37 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Cleaning

37 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy CleaningYou are 37 weeks pregnant! A little joke: at 37 weeks pregnant, your baby is considered “full term.” Here’s the punch line: she ain’t coming out for at least a few weeks. Or she could come out tomorrow. It’s a guessing game. Take some bets; you might as well make some last-minute baby gear cash.Every week she stays in your womb she gains an average of a half-pound of fat to pad her little body and help her regulate her temperature after birth. She’s about 6 ½ pounds and around 19 inches long. She’s probably head-down in your pelvis and playing her own little waiting game (which still involves kicking you). If baby is not in a head-down position, your health care provider may manipulate the baby with her hands on your belly to try to gently turn baby around (external cephalic version).

Sleeping and walking feel painful and pointless (you can’t sleep more than an hour without getting up to pee and you can’t walk more than a block without stopping to catch your breath). You are BIG. Super BIG. Although you’re not gaining much more weight, you’re still growing. Even your maternity clothes may be getting tight as your belly bulges and your shirts strain to reach all the way around and below your belly. Your cute little maternity tops are feeling too short and riding up to give you that janitor look you’ve always wanted. YES!

Mostly you’re probably just cleaning… endless, endless cleaning. Whenever you’ve got an ounce of energy, you’re tidying your little nest and getting ready for baby. And peeing. Lots of peeing.

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