8 Signs She Will Come Back: Indications That Your Relationship Has a Second Chance

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You are in a relationship with a girl. You are madly and deeply in love with her. Yes, you have arguments sometimes. It’s normal in any relationship and isn’t something that can’t be sorted out if you want to.

And then, one fine day, something goes so wrong, and you two break up.

Now, when you have been in a romantic relationship for a long time, your partner becomes a part of your everyday life. And then, when you part ways with her suddenly, the chances are that you will miss her, not to mention the pain you will feel.

In most cases, this feeling goes away after some time. But if you continue missing her and want her to return to your life again, it suggests you still have gotten over her. You still love her.

In the following section of the article, we will discuss signs that your ex wants to return to you and give the relationship a second chance. Read on to find out what these signs are.

Signs She Will Come Back

Do you regret fighting with your ex? Do you want to give your relationship a second chance? Do you still love her secretly?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes,” you might look for signs that she feels the same for you.

And that, my boy, is a challenge!

You have to be very patient and look for signs that your ex-girlfriend is ready to come back into your life and that she still has feelings for you.

Now, don’t start worrying thinking about what the signs could be. I have done the hard work for you.

Here I have come up with a list of some of the clearest signs that your ex-girlfriend is not over you yet.

Read on.

1. You Find Her Wherever You Go

You Find Her Wherever You Go

As you were in a relationship with this girl for a long time, she knows all your schedules. She knows when you return home from the office, your favorite coffee joint, or your gym session.

But that doesn’t mean she has to be there, right?

If your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to patch up, the chances are that she will avoid going to all those places where you go.

But suppose you find her at all the events you attend or see her enjoying a hot cup of coffee from your favorite café. In that case, she is hinting at returning to your life.

2. She Is in Touch With You Again

Are you still in contact with your ex-girlfriend after your breakup? Does she still call and text you regularly?

Well, this isn’t something that usually happens after a breakup.

Yes, I know, you have spent quite a lot of time together. And that is why she naturally cares about you or wants to know how you are doing after your breakup.

But that doesn’t mean she will have to call frequently, just like in the days when you were in a relationship.

Calling or texting you when she is reminded of your relationship means she still thinks about you. She still wants to take care of you and be in your life.

3. She Drunk-Texts And Calls You

She Drunk-Texts And Calls You

How often has your ex-girlfriend called and texted you after getting drunk?

If your answer to the latter is “yes,” she hints at returning to you.

They say it is hard to hide your feelings when you are intoxicated. If your ex-girlfriend keeps texting and calling you whenever she is drunk, it suggests you are still in her heart and mind.

She wants to talk to only you at her most vulnerable times.

When she is sober, her pride might have stopped her from contacting you. But getting drunk has made her bold, and her inhibitions are lowered. That is the time when she thinks from the heart.

4. She Has Not Blocked You

After a breakup, the couple commonly blocks each other’s number, so they can’t get in touch with each other. And this indicates that the couple doesn’t want to see other’s face ever again.

But has your ex-girlfriend not blocked you yet?

If your ex-girlfriend hasn’t blocked you yet, it’s a sign that she wants to keep communication open. She wants you to know that you can call her if you want.

Has she unblocked you recently after blocking you for a couple of days?

It means she has gotten over the issue because of which you broke up in the first place. She regrets parting ways with you and eagerly awaits a second chance.

5. Your Breakup With Your Ex Was Not Official

Your Breakup With Your Ex Was Not Official

When I was in a relationship with my now-husband, then-boyfriend, we used to argue a lot. And breakup was something that we had at least once a month!

Yes, we were that childish. But no matter how much we fought with each other, we knew deep down that we couldn’t live without each other. And hence, we are still together and parenting a two-year-old.

Do you have the same kind of relationship with your ex? Is it not the first time that you two broke up?

If your answer is “yes,” it means you are madly and deeply in love with each other.

Yes, you are apart today, but there is a high chance that you will be together again.

When you break up, you tend to tell people close to you about your relationship status so they don’t bother you asking about your ex.

But if your ex-girlfriend hasn’t disclosed anything about you two parting ways with your mutual friends, the chances are that she hasn’t gotten over you. She still loves you. She’s just taking time to get over it.

6. The Reason Behind Your Break up Are External Factors

There are plenty of reasons behind a breakup. What was yours? Was it because your families didn’t approve of you? Or was it because some of your friends played a part in the breakup?

Suppose the reason behind your breakup is due to these external factors. In that case, it means you guys have broken up, not because you don’t love each other anymore or have any toxicity.

It would mean that the feelings for each other have not changed. You guys have parted ways because of external pressures, not because of some problems within.

There is a high chance that your ex-girlfriend and you will reunite soon.

7. She is Still in Touch With Your Friends

She is Still in Touch With Your Friends

Do you guys have mutual friends?

If so, it’s normal for your ex-friend to still talks to them, as they are her friends too.

But have you noticed that she is still spending time with your friends?

If that is the case, it suggests your ex-girlfriend is curious about you. She wants to know how you are and what.

you are up to. And that means she still has feelings for you and is ready to give a second chance to your relationship.

8. You Two Broke up in The Heat of The Moment

As I said earlier, there can be many reasons behind a breakup.

When the reasons are serious such as toxicity, long unresolved issues, and compatibility, there are lesser chances of you two getting together again.

 But when you and your ex-girlfriend broke up because of the heat of the moment and thought it was better to part ways, you’re likely to want to be together again.


Breakups are difficult. You spend so much time with your special girl, and then one day, you part ways. The reason behind this can be many.

But no matter the reason behind your break up, if you still have feelings for each other, you will patch up soon.

I have discussed some subtle but clear signs she wants to be back with you again. It would help if you looked for those signs.

Do you want me to add more signs to the list? Do, let me know in the comments!

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