19 Ultimate Signs That Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

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Have you started to get a hunch that your ex still has feelings for you?

Dating can be a very complicated game. While everything is rosy in the beginning, things can get ugly quite quickly, leading to heartbreak and endless nights of tears and reminiscing. However, there are also times when people can’t get over each other too soon.

The situation becomes trickier when you still have residual feelings for your ex, and end up becoming interesting if you get a hint that your ex feels the same way as well.

Breakups are painful to deal with, especially when you still have feelings for your ex. And no one can tell you this better than me!

You know, my boyfriend and I used to break up at least once a month! I was the one to break up every single time. And that was for only one reason: he couldn’t give me enough time as he was working. And not to mention that we were in a long-distance relationship!

Now that I think of it, it seems funny to me how I used to tell him not to call me anymore, and then, after a couple of days, we used to patch up. This continued for seven long years, after which we got married! And now we have a one-year-old cute baby girl.

Coming to you, is your ex doing things that are making you question yourself, “does my ex still have feelings for me?

Well, we are not always in our best mood. And, at times, this can affect our relationships too. After all, we are human beings.

Sometimes, we overreact and make things harder for ourselves. And then, when we think of it afterward, we regret our actions or our words.

This can be the case with your ex too. For example, they might have broken up with you in the heat of the moment, and then when they cooled down, they regretted their action. And they may try to get you back or be in a relationship with you again.

This is the time when they start doing things that may make you wonder if they still have feelings for you.

Now, the question is, how can you be sure, or what are the signs your ex still has feelings for you?

I’ll discuss that in detail!

Top Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

Top Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You

Keep your eyes and ears open and see if your ex does any of the following things!

1. They Try to Know About You from Your Mutual Friends

If you love someone but are not on talking terms, one of the first things that you do is ask your mutual friends about that person, isn’t it?

My boyfriend and I were best friends for years before we got married. We were of the same age. And we had many mutual friends. So, whenever we broke up, we both used to call our mutual friends and ask about each other. Then those friends used to come and tell us that we were asking about them. So, our patch-up used to be real quick!

Have you and your ex got some common friends too?

If you are a private person and don’t give all updates about your life on social media, then the first thing that your ex will do is go to your mutual friends and ask them about you. After all, they still love you and want to make sure that you are doing well and still single.

2. They Haven’t Removed You from Their Social Media

They Haven’t Removed You from Their Social Media

Have you visited your ex’s social media profile and found out that they haven’t changed their relationship status to single, and your photos are still there all over their page?

Wondering why?

Well, it’s a no-brainer that they might have broken up with you for whatever reason, but they can’t get you off their mind. And they still feel for you!

When people break up, the first thing they do is unfollow and block each other on social media. In fact, there have been cases where people have broken up just by changing their statuses on social media without even informing their partners directly.

So, if you can still see their profile, know that they haven’t got over you yet!

3. They Still Get Jealous

When you were in a relationship with your ex, it was pretty normal for them to get jealous. After all, we can’t bear it if our loved ones spend more time with someone else rather than us, isn’t it?

When I was in a relationship with my then-boyfriend (now husband), I used to get jealous even when he talked with his guy friends. Funny, right?

But, now that you guys have broken up, it is NOT normal for them to show signs of jealousy every now and then. Yes, feelings just don’t go away overnight. It takes time.

But, if they get jealous when you talk to another guy or become very critical when you say that you find another guy attractive, know that they are missing you, honey!

4. They Keep Talking About the Past

They Keep Talking about the Past

Is your ex mentioning things you have done in the past?

This means they are not over you yet!

Is it their white carpet that you have stained with red wine or some argument that you have started in the past but haven’t come to any solution? It could be anything that your ex is bringing up from the past.

And most of the time, you’ll realize that they are talking about some really ridiculous things that you two have done together just to keep the memories alive.

5. They Keep Inviting You Out

What is the common thing that most people do after having a breakup?

They try to keep their distance from each other so that they can forget the painful past easily and move on.

But what if your ex is doing just the opposite of it? What if they are still asking you to go to birthdays, christenings and weddings with them?

Well, it’s because they haven’t got over you! They still have feelings for you and want to be with you.

They invite you to parties because they are comfortable with you. And it is you that want to show up to such parties. Get the hint, dear!

6. They Want to Know About Your Love Life

They Want to Know About Your Love Life

Does your ex show interest in your love life and look for ways to ask you every detail about it?

