First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and Cures!

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Are you in the first trimester of your pregnancy and feeling all kinds of things? These are first trimester pregnancy symptoms. Find out what symptoms happen during your first trimester and what to do about it! (Nearing your second trimester, check out this list of second trimester pregnancy symptoms.) 

If you have medical questions about any of these first trimester symptoms, please consult with your healthcare provider. 

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

first trimester pregnancy symptoms

Congrats, you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy, which means you are feeling all the feels of being pregnant including those first trimester pregnancy symptoms!

The first trimester pregnancy symptoms are no joke! 

Are you curious about what early pregnancy symptoms are like in the first trimester and if there are any cures? 

Well, we are sharing all the answers for your questions for your first trimester pregnancy symptoms including that causes of them and solutions to help you! 

1. Lower Abdominal Pressure

One of the most common first trimester pregnancy symptoms is lower abdominal pressure. This pressure is in your tummy and makes you feel crampy, but without all the bleeding.

Most women start to panic about this lower abdominal pressure, but don’t it is actually a good sign. It means that your sweet little baby is implanting itself on the uterine wall. 

2. Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is normal at the beginning of the first trimester. The embryo is essentially planting itself. 

Spotting is normal. Most women don’t even realize this is happening, so don’t worry if you don’t realize it! 

3. Metallic Taste

Are you feeling like you constantly have money sitting in your mouth because everything is tasting like metal?

This is totally normal as a first trimester pregnancy symptom. It is caused by your crazy hormones. 

To combat this feeling, try to drink lemonade or eat more citric type foods because it can help fight this. 

4. Food Cravings and Aversions

Are you suddenly craving tacos or watermelon or can’t stand your favorite restaurant? You can totally thank your pregnancy hormones for this.

This is a very common first trimester pregnancy symptom that you really can’t avoid. Just eat small meals and what sounds good. Don’t ever try to eat something that sounds gross before you try it… 

You might become very nauseous. 

5. Fatigue

Are you suddenly feeling tired all the time? You are totally suffering from pregnancy fatigue.

You are currently growing a baby which requires a lot of energy, so of course, you will be tired. 

Listen to your body, get plenty of rest, take it easy, and slow down.

6. Nausea

Do certain smells just make you nauseous right now? Nausea is one of the most unpleasant first trimester pregnancy symptoms. 

Nausea is caused by a combination of hormones, stress, and other changes happening in your body. There is not much you can do for nausea, but eating smaller meals does help some people. 

Just remember to never skip a meal and eat what sounds good to you. 

7. Excessive Saliva 

Oh my gosh, are you wondering where all this saliva is now coming from? 

Excessive saliva is a pregnancy symptom that can be combated by chewing sugar-free gum if your stomach can handle that. 

8. Breast Tenderness and Changes

Do you feel like your breasts are getting bigger, your nipples are sticking out more than ever, and they are tender when touched?

This is totally normal as they are gearing up to feed that cute little baby of yours once they are born. 

This will be a pregnancy symptom that some see throughout their whole pregnancy

Some times they are less tender but be prepared for them to keep increasing in size. Are you in the first trimester of your pregnancy and feeling all kinds of things? These are first trimester pregnancy symptoms. Find out what symptoms happen during your first trimester and what to do about it! 

9. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the worst first trimester pregnancy symptoms that most women go through. 

Thanks to all the hormones changing in your body you are now experiencing true morning sickness. It’s the worst. 

You are constantly feeling super nauseous, and can’t keep anything down nor does any food sound or smell good. 

Women experience different levels of morning sickness. Here are a few tricks you can try to help with your morning sickness. 

Morning Sickness Remedies

Eat Saltine Crackers Before Getting Out of Bed

Just have some on your nightstand and eat right as you wake. Don’t rush out of bed. Allow your body time to wake up and get those crackers in your belly. 

Increase Ginger Intake

Another tip is to increase your ginger intake. Ginger is known to help upset stomachs. You can drink ginger ale throughout your day or suck on ginger candies. 

Eat Smaller Meals

Try eating smaller meals throughout your day.  If you don’t allow your stomach to feel hungry sometimes that alleviates the emptiness sickness feeling you may get. 


When you just can’t take the smells inside or the thought of getting sick again, then take a walk outside. Sometimes fresh air is the best way to fight morning sickness or in some cases all day sickness.

If you are having a hard time keeping fluids down you need to call your doctor and discuss other options for help.


10. Bloating and Gas

It is normal to have bloating and gas in the first trimester. 

You can thank the increase in progesterone that makes you look super bloated. Just know that this is very essential for a healthy pregnancy.

You should start increasing your water intake this will help keep everything moving and decrease your chances of constipation. 

Try to avoid drinking too much carbonation and watch the foods you are eating. Try to limit your bean intake. 

11. Frequent Urination

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom? You can thank your hCG levels for this for increasing your blood flow which makes you need to use the bathroom. This is normal. 

Don’t try to combat this by drinking less, your body needs those fluids. 

12. Heartburn and Indigestion

Are you suffering from pregnancy heartburn and indigestion? Many women suffer from this. 

Try to avoid heartburn triggers such as caffeine, fatty foods, and spicy things. 

first trimester pregnancy

13. Constipation

Are you a little more constipated than before? This is another common first trimester pregnancy symptom. 

You can try to help with constipation by increasing your fiber intake. Another thing you can do is drink your “P” juices. 

That’s right: Pineapple, pear, peach, prune, etc. Any juice that starts will a “P” can help with constipation. 

14. Headaches

You can thank the increase in hormones, increased blood volume, lack of sleep, stress and even fatigue for these sudden headaches you are experiencing in your first trimester. 

Try not to let things get to you and do some relaxation techniques to minimize your stress levels. You may also want to nap when you can and you might want to avoid loud and busy places. 

Be sure you are drinking enough water so this is not the reason why you are getting headaches. 

15. Visible Veins 

Due to the increase of blood supply, you might be seeing visible veins running through your entire body. 

Your partner may joke that you look like a giant road map because of all your veins. Just know this will go away when you aren’t pumping this amount of blood through your body. 

16. Round Ligament pain

Round ligament pain is caused by your ligaments stretching. As your belly gets heavier it begins to really pull on your ligaments causing them to be sore.

If your round ligament pain is hurting, try to get off your feet and rest. 

17. Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are common as you enter the last part of your first trimester. 

No one is entirely clear on why this happens, but stretching and drinking water helps to combat the cramps. I always found eating bananas before bed really helped as well. 

Are you in the first trimester of your pregnancy and feeling all kinds of things? These are first trimester pregnancy symptoms. Find out what symptoms happen during your first trimester and what to do about it! 

18. Sex Drive

How is your sex drive during the first trimester? Some women find themselves really wanting to be intimate, while others are not feeling it at all.

It is completely ok to not be in the mood for sex during your first trimester of pregnancy. Don’t panic it is due to your fatigue, and maybe even fear you will hurt your baby. 

You can still be intimate with your partner by holding hands, cuddling, and just spending undivided attention with each other.  

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

There you have it! These are the most common first trimester pregnancy symptoms and what you can do for them!

If you are in your first trimester and experiencing no symptoms. Don’t panic! You are one of the lucky ones. Just sit back and relax and keep doing what you are doing!

To learn more about first trimester pregnancy symptoms to expect while you’re expecting, take a look at our week by week pregnancy guide

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What first trimester pregnancy symptoms are you experiencing? Share with us in the comments!

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