7 Reasons A Skin Care Routine Is Your Best Friend During Pregnancy

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Take that “glow” to the next level.

When you have a little one on the way, your top priorities begin to shift toward the new life blossoming within you.  You may find yourself changing lifestyle habits in order to ensure you enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy – including skin care routines.

The sad truth is that conventional, non-organic skin care products are brimming with nasty toxins that can have all kinds of negative effects during your pregnancy journey.

Luckily, there’s an alternative: clean, organic skin care products.

Here’s 7 reasons organic skin care routines are the way to go for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

1. Healthier for baby

Your baby is number one, and making the choice to switch to natural skin care products positively affects both of you.

Many ingredients in chemically-laden products may actually penetrate the placental barrier, putting your growing fetus in danger, so it’s best to avoid the risk completely by using organic skin care products.

2. Healthier for mama

During pregnancy, a little pampering goes a long way. Soon-to-be mamas should be able to enjoy skin care products without worrying about harmful side-effects.

Protect your own health by limiting exposure to toxins, researching ingredients on product labels, and finding plant-based products free of parabens, sulfates, and the like.  You will be reducing your risk of potential health concerns, while staying physically and mentally strong for your baby.

3. Radiant skin

Sometimes you need a little help achieving that “pregnancy glow” and no one can fault you for relying on organic ingredients to help you along!

Organic ingredients are usually concentrated in plant actives and powerful antioxidants to help revive tired skin for a beautiful, radiant glow. Even better, switch to an organic makeup brand so that you don’t have to wear pore-clogging synthetics all day long.  

Some products are even made for specific trimesters to ensure that soon-to-be mamas are using the optimal product for each stage of pregnancy.

4. Breakouts be gone

Ugh.  No woman wants to deal with breakouts, but hormonal changes can make them a reality, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Say adios to the drying ingredients in your conventional products that will only exacerbate the issue and instead, infuse your skin with nourishing organic botanicals to balance, soothe and repair.

5. Managing hormonal disruptions

Pregnancy can make your hormones feel out of whack.  Adding chemical synthetics into the mix can produce even more disruption.  These products can actually penetrate the skin and enter your bloodstream where they can cause hormonal changes, which can put a developing fetus at risk. Certain ingredients can even induce early labor, so it is important to do adequate research to select products with the safest ingredients.  

Anti-blemish organic skincare products are available that can help manage skin changes due to the hormonal effects of pregnancy without harsh chemicals.  By researching products on the market today and ditching anything toxic, you can ensure you are making informed decisions that can benefit your health.

6. Sayonara stretch marks

One of the biggest complaints women have about the rapid changes in their bodies during pregnancy are stretch marks.  These marks are often caused by a quickly burgeoning bump during pregnancy, but they can absolutely be avoided by keeping the skin deeply hydrated.

Organic products are usually filled with rich butters and silky oils to not only provide a protective hydrating barrier, but to infuse your skin with a variety of vitamins and minerals.  These luxurious ingredients can give mamas full spa treatment without any added stress.

7. Environmentally friendly

Last, but not least, organic products are better for the environment, which is definitely something to consider, especially with all the waste our precious earth is exposed to day after day. Becoming eco-conscious and making an effort to select products that will not negatively affect the environment are small changes that can benefit you, your baby, and the world at large.

Natural, plant-based, pure ingredients are at the core of many skincare lines today.  By researching these brands and supporting their cause, we can take a stand for both healthy skin and a healthy environment.

Say goodbye to synthetics – it’s time to ditch the toxin-laden products once and for all.  

Make the switch to clean and organic skin care products that will have you feeling beautiful inside and out during your pregnancy journey.

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    This article give us the good idea to choose the cosmetic for pregnancy woman. Organic products is the good choice, and yes, we have to researching ingredients on product labels. Thank you for a nice article.

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