Then, honey, your ex still loves you!

My boyfriend and I started dating in high school. Then we took different streams for higher studies and had to be a long-distance relationship. We survived so many breakups! So, this one time when we had a serious fight about something that led to a breakup. Then, of course, we were together again, but that was the longest breakup that I can remember.

So, during that time, I used to hear from our mutual friends that he was asking them about my love life, if I was dating someone or was still single. In fact, one day, he texted me directly, asking the same. This is because he couldn’t imagine me with someone else and desperately wanted me back in his life.

The same is the case with your ex! They want you back in their life.

7. They are Far away from Following the No-Contact Rule

There is a no-contact rule that most couples follow after having a breakup. This is one of the most effective ways to lessen the pain of heartbreak and move on in life.

So, tell your ex not to text you, call you or even ask about you to your friends or family for at least one month. If they agree to this, know that they are ready to get over you and help you move on. And they want that for themselves too.

But if they still do all these things instead of following what they have agreed to, it’s clear that they don’t want you to go away from their lives.

They want to be with you and regret breaking up with you!

8. They Ghost You

Do you think your ex avoids you and ignores you because they are indifferent toward you?

Well, that is not always the case, honey! Most of the time, it is just the opposite.

You tend to ignore and avoid the people you love because you don’t want to show them what you actually feel for them, and you are worried that they will get to know your real feelings. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening with your ex!

If you notice that they are avoiding being face to face with you, even when it’s needed, know that they are doing that just to hide their feelings from you. They are afraid that they will not be able to hide their love for you.

9. They Drunk Call or Text You

They Drunk Call or Text You

They say that you become the most sincere when you’re drunk. And your ex is not an exception to it.

Do you think that your ex is giving you mixed signals? For example, they ignore you during the day when they are sober, and then they call you or send you text messages when they are drunk at night.

This clearly means that they still feel for you!

Maybe they are not sure if your relationship with them will work out or if you two are right for each other. And so, their common sense makes them stay away from you when they are not drunk.

Also, it could be that they are afraid you’ll reject them, and so they choose to ignore you. But when alcohol adds to their blood, they can’t hold their true feelings for you. And end up calling or texting you.

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10. They are Still Single

There are people who jump from one relationship to another. And then some don’t like it. The latter type of people likes to take some time to completely get over their former partner before committing to a new relationship.

Now, has it been ages since the two of you broke up, and your ex is still single or hasn’t dated anyone since then?

Then I’m sure that your ex still has feelings for you!

They haven’t dated anyone since your breakup because they may still think that you two will reconcile sooner or later. Also, it could mean that they are still going through the emotional pain of breaking up with you.

Whatever the reason is, they still love you!

11. They Take Full Responsibility for What They Have Done to You

Were you in a toxic relationship that was full of fights, manipulations, and all that were bad?

In that circumstance, it can be quite difficult for you or your partner to think straight and have a clear perspective of everything. Maybe, you had a partner who was not treating you the way they should. And they didn’t see any problem in their behavior.

But now that you two are no longer in a relationship, your ex can see where they made mistakes. They feel sorry for that and are ready to take complete responsibility for their actions and words for the very first time.

And they are doing all these just because they can feel their deep love for you.

12. They Act as if You’re Still Together

They Act as if You’re Still Together

Does your ex still send you good morning and good night texts? Do they still flirt with you?

Do they still invite you to parties? Are you the first person that they go to when they’re in trouble? Do they ask you to always keep in touch and tell them everything about your day-to-day life?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “yes,” then your ex has still not gotten over you!

They can’t accept that you two are not together and so subconsciously behave that all is okay between you. And deep down, they really hope that you’ll give them a second chance.

Or, it could also be that they haven’t taken this breakup as seriously as you have. To them, it’s just an argument, so they behave like you’re still their girlfriend or boyfriend.

13. They Still Take Care of You

Is your ex polite? Do they care for you even after breaking up with you?

Remember, you are not in a relationship with that person anymore, and so it is not their duty to keep you happy or fulfill your needs.

If you call them from time to time when you need something, and if they pick up your call and listen to your requirements, that is fine.

But if they go all that extra mile just to make you happy or please you, that is not normal for an ex. And if that happens, it’s a clear sign that they are in love with you even today!

They care for you the way they used to be when you two were in a relationship. They are concerned for you and want to make sure that you are okay.

