17 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Kicks

17 Weeks Pregnant: Baby KicksYou are 17 weeks pregnant! It`s a race between baby`s head and her body… and the body`s winning! Now at 5 inches and about 4 ounces, your baby is a little less head this week and a little more body – well on her way to achieving regular human proportions over the coming few weeks.

Her skeleton is firming into solid bone and a layer of adipose tissue (you`ll call this “baby fat” as you affectionately squeeze it a few months from now). Baby’s little teeth buds are now in place under her gums. Sleepless nights of teething to come.

Sometime between 16 and 20 weeks is when most women first feel the baby kicks –“quickening,” or “kickening,” as you might come to think of it. Her movements are getting stronger and her limbs are now long enough to reach you when she punches and kicks and flails. At this point the baby kicks will just feel like flutters, but rest assured: you’ll get baby kicks soon enough. If you haven’t already had every hand within ten miles all over your bulging belly, you’ll invite them now every time you mention aloud that baby is practising her jujitsu moves again. If you don’t like the hands, don’t mention the jujitsu. A strange thing happens to people when you’re pregnant. They touch you, talk about you and tell you what to do. It can’t be avoided. Maybe you like it. If you don’t, keep your comments to yourself and consider wearing a coat at all times. Indoors and out.

Now that there’s a person poking you from the inside (which can be simultaneously exciting and disturbing), you are probably feeling very pregnant. You are also probably looking very pregnant. If you’re shopping for maternity clothes, look for a few tried-and-true staples. Baby-doll or empire-waist tops and dresses nip in under your chest (to give the illusion of a waist, which you no longer have) and flow outward below. Elasticated or drawstring waists on your maternity jeans and skirts go a long way to making you feel comfortable, especially after meals or when you’re feeling bloated. Which is probably always. Wrap dresses are cute, modern and – miraculously – adjustable! Sore feet? Sore back? Ditch the flip flops and ballerina flats and wear supportive shoes with low heels. And, for the love of all that’s holy, buy a decent bra. The girls are going to sag – it’s a force of nature. A good bra will support your breasts to help prevent any unnecessary sagging and ease some of the upper back pain caused by improperly fitted bras.

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