34 Hilarious Turtle Jokes And Puns For Kids

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We have all heard the story of the turtle and the rabbit, right? The tale in which the turtle wins the race despite being a slow animal, and does so because of his wisdom, is something known and loved by all.

Turtles have been a part of the world of stories and fiction since time immemorial, providing us with entertainment and valuable lessons.

This is especially true for kids. It’s also why so many children like to have turtles as pets. They become their companions and lifelong buddies.

Since the little ones adore turtles, they are bound to love turtle-themed humor as well, right? After all, jokes and puns based on animals are always welcomed warmly by kids.

Whether you’re the older cousin fulfilling the duty of entertaining your younger cousins, or a babysitter just hoping to get some giggles out of tiny kids, turtle puns are sure to be a hit during every occasion.

If turtle jokes for kids are what you are on the hunt for, your search, fortunately, ends here because we have just that and more for you.

Entertaining Turtle Jokes For Kids

Making kids laugh is one of those precious joys that everyone wants to experience. So, let’s get into the chucklesome turtle jokes and puns we have gathered for you, shall we?

Funny Turtle Jokes

Funny Turtle Jokes

Are you all set to tickle a few ribs with turtle jokes? Diving right in, then!

Why was the turtle seen crossing the road?

Because they were trying to go to the shell station.

What is the name given to a turtle who is a chef?

A slow-cooker.

What types of jokes a turtle loves to tell his friends?

Shell-larious jokes. 

Where can one find a leg-less turtle?

Wherever you leave it, obviously.

What is the name given to a popular turtle?

A shell-ebrity.

What kind of sandwich does a turtle like to have?

Seanut butter and jelly-fish.

What did the turtle hear from the cow?

The cow said, “Get a mooove on.”

What is the result of crossing a dragon with a turtle?

You get a crushed turtle in the process.

What is the name given to turtles who stay awake during the night?

They are called noc-turtles.

Which is the game that turtles enjoy the most?


Why can you never take a turtle to Burger King?

Because they are too slow for fast food.

I was once invited to a Halloween party, and I went dressed as a turtle.

I had one shell of a time. 

What is the name given to a turtle who enjoys photography?

A snapping turtle. 

Why wasn’t the Ninja Turtle able to cross the road?

Because it did not possess enough turtle power. 

What goes ‘click, click, click’ and is green in color?

A ballpoint turtle. 

What is needed by a turtle to ride a bike?

A shell-met.

What is the reason for turtle wax to be so expensive?

It’s because their ears are so small.

What is a turtle good at?

Slow dance.

What would happen if you got into a fight with a Ninja Turtle?

You would get shell shocked. 

What is the name given to a flying turtle?

A shell-a-copter. 

What happens when you cross a porcupine with a turtle?

You get a slowpoke. 

What happens when a turtle commits a crime?

They are taken to a prison shell. 

What is the name given to a sweet turtle?


Which Shakespearean line does a turtle love the most?

“Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

Amusing Turtle Puns

Amusing Turtle Puns

Who doesn’t enjoy puns, right? Even more so when they’re associated with animals. Note down these turtle puns to crack them in front of kids at your next gathering:

What kind of photograph does a turtle prefer to take?

Shellfies, of course. 

What does one get when a giraffe is crossed with a turtle?

A turtle-neck. 

Where would you send a homeless turtle to?

The shelter. 

What does a turtle do on its birthday?

They shell-ebrate it. 

Why does a turtle never forget?

Because they have turtle recall, of course. 

What is the term for a truck full of sea turtles that crashes into a train full of terrapins?

It is known as a turtle disaster. 

How do turtles talk to each other?

By using shell-phones. 

How was the turtle able to get off its back?

He rocked, and then he rolled.

What happens when you cross a llama with a turtle?

You get a turtle neck sweater. 

When is a turtle not a proper turtle?

When they are shell-fish. 

Fun Turtle Facts Kids Will Enjoy

Fun Turtle Facts Kids Will Enjoy

Turtles are interesting creatures indeed, and a thing to note about them is that they make great pets. They are relatively easier to take care of and can be quite interactive. When you tell jokes about turtles to kids, they might want to learn more about them.

Here are some facts related to turtles that kids will enjoy reading up on:

  • Turtles belong to the family of reptiles.
  • The hard shell of a turtle acts like a protective layer or armor. The upper shell is known as the carapace, and the bottom shell is known as the plastron.
  • Turtles came into being during the Triassic Period about 230 million years ago.
  • The most known species of sea turtle is the leatherback sea turtle, which is named so because its shell has a leather-like quality instead of being hard.
  • Sea turtles have huge glands by their eyes that help in releasing large quantities of salt from the water they consume.
  • When facing an attack from predators, some of the species of turtles have the ability to hide their heads inside their shells to save themselves.
  • Tortoises and turtles are not exactly the same. Turtle is used as an umbrella term to denote all the species who fall under the group of testudines.
  • The shell of a turtle is not an exoskeleton. Instead, it’s a modified ribcage and a part of a turtle’s vertebral column.
  • A baby turtle is known as a hatchling.
  • Turtles have an egg tooth on their beaks, which is what helps them hatch out of their shells. They lose their first baby tooth within an hour of being born.
  • Weather can often define the sex of a turtle. For example, higher temperatures create female turtles, and lower temperatures lead to male turtles.
  • A turtle can be classified as semi-aquatic, aquatic, or semi-terrestrial. Regardless of where they live, turtles require water to soak or swim.
  • Certain turtles lay eggs in the sand and let them hatch on their own, after which the baby turtles make their way to the water to avoid being attacked by predators.


When you expose kids to humor based on animals, not only does it help them relax through laughter and piques their interest to learn more about those animals.

Which of these animal jokes did you find funny? What are the facts that were new to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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