58 Funny Pumpkin Jokes and One-Liners for Kids and Adults

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Fall has beautifully entered the atmosphere, with it comes the gorgeousness of colors and change. It is that time of the year when you visit the local pumpkin patch with your kids and enjoy the stunning display.

Pumpkins are a common sight to see around every autumn season. Not only are their vibrant colors present in most Halloween decorations, but they are also a staple ingredient in the fall recipes we all enjoy.

You can’t escape their presence, be it pumpkin pies or pumpkin spice lattes. This is why it is the perfect time to discover some hilarious pumpkin jokes and present them to everyone at your next gathering.

Whether it’s a fun Halloween party or a Thanksgiving dinner you’re hosting for your friends and family, these pumpkin jokes for kids and adults work everywhere.

So, would you like to tickle some funny bones and ensure everyone has a good time? If yes, keep reading and discover what we have for you.

Hilarious Pumpkin Jokes for Kids and Grownups

Hilarious Pumpkin Jokes for Kids and Grownups

Are you looking for some funny pumpkin jokes for kids and adults? We’ve got just the right bunch for you to indulge yourself in and have a good laugh. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pumpkin Jokes for Kids

Kids are bound to laugh at these silly, amusing pumpkin jokes. Give it a go and see the little ones crack up.

  • How can you fix an injured jack-o’-lantern? By using a pumpkin patch.
  • Where do small pumpkins receive assistance when it comes to crossing the road to go to school? The Crossing Gourd.
  • What happens when we divide a jack-o’-lantern’s diameter by diameter? We get a Pumpkin Pi.
  • What happens when a pumpkin gets dropped? We get a squash. 
  • What is the most amazing thing one can put into a pumpkin pie? Your teeth, of course. 
  • What is the title given to a pumpkin who has a job at the beach? They are known as a life-gourd.
  • What is white, black, orange, and can be seen waddling? A penguin carrying a pumpkin.
  • What did the pumpkin reply when asked how she was doing? She said, “I’m vine, thank you for asking.”
  • What scares a gourd the most? Anything that goes pumpkin the night.
  • What does a pumpkin do to tickle its adventurous bone? It goes bungee gourd jumping.
  • Why is a pumpkin often found sitting on a person’s porch? Because it does not possess hands to knock on someone’s door.
  • Why did Cinderella not have any worthwhile skills in softball? It’s because she had a pumpkin for a coach.
  • What is orange in color and quicker than a speeding train? Well, that would be a super pumpkin, of course.
  • Why does a pumpkin not perform well in school? It’s because its brains have been thoroughly scooped out.
  • How did the pumpkin bid adieu to everyone once Thanksgiving was over? It said, “Good-pie, everyone!”.
  • When do we not call an orange as an orange? When it is a pumpkin.
  • Which sport does a pumpkin enjoy the most? The game of squash.
  • What is the point of similarity between cats and pumpkins? They both are seen resting on your porch once you get back home.
  • What is a beautiful pumpkin known as? Gourdgeous.
  • What did the green pumpkin get to hear from the orange pumpkin? The orange pumpkin told the green pumpkin, “You look slightly sick.”
  • How does a gourd become strong physically? Through pumpkin iron.
  • What is a sporty pumpkin known as? It’s called a jock-o’-lantern.
  • Why do you think the two pumpkins were so close? It’s because they had deep roots.
  • What did the pumpkin pie comment after consuming a huge meal? It said, “Woah, that was filling!”
  • What did the pie baker hear from the pumpkin? He heard it say, “How about you use apples instead?”
  • Which pop singer is heard in most households during Thanksgiving? Pumpkin Spice.
  • What does a pumpkin munch on while watching a movie? It eats pulp corn.
  • What goes choo-choo and is orange in color? A pumpkin in train-ing.
  • Why did the witch opt for orange-colored nail polish? It’s so that she could conceal herself in the pumpkin patch.
  • What is the name given to the family members of a gourd? They’re called pump-kin.
  • Which animal absolutely adores pumpkins? An orange-atan. 
  • What did the gardener say when he couldn’t find his squash? He said, “I believe there is pumpkin strange happening here.”
  • What is the name given to the person who leads all the other pumpkins? They are known as the Pumpking.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pumpkin. Pumpkin who?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pumpkin. Pumpkin who?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pumpkin. Pumpkin who?
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange, you glad I didn’t say pumpkin again?
  • Which holiday was the carved pumpkin seen celebrating? Hollow-een.
  • Why was the pumpkin seen taking a detour? Because they wanted to avoid the seedy area of the city.
  • What kind of music does a pumpkin listen to on the occasion of Halloween? They listen to it on vine-yl.
  • Why is a jack-o’-lantern known to be intelligent? It is because a candle makes it bright.
  • How was a winter squash able to buy stuff? It paid for everything using pumpkin bread.
  • Whom was the pumpkin trying to escape? It was trying to run away from Cinderella’s fairy godmother.
  • How can you aid someone recovers from an addiction to pumpkin spice? You just need to apply the pumpkin patch.
  • What did the ill pumpkin say? It said, “I don’t feel so gourd.”
  • What did one pumpkin wish the other pumpkin? It said, “Happy Hollowing!”
  • What was Cinderella’s reaction when she saw her carriage transform into a pumpkin? She exclaimed, “Oh my gourd!”
  • Why are scarecrows considered aspirational by jack-o’-lanterns? Because they have been looking up to scarecrows since they were little pumpkins.
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there?
  • Wanda. Wanda who?
  • Wanda piece of pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin Jokes for Adults

Pumpkin Jokes for Adults

Why not include more puns with the grownups with your pumpkin jokes, right?

  • What did one pumpkin say to the other pumpkin during happy hour? He said, “Let’s get smashed!”
  • What did the carver get to hear from the pumpkin? He said to the carver, “Cut it out!”.
  • What is a surfer’s motto on Halloween? Their motto is ‘Gourd vibes only.’
  • What is a pumpkin’s most beloved Western movie? The Gourd, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • What is the hashtag given to a gang of pumpkins who are buddies? #SquashGoals.
  • How does a famous pumpkin protect itself? It keeps a body-gourd around.
  • Why did the gourd gossip so much? Because they wanted pumpkin to talk about.
  • Why did the pumpkin grow red in the face? Because it witnessed the salad dressing.
  • What type of romance does a pumpkin love to read? A mushy sort of romance.
  • Why was the jack-o’-lantern considered evil? It’s because there was a wicked candle within it.
  • I only have pies for you.
  • Orange you pumped for the season of autumn

Benefits of Humor for Kids

Benefits of Humor for Kids

The benefits of humor and laughter are plenty as far as kids are concerned. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Humor helps in boosting a child’s self-esteem. Kids exposed to humor become more resilient and better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety. They get to see early on how comedy has healing qualities, thereby causing them to display both sympathy and empathy more easily. 
  • Humor brings many physiological benefits to kids, such as sharpening their memory, improving their decision-making abilities, and aiding them in processing their emotions better. It improves their digestion, strengthens their immune system, boosts their mood, and amplifies their pain tolerance.
  • The development of a child is very intricately connected to humor. Children learn to deal with adversities, tragic situations, and trauma through laughter. It also enables them to get creative and apply out-of-the-box thinking in real-life scenarios.
  • Humor brings societal advantages and helps children see the world with a fresh perspective. They learn to understand other people’s viewpoints and become better at problem-solving.


Seasonal humor can be really humorous if applied in the right way. When it comes to pumpkin jokes, what better time to crack them than on the occasion of Halloween and fall-themed parties, right?

Go through our list of jokes and tell us in the comments below which ones you liked the best.

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