Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

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Souvenirs are a great way to remember a trip, but sometimes they cost almost as much as the trip! That is why we love sharing the best free souvenirs with you like the best free souvenirs when visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World. On a recent trip to the World’s Largest LEGO Store in London, we discovered the LEGO Passport as one of the best free souvenirs you can find.

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

How to Get a Lego Passport

Obtaining a LEGO Passport is absolutely free.

You will just want to ask someone at the store where to get one and they will happily help you.

We grabbed ours at the World’s Largest LEGO Store. I believe you can grab one at any store around the world that carries them.

Lego Passport Cover

When you get your passport, you will notice how cool the Lego Passport cover is. The Lego Passport cover is a textured cover that emulates a real passport.

The pages within the passport are made of paper.  On the first page, it is all about the Passport owner! This is where you will put your name, the date the passport was issued, as well as the passport owner’s signature.

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

There’s a yellow LEGO head image representing your passport photo. In the passport  you’ll removable stickers that allow you to customize your LEGO photo in your Passport.

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

We love our passports because they remind us of our trip to the World’s Largest LEGO Store in London. This definitely makes it on the best free souvenir list.

What do you do with your Passport?

Now that you have your passport you might be wondering what you do with it? Well, this unique souvenir is more than just a souvenir from the World’s Largest LEGO Store in London. It is actually a keepsake that you will want to take with you to every Lego store you visit.

When you visit any store that carries the passports and you can get a stamp in your passport. My kids have a goal to collect them all. 

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport
Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

Plus some stores may have specialty passport stamps. You can collect these at member build, using the Digital Out of the Box displays, birthdays and more.

My youngest now carries her passport in her bag when we travel or head out shopping on the off chance she’ll be able to grow her stamp collection at a nearby LEGO store.

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

We currently have two stamps in our passport. One is from our 2017 trip. The other stamp is from Leicester Square, the World’s Largest LEGO Store in London when we visited in the UK.

If we would have known about the Passport sooner, we would also have stamps for New York City, Toronto, Chicago, and Orlando.

I guess that means we’ll have to make return visits to these stores to start filling our twelve-page passport.

Best Free Souvenir: LEGO Passport

Souvenirs make a great memory from your trip and the LEGO Passport certainly makes it on our list as one of the best free souvenirs.

Did you know about these Passports? If so, where did you get yours from? Share in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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