Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and Cures!

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The second trimester of pregnancy is known as the “honeymoon stage” — but just like in the first trimester, you’re still having pregnancy symptoms. Check out these possible second trimester pregnancy symptoms and what to do about them.

If you have medical questions about any of these symptoms, please consult with your healthcare provider. 

Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

second trimester pregnancy symptoms

You’ve made it to the second semester of your pregnancy. This means you have survived your first trimester pregnancy symptoms and are moving into trimester number two!

Some people consider the second trimester the “honeymoon phase” because the symptoms are milder, but others find the second trimester to be full of pregnancy symptoms. 

Check out these second trimester symptoms and what you can do to help them.

Main Symptoms of Second Trimester in Pregnancy 

1. Morning Sickness

By now most pregnant women in their second trimester of pregnancy no longer have morning sickness. It’s finally coming to an end.

If you are still suffering from morning sickness, keep eating small meals, stay hydrated and hopefully it will be over soon. 

2. Blood Pressure

At each visit during your second trimester, your OB is checking and tracking your blood pressure. This is important because they don’t want it getting too low which will cause fainting and fatigue, nor do they want it too high.

Signs of high blood pressure are blurry vision, headaches, and dots floating in eyes.

3. Decreased Fatigue

Are you finally feeling energized? Or at least have more energy than you did during the first trimester?

It’s totally normal to have an increase in energy, so take advantage of it. Get stuff marked off your to-do list.

Shop for your new baby. Enjoy going out and having fun with friends and family. 

4. Continued Breast Growth 

Your breasts are continuing to grow and change during your second trimester of pregnancy. Hopefully, they are a little less tender.

Your areolas are continuing to darken. The reason these darken is so that your baby will be able to see them easily when they are firstborn. 

5. Increased Appetite

Are you feeling hungrier? It is common in your second trimester of pregnancy to feel hungry.

The reason why you are hungrier is that you are probably not suffering from morning sickness anymore (fingers crossed) and the fact that your baby is growing and needing more nutrients. 

So when you have these sudden increases of hunger be sure you are eating healthy things like fruits, vegetables, proteins, and things with calcium. 

6. Varicose Veins

Varicose veins usually start to creep in during your second trimester of pregnancy. The varicose veins are caused by large swollen veins in your legs. The reason for this is because you have so much blood volume. 

There is nothing you can do to prevent varicose veins, but walking throughout the day helps to circulate your blood flow. 

The good news is that the varicose veins are not causing harm to your baby.

7. Stuffy Nose

Maybe one of the most annoying second trimester pregnancy symptoms is a stuffy nose. While you are pregnant most women tend to have a stuffy nose. 

This is due to the high levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy. These hormones increase blood and mucous membranes.

One thing you can do for your stuffy nose is to run a warm mist humidifier at night while you sleep. 

8. Heartburn and Indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion are common in the second trimester of pregnancy. 

If you are having heartburn and ingestion eat small meals. This helps because you are not overloading your digestive system all at once. 

If you indulge in a big meal (which is perfectly fine), don’t lay down afterward because this is bound to cause heartburn and indigestion. 

The Second trimester of pregnancy it is known as the “honeymoon stage” but you are still having pregnancy symptoms. Check out these possible second trimester pregnancy symptoms and what to do about them. 

9. Faintness / Dizziness

Are you becoming dizzy or feeling faint? If this is happening on occasion be sure you are moving slowly. Don’t try to stand up all at once really fast, take your time. 

If you all of a sudden feel faint or dizzy, lie down. If you can’t lie down then squat down and lean your head forward. This will help you feel better. 

Be sure you are staying hydrated. If you are constantly feeling dizzy and faint talk with your doctor. 

10. Occasional Headaches

Second trimester headaches are common. These are usually caused by hormones fatigue and stress. 

If you get a headache apply a cool compress and go lay down to see if this will help it go away. 

11. Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is perfectly normal. It occurs as your ligaments stretch as your belly continues to grow. 

If you are having an increase of round ligament pain, try to get off your feet and relax for a bit. 

12. Pregnancy Brain

Are you starting to forget things you have always known? Welcome to “pregnancy brain.” 

During your second semester of pregnancy is when this really starts to set in. It’s because your brain cell volume actually starts to decrease while you are pregnant.

To combat this second trimester pregnancy symptom be sure to write do your to-do list, enter info in your phones you want to remember and utilize your digital calendar so you are less likely to forget. 

woman in second trimester of pregnancy

13. Constipation

Although you have moved into your second trimester of pregnancy you might still be suffering from constipation. 

When you are pregnant hormones cause your gastrointestinal tract to be sluggish. Not only that but your uterus is putting a ton of pressure on your bowels which slow them way down. 

Be sure that you are continuing to drink your “P” juices.

14. Increased Vaginal Discharge

By now you might be seeing an increase in vaginal discharge. Do not be alarmed — this is actually to help protect your baby. 

