29 Weeks Pregnant: Leaking Breast During Pregnancy

29 Weeks Pregnant: Leaking Breast During PregnancyYou are 29 weeks pregnant! It’s nature’s cruel joke that as you get bigger and more oaf-like, you also become more and more determined to scour every single surface of your home. Baseboards behind sofas and dust atop doorframes are all of a sudden top of your mind. You simply must reorganize the linen closet for the third time this week or your child might be born into a life of chaos that will surely result in years of psychiatric treatment for which you would never forgive yourself.

Your bewildered husband, no doubt, is wondering whether you’ve been huffing chemicals when he’s not around. You are wondering how he can just SIT there when there are so many household emergencies to attend to, like those mismatched socks he’s been hoarding in his drawer for years that you know will never find their mates and MUST GO IN THE TRASH IMMEDIATELY.

Around this time, you begin producing colostrum (unless you’re one of those milky mommies who has been leaking for weeks or months already – it happens), the fluid which precedes breast milk. Colostrum is jam-packed with nutrients to help your little one get off to a good start. Wonderful, magical, oh yes, but not nice soaking through your last clean maternity blouse on a Thursday afternoon before a big meeting. When you’re still working your nine-to-five, leaking breasts is probably not something you’d like to deal with. Breast pads or cotton pads inserted in your bra will catch any drips.

Guess what? More growing! Baby is around 2 ½ pounds and more than 15 inches long this week. That head that used to be so big is getting bigger AGAIN! This time baby’s head is growing to accommodate the brain you’re soon going to pack full of ABCs, 123s and endless mommy dribble as you go about your everyday business with baby in tow: “Now mommy is washing the dishes because the dishes are dirty because mommy and daddy ate dinner last night on the dishes. Here comes the soap! ‘Hello, Mr. Soap.’ There goes the soap. Wow! Bubbles…” And so on.

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