5 Ways to Keep the Kids Happy This Winter Break

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For two weeks every year, your kids will be freed from the confines of a classroom and returned to your home in anticipation of the numerous upcoming winter holidays. Many parents can find this time stressful because they’ll still have to work and won’t always be around to watch their kids.

Here are some ideas for activities that’ll keep your kids smiling throughout the winter break.

5 Ways to Keep the Kids Happy This Winter Break

#1: Playing in the Snow

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that receives snowfall during your child’s winter break, playing in the snow can be a day-long pursuit that will keep them happy and active. Nothing beats winter memories of building snowmen and having snowball fights.

Keep in mind the importance of making sure your kids are properly outfitted with gloves, thick socks, boots, and multiple layers so they don’t get sick. You should also encourage them to help shovel your neighbor’s driveways before they start playing, especially if your neighbors are elderly or disabled.

#2: Staying Inside to Bake

Sometimes it’s too cold to go outside to enjoy the snow.

When that’s the case, bonding with your kids and showing them how to bake anything from a cake to cookies can be a fun way to keep their minds at work, smiles on their faces, and their stomachs full during winter break. You can even make the baking lessons into a “test” for when Santa visits for his cookies on Christmas Day.

happy mom baking with two young kids

#3: Attending Holiday Parades

No matter how small your town is, there’s bound to be a holiday parade. Young kids in particular love seeing holiday parades.

The combination of live seasonal music being played through the streets, decorated floats with their favorite characters waving at them, and friendly faces all around make a holiday parade a unique and lasting experience for kids.

If you have older kids, consider seeing if they can join in the parade, whether in helping to construct a float or playing in one of the live musical performances. Doing so will help them feel more a part of the community and also more self-confident when they return to school after winter break.

#4: Looking at Holiday Lights

Seeing and hanging up holiday lights is a magical time for kids. The various decorations – from bright lights in a variety of colors to displays with characters, garland, and candy canes – leaves quite an impression on kids.

Many towns have full neighborhoods or businesses that put on brilliant light displays for families to drive through the streets or down a designated path. These allow the whole family to see more light displays than they would on foot, all from the comfort of the car.

child looking up at Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City

#5: Going Gift Shopping

Something that’s bound to set a smile on a kid’s face is gift shopping. While you might initially think that your children will be obsessed with just trying to find a gift for themselves, you’ll find that kids are really motivated to help you find great presents for family members or friends.

You’ll even find that they have some insight you might not have when it comes to shopping for someone like their sibling or aunt.

Keeping Kids Happy

Keeping your kids happy during their winter break often involves taking traditional holiday events and activities and looping your kids into your plans while empowering them to participate in the decision-making process. Not only is this collaborative experience good for their self-esteem and confidence, but it’ll also help you organize your own holiday season.

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Sharing is Caring!

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