And she teaches me to be ‘normal’.
Who am I?

Answer: Rosie

I am stuck in the castle, and trapped in the time;
Found and rescued by the man of crime.
Who am I?

Answer: Jasmine (Aladdin)

I was brought up by two carefree guide;
My love can link the two rival pride.
Who am I?

Answer: Kiara

I used to be the favorite
But then someone else came in.
Buzz Lightyear.
Now he is my best friend.
Who I Am?

Answer: Woody

I am the queen of a majestic place;
Find my lost love through a special chase.
Who I Am?

Answer: Nala

I am engaged with charm in my search for a switch;
Restored my fate of pride with the touch of a stitch.
Who I Am?

Answer: Merida (Brave)

I am a curious cat
I meet a dog in the city
I sort of become one of “Them”, the dog’s friends
I love my owner, a little girl
Who I Am?

Answer: Oliver

A love Cinderellie
I hate cats, especially Lucifer
My shirt is red that Cinderellie made for me.
I always want to help Cinderllie for helping me.
Who am I?

Answer: Jaq

I am a princess who has been named well;
Sib of the one whose voice is like a bell.
Who am I?

Answer: Ariel’s Sisters: Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella & Allana (The Little Mermaid)

I look a little scruffy,
And I know all the rules of the street.
I found a nice Lady,
who eats pasta as a treat.
Who am I?

Answer: Tramp

I am a tiny flaw but also a sweetheart;
Getting around with my own special cart.
Who am I?

Answer: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)

I am the smartest of them all;
Living a life that had a deep, deep fall.
Who am I?

Answer: Kidagakash (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

This word begins with the letter A.
It’s the poisoned fruit the witch gave Snow White.
What is it?

Answer: Apple

My appetite consists of four dozen eggs a day.
And I wish to marry the odd girl in town.
All the girls swoon when I pass them by.
And I want to kill a beast that means no harm.
Who am I?

Answer: Gaston

I am a princess who stands for her own;
Speak the secret through a piece of stone.
Who am I?

Answer: Dot (A Bug’s Life)

Why did the Mad Hatter fall in love with his foe?

Answer: Because she was the Queen of his heart!

I’m usually black and white but I’m not a newspaper
I have wings but I’m, not an airplane
I lay eggs but I’m not a chicken
I eat fish but I’m not a whale
I appeared in the movie Madagascar but I’m, not a zebra
Who am I?

Answer: Penguin (Madagascar)

I come from a place where different from the rest;
Yet by the perfect fit, I’d proved I’m the best.
Who am I?

Answer: Nancy Tremaine (Enchanted)

I am a princess, forced to be a bride;
Find my true love in someone aside.
Who am I?

Answer: Mei, Ting-Ting & Su (Mulan II)

What do you call a princess that doesn’t want to be disturbed?

Answer: Slapping beauty

Why does Snow White always treat each of the Seven Dwarfs equally?

Answer: Because she is the fairest of them all

Where does Ariel go when one of her friends is missing?

Answer: The Lost-and-Flounder Department.

Where can you find a little mermaid?

Answer: Under the sea

Why did Tigger look in the toilet?

Answer: He was looking for pooh.

Why did Mickey Mouse go to space?

Answer: To look for Pluto!

When does Mickey Mouse put up his new calendar?

Answer: On New Ears Day!

The dwarves and Snow White sit down for a bite.
How fast can you guess what she serves her guests next?

Answer: Seven seconds

What was the name of Beauty and the beast’s crooner?

Answer: Lumiere

Why couldn’t the Queen of Hearts find her hat?

Answer: It was off with her head!

There you have it! 60 of the best Disney riddles!

Can you come up with your own Disney Riddles for kids to share with your friends? 

First, figure out What is a Riddle, and from there create your very own! Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments! 

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