The vaginal discharge protects the birth canal from infection. Be sure to not douche or use feminine wipes as they can cause infection.

15. Backaches

Are you feeling a constant backache? This is a pretty common second trimester symptom.

As your belly increases in size, your back starts to curve more causing backaches. 

Try to put a pillow behind your back when you sit for added support. Also, think about getting a prenatal massage or having your spouse rub it for you.

Warm showers and baths help also. 

16. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums happens a lot during pregnancyYour hormones cause gum inflammation to occur making you more susceptible to bacteria irritation and bleeding gums. 

There is not much that can be done for bleeding gums, but you want to make sure that you continue to brush and floss and regularly visit the dentist so to prevent infection. 

17. Stretch Marks

Oh, stretch marks are a beautiful thing. You will start to see these pop up in your second trimester of pregnancy. 

All women get stretch marks whether they want to admit it or not. 

There is not much that can be done about them because they are totally normal. Just rub lotion on them and start calling them your badge of honor. 

18. Fetal Movement

Are you starting to feel those flutters in your stomach? This is your sweet baby moving. Although they might be subtle at first as your baby gets bigger they will become more intense.

This is a second trimester pregnancy symptom that we all like! 

19. Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are common throughout pregnancy No one really knows why but they hurt.

To most women, it feels like sharp shooting pains in the calves. Try to increase your potassium and stretch before bed to lessen the pain. 

20. Edema (Swelling of Feet and Ankles)

Are your feet and ankles are starting to look not like themselves? This is due to fluid retention and is a common symptom in the second trimester called Edema. 

You can help by staying off your feet and propping them up whenever you can. Schedule a daily walk around your neighborhood. Keeping active keeps the blood circulating.  

Don’t wear tight clothing and especially socks and shoes that can restrict blood flow. 

21. Outie Belly Button

If your belly button was once an innie you are likely seeing an outie now. 

This is happening because you have reached your second trimester and your uterus is growing bigger and as it grows it starts pushing your belly button out. 

Have no fear it will return back to its original position a few weeks after delivery. 

22. Fast Growing Nails

Are your nails are growing quicker than you are used to?

You will start to notice fast-growing nails as you enter your second trimester of pregnancy.  This is due to increased circulation to your hands and the extra nutrients.

Keep them at a short length that way you don’t have an increased chance of storing germs under your nails. 

2nd trimester pregnancy

23. Snoring 

Now that you are in your second trimester you have put on extra weight which is expected but this can cause some swelling in your mucous membranes and is causing you to snore at night. 

To help reduce your snoring try propping yourself up with pillows and run a humidifier in your room as you sleep. You can also try those nasal strips to help with snoring.  

24. Tingling Hands

Tingling hands are a sign that your nerves are being compressed.

Now that you are in your second trimester your hands are swelling and causing aches and tingling which can be carpal tunnel syndrome. 

You can try to do some manual stretches of your hands and wrists and be sure to take breaks while typing. 

25. Lower Abdomen Achiness

Is your lower abdomen beginning to ache? Your uterus is expanding and your ligaments have to keep stretching which is causing this achiness. 

Lower abdomen achiness is normal, but if you have a fever, chills, or are bleeding contact your doctor. 

26. Blurred Vision

During pregnancy, hormones throw your whole system off, including causing blurred vision. 

You see while pregnant you have a decrease in tear production which increase the build-up in the eye causing blurred vision. 

This should pass after you have the baby. Discuss this with your doctor. 

27. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Pain in pelvic might be SPD. This is caused by the stretching of ligaments that keep your pelvic bones aligned are becoming more relaxed and stretchy since you have entered your second trimester of pregnancy. 

This is supposed to happen as your body is preparing to deliver your baby. Keep doing Kegels and pelvic tilts to strengthen your pelvic region. 

You can even try a warm bath to take some pressure off your hips. If the pain is too severe be sure to discuss it with your OB.

28. Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is second trimester pregnancy symptom that some women get. It is similar to tingling hands but in your legs. 

Restless Leg Syndrome is a possible sign that you are low on iron so be sure to discuss this with your doctor so that you can get tested. 

29. Fast Hair Growth

Fast-growing hair is totally normal during pregnancy and most women love it! Usually, their hair is thicker and looking great. 

The reason for a thicker head of hair is because normal daily hair loss doesn’t happen while pregnant. 

Don’t get too attached to all that hair, it will all come out once you deliver. 

30. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Hormones are the reason for an increase in UTI’s during your second trimester of pregnancy. These hormones are changing your urinary tract. Not only that, but your bladder is now being pressed on by your growing uterus.

To help prevent getting UTI’s you can practice good wiping, stay hydrated, makes sure you are emptying your bladder before and after sex, and drinking cranberry juice. 

Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

There you have it, your second trimester pregnancy symptoms that you might have or are experiencing! Make sure to check out our week by week pregnancy guide to learn more about the symptoms you’re currently experiencing and what to look for next. 

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What second trimester pregnancy symptoms are you currently seeing? Share in the comments!

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