Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar

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What to Expect: Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar

Welcome to Weeks of Pregnancy:  Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar! 

If you just learned that you’re pregnant — congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting and scary time, but it’s all worth it in the end. We’ve made the experience easier by creating this 40-week pregnancy calendar. The calendar is a week-by-week outline of everything you can expect while you’re carrying your baby.

Wondering when you’ll finally feel that first kick? Curious when you may experience swollen feet during pregnancy or when you’ll stop getting morning sickness? We’ve answered all of these questions and more. Make sure to share your pregnancy week-by-week experiences in the comments on each article. 

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Calendar

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We’ve gathered information at each pregnancy week to guide you through the various pregnancy stages.  How many weeks pregnant are you? Click on each pregnancy week to take a tour through your pregnancy week-by-week.

First TrimesterSecond TrimesterThird Trimester
1 Week Pregnant14 Weeks Pregnant27 Weeks Pregnant
2 Weeks Pregnant15 Weeks Pregnant28 Weeks Pregnant
3 Weeks Pregnant16 Weeks Pregnant29 Weeks Pregnant
4 Weeks Pregnant17 Weeks Pregnant30 Weeks Pregnant
5 Weeks Pregnant18 Weeks Pregnant31 Weeks Pregnant
6 Weeks Pregnant19 Weeks Pregnant32 Weeks Pregnant
7 Weeks Pregnant20 Weeks Pregnant33 Weeks Pregnant
8 Weeks Pregnant21 Weeks Pregnant34 Weeks Pregnant
9 Weeks Pregnant22 Weeks Pregnant35 Weeks Pregnant
10 Weeks Pregnant23 Weeks Pregnant36 Weeks Pregnant
11 Weeks Pregnant24 Weeks Pregnant37 Weeks Pregnant
12 Weeks Pregnant25 Weeks Pregnant38 Weeks Pregnant
13 Weeks Pregnant26 Weeks Pregnant39 Weeks Pregnant
-->-->40 Weeks Pregnant
First Trimester SymptomsSecond Trimester SymptomsThird Trimester Symptoms

Sharing is Caring!

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