40 Hilarious Bear Jokes and Puns for Kids

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Bears are fascinating creatures, which is probably why kids are also intrigued by them. Have you ever looked at a photo of a panda bear and melted over its cuteness? Or come across a post about polar bears and wonder what it’s like to live in an environment similar to theirs?

Bears are so much more than their adorable exterior. They go beyond what meets the eye, their abilities or characteristics. In case your child feels enamored by bears and their traits, then you are bound to enjoy bear-based jokes and puns, too.

These pieces of humor related to bears are also a good way for you to educate them further about these animals. The best thing is that these hilarious jokes are suitable for kids and adults to relish.

So, for the parents and educators looking for bear jokes for kids, we have accumulated a bunch of them that your children will love.

Jokes and Puns About Bears That Will Make Any Kid Laugh

Jokes and Puns About Bears That Will Make Any Kid Laugh

Animal-based humor is always fun. It’s a bonus if your kid is fond of the animal you’re crafting puns about. Bears are multifaceted beings, from gentle, tolerant, and affectionate animals to strong memory skills. They are also social, playful, and joyful.

Perhaps these fun abilities are the reasons that jokes and puns about bears become funnier. Let’s get into them!

Bear Jokes for Kids

Bear Jokes for Kids

Here are some bear jokes to tell the little ones and watch them crack up: 

What would a bear be without bees?


What is the name given to a bear who studies dentistry?

A molar bear.

Why does a panda prefer to watch classic movies?

Because they are in black and white.

What would happen if a bear stood outside in the rain for a long time?

They would become drizzly bear.

Why is feeding a polar bear not too expensive?

Because they live only on ice.

Why did the bear stop working at the daycare center?

Because it was pure panda-monium.

How would a bear stop a movie?

They would press the paws button.

What does a panda use while showering?

Bear conditioner.

What does a polar bear eat for lunch?

Ice burgers.

What did the panda take in her suitcase?

Her bear necessities.

Why did the panda end up quitting her job?

Because she was receiving bear minimum wages.

How do pandas not sweat during the summer season?

By utilizing a lot of bear conditioning.

What kind of food does a teddy bear love to eat the most?


What is a polar bear’s favorite kind of cereal?

Ice Crispies.

What is the name given to a freezing bear?

A brrrr!

What does a polar bear have in its salad?

Iceberg lettuce.

How does a bear travel?

They travel on a bear-o-plane.

What do Winnie the Pooh and Alexander the Great have in common?

They both have ‘the’ as a part of their middle names.

Which bear loves freaking out other animals?

Winnie the Boo.

What happens when you cross a garden with a bear?


What does a grizzly do when not having a great day?

They grin and bear it.

What is the title of a scary fairytale?

Ghouldilocks and the Three Brrrrs!

Why does a bear not prefer fast food?

Because they cannot catch it.

What name were the sleeping campers given by the polar bear?


How did the neighbors know that the bears were moving to a new place?

Because they had put up a ‘fur sale’ sign.

Why does a bear put on fur coats?

Because they would look quite strange wearing a dress.

Funny Bear Puns to Tell Kids

Funny Bear Puns to Tell Kids

Who doesn’t enjoy puns, right? Listed below are some unique, bear-related puns for kids:

What is the name given to a bear who has no teeth?

They are known as gummy bear.

What did the female bear say when her date arrived before time?

She said, “I’ll be downstairs in a bit. I’m bearly dressed.”

How would a bear catch a fish if it didn’t have a pole?

They would make use of their bear hands.

What kind of dessert does a bear love the most?

A blue beary pie.

How can you have a good conversation with a panda?

You bear your heart and soul out to them.

Why did the teddy bear not want to have any dessert post his dinner?

Because he was stuffed.

Why did the bears break up with each other at the North Pole?

It’s because they were polar opposites.

How did the grizzly walk around at the party?

Bear footed. 

Why didn’t mama bear use a navigation system while driving the truck?

Because she never lost her bearings.

What did uncle bear say at the family gathering?

He said, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news.”

What does a bear like to do after school?

Cub scouts.

Why did the polar bear lose his job?

Because he wouldn’t even do the bear minimum.

What is the common point between teddy bears and turkeys?

They both have stuffing.

What does a baby bear possess?

A bear bum, of course!

Fun Facts About Bears That Kids Will Enjoy

Fun Facts About Bears That Kids Will Enjoy

Many kinds of bears exist, such as polar bears, panda bears, sun bears, Andean bears, American black bears, short-faced bears, Asian black bears, brown bears, sloth bears, grizzly bears, Tibetan bears, blue bears, and so on.

If your child is interested in bears, then they are sure to enjoy these fun facts about them:

  • Bears have layers of thick fur. A polar bear, for example, has two layers. While the shorter layer is for insulation, the longer layer keeps water from getting inside the shorter layer.
  • Koalas are not actually bears. They are marsupials.
  • The weight of a bear keeps changing depending on the season.
  • Bears communicate in unique ways, such as by marking the trees with their scent.
  • The smallest bear species is the sun bear.
  • Bears love honey and find themselves attracted to beehives.
  • Bears can be found in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.
  • Bears make use of their sense of smell to hunt for food.
  • When living in the wild, the lifespan of a bear could go up to 25 years. In captivity, they can live up to 50 years.
  • Unlike other types of bears, pandas do not hibernate.
  • Bears are capable of walking and standing on their hind legs.
  • Unlike some mammals, bears aren’t color blind.
  • A group of bears is known as a sloth or a sleuth.
  • Bears are great swimmers and can even outswim humans. Polar bears are long-distance swimmers, and studies suggest it’s currently more so because of the shrinking sea ice.
  • Underneath its coat, a polar bear actually has black skin.


We have all watched videos of pandas falling over and walking around being their adorable selves or polar bears looking majestic in their natural habitat. When content about bears is so entertaining, jokes and puns about them are also bound to be exciting.

Let us know which of these bear jokes you enjoyed the most for kids.

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