50 Funny Ninja Jokes, Puns, And One-Liners For Kids

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When a kid is in a bad mood, there are quite a few things you can do as parents or teachers to cheer them up. While bringing them cookies and ice cream might seem a good option, not every guardian would want to resort to unhealthy food items.

You could maybe play their favorite cartoon or movie for them, but, likely, you don’t want them to stay up late past their bedtime watching it. So, what’s an easy way to make them smile and brighten their day? Through some funny jokes, of course!

Crafting jokes about their favorite superheroes is a fabulous option, and you know what another great choice is?

Making jokes about ninjas! Kids are such pure beings, and hearing them laugh over silly jokes is one of the many joys of a parent’s or educator’s life.

Children are fascinated by the concept of ninjas. Many wish to fight like ninjas, move like them, and have cool personalities. Your kids will love you more when you hunt down some rib-tickling ninja jokes for them.

We have just the right collection if you’re looking for some unique ninja jokes for your little ones.

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Hilarious Ninja Jokes For Kids

Hilarious Ninja Jokes For Kids

Does your kid enjoy movies such as the ones in the 3 Ninjas franchise? Well, if so, then they are going to burst out with laughter hearing these creative ninja jokes:

How does a ninja deal with fear?

He gives it to others!

What’s a ninja’s favorite soda?


How do you wake a ninja?You don’t! It’s a decoy!

Your throat’s cut!

How do you give a ninja directions?

Don’t worry, he’ll find you!

What do you use to hunt a ninja?

Your life!

How will you know when you’ve met a ninja?

The grim reaper will tell you!

What’s a ninja’s favorite sport?

You and everyone you care about!

What’s a ninja’s favorite vacation spot?

Whatever yours was!

How many throwing stars does a ninja have on him?

None, they’re all on you!

How does a ninja celebrate your birthday?

Atop your grave!

What do you call a surprise party for a ninja?

A surprise mass funeral!

Why can’t ninjas trace?

Because it’s impossible for them to leave one!

How do you know when a ninja’s drunk?

He’ll kill both of you!

How does a ninja make friends?

He takes yours!

What’s a ninja’s favorite song?

“Pieces Of You” by Jewel!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because the other option was crossing a ninja!

What is a ninja’s preferred airline?


Why don’t ninjas watch sad movies?

They’re too sensei-tive.

What do ninja’s drink during the summer?

Karah Tea.

What’s a ninja’s favorite Halloween game?


What was the ninja’s reply when Charlie Brown asked him for a kite?

I have nun-chuck.

How do you ask a ninja to leave?

Say Ninjago!

What football position do ninjas like most?


What do ninjas order at restaurants?


How does a ninja say hello?


What do you call a ninja with 8 older brothers?

A Nine-ja.

What is a ninja’s second favorite fish?


Why don’t ninjas read watches?

They decide what time it is.

What toys do ninja babies like to play with?


Why did the ninja get chased by the grocery store security guard?

He whipped the cream and beat the eggs.

What did the ninja say when he stole someone’s cheese sauce.

Nacho Cheese!

What do you get when a ninja cow practices jumping kicks?

A milk shake.

What is a ninja’s favorite book?

The one you’re currently distracted by!

Why did the ninja go to college?

He wanted to be a ninja-neer.

Where do ninja get supplies?

The Stealth Food Store.

Where do ninja zombies train?

On a ninja training corpse.

What did the ninja sing after beating an army of skeletons?

Bad to the Bone.

What did the ninja bring to the Christmas party?

Ninjabread men.

What do ninjas like to play during recess?


Why did the foolish ninja stare at the orange juice can?

Because it said ‘concentrate’ on it.

Why can’t ninjas be in a movie?

They keep throwing stars.

What is the only thing stronger than a ninja?

Two ninjas.

How do ninjas get across the ocean?

Flying Side Kick.

What’s the only think the Hulk can’t smash?

A ninja!

Why do ninjas always write in permanent ink?

Ninjas don’t make mistakes.

Why are ninjas always early?

Time can’t catch up.

What are the Olympic Games?

Warm-ups for ninjas.

What is a ninja’s favorite element on the periodic table?

The element of surprise.

Why can’t ninjas fart?

Nothing escapes a ninja.

Ninjas can’t have heart attacks.

Hearts aren’t silly enough to attack a ninja.

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Why Kids Enjoy Ninja Jokes

Children are fascinated with ninjas. They find them aspirational, mysterious, and quite interesting.

They enjoy jokes about ninjas because they are hilarious and mainly because they are related to these mystical beings that kids are intrigued by. Here is why kids love ninja-related jokes and puns:

1. They Feel Motivated

They Feel Motivated

When kids think about ninjas, they imagine people who are supercool, alluring, and physically fit beings who help in putting vile people away. As they hear jokes about ninjas, they feel motivated to do something different with their lives once they grow up.

The thought of ninjas gives them an adrenaline rush. Some of the little ones also receive the encouragement they need to bring about a difference in the world in a positive way.

2. Boosts Confidence

Not every kid is extroverted. Some of them can be pretty shy and introverted. However, in the world of ninjas and fiction in general, they find their solace, which makes them believe that if a ninja can pull all the stunts, then perhaps they can, too, someday.

Hearing jokes about ninjas help in boosting their confidence levels. It makes them come out of their shells and become the person they want to be. By telling these jokes to your kids, you can give them the hope that they can achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

3. Aids With Their Development

Although it may not be apparent to the grownups, discussing ninjas or cracking jokes about them helps in kids’ physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

According to children, ninjas are superheroes who save the world and make everything right in the end. As they learn more about ninjas through puns or riddles, which helps them in numerous ways, such as identifying the difference between right and wrong.

Such jokes are also crucial in polishing a child’s problem-solving skills as they hear about a ninja dissolving everyone’s issues. It makes them better at resolving conflicts and improving their negotiation skills.

4. Instills Morals

Instills Morals

In addition to amplifying their confidence, ninja also jokes aid with instilling good morals in kids. They realize that no matter how big a hurdle is, they will be able to face it with courage and perseverance.

Some of the imperative qualities ninja jokes can instill in a child include bravery, compassion, hope, and resilience. They learn that good always triumphs over evil and that even a little faith can take you a long way.


Every child is different. While some kids find cute animals funny, others like to laugh over creative cartoons. Perhaps your child is someone who really enjoys jokes and puns.

If they are also interested in ninjas, they will absolutely adore the combination of jokes or riddles and ninjas. Browse through the ones listed above and tell us which ones cracked up your kid the most.

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