14. They Express Their Pain on Social Media

They Express Their Pain on Social Media

Okay, so you get to know a lot about a person from their social media profiles. Don’t you agree?

When two people in a relationship break up, one of the first things they do is go to their social media accounts and delete all the memories, including pictures and statuses that they have of the other person.

But what if your ex does just the opposite of it? What if they keep all your pictures and other happy memories that you shared with them on their social media accounts?

The reason is very clear. They still have feelings for you and think you will reconcile soon.

This had kept them from removing your existence on their profiles.

And do they post songs and quotes on heartbreaks on their profiles?

They do so in the hope that you will read them and know how they miss you and love you. It’s just that they don’t want to tell you directly.

15. They Keep Reminding You of Your Happy Memories Together

They Keep Reminding You of Your Happy Memories Together

Let’s be real: Each relationship has its own share of ups and downs, which is totally cool.

When you break up with the person you love, you tend to see things more realistically, which you would otherwise not see when you are still in that relationship. You start to see which was right and which was wrong.

But if one of you still feels for the other person, they will look at only the bright side. They will remember only the good times that you two spent together and turn a blind eye to everything negative – everything that led you two to break up in the first place.

And they will keep reminding you of those happy memories, for example, the last time you laughed together, kissed, and made love. They will do this to make you feel the same kind of nostalgia that they have been feeling. This is to win you back in their lives!

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16. They Don’t Want to Give Your Stuff Back to You

When you break up with your partner, you need to get rid of all the things or memories that connect you to your ex. This becomes more important when you want to move on in life.

But what if your ex doesn’t really pay any heed to give you your stuff back, making you more confused altogether?

Well, this is one of the clearest signs your ex still has feelings for you! They are not willing to give your stuff back because they think that you will reconcile with them soon.

It can also mean that they still want to stay connected to you, and they are doing so by keeping your stuff close to them so that they don’t miss your presence.

Also, it is possible that they are using this as an opportunity to talk to you. So they are expecting you to call them and ask them about the stuff. And this way, they can at least talk to you.

17. They Use Sexual Connotations

When you are in a romantic relationship, it is natural for you to make love to your partner. But what happens after you break up with them?

Does your ex still want to have sex with you? What are your thoughts on this? Do you also want to sleep with them?

Now, before you actually share the bed with them, be very clear about what you want. Don’t just give in because you still have some soft corners for them.

Be careful and try to understand if your partner wants to be intimate with you just for their physical needs or if they truly love you and want to be with you.

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18. They Buy You Random Gifts

They Buy You Random Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts in a relationship is very common, isn’t it?

It is one way of showing love and affection for the other person. But what if your former partner still buys you random gifts? What does it mean?

This means that they are not over you yet!

When they pass by your favorite dress or shoe store and smell your favorite perfume on someone else, they can’t stop themselves from buying it for you.

Even when they are on vacation, they get you something that you might like.

And they make all these little efforts just to make you happy and bring a smile to your face. After all, they want you back in their lives, and they are working for it to make it happen.

19. They Bump into You – All the Time

You and your former partner were together for quite some time, right? And so, they know all your routines pretty well, isn’t it?

They know where your office is, where your gym is, where you mostly go for an evening walk or which your favorite restaurant that you visit often is – everything.

So, if you bump into your ex-partner every now and then, know that it is not accidental, even if your ex tries to pretend so. Instead, it is your ex’s planned coincidence!

My boyfriend and I started our careers almost at the same time, and it was just a five minutes walk from his office to mine. So, after office hours, he used to come to meet me every day.

I already told you that we had survived many breakups. So, one day we had an argument, and we broke up. The next day, during my lunch break, I saw him eating from my favorite food joint next to my office building.

And then, after office hours, I saw him standing at the bus stop. He knew very well that I was going to get on the bus from there. Of course, I couldn’t stay away from him anymore and got back with him again!

Do you find it something similar to what your ex is doing?

They want you back, honey!

What to do if Your Ex Has Feelings For You?

Being in a relationship, irrespective of the duration, and finally breaking up isn’t easy. It takes a severe toll on one’s physical and mental health. What is more difficult is to relieve yourself from the emotional baggage that has already done enough damage to your peace of mind. Accepting a breakup and moving on would keep both of you happy.

Yet, it is easier to say than do. Those mentally and emotionally strong would not have much difficulty bidding adieu to their past relationships. But, the emotionally weak ones would find it tedious to escape the past. This may make their and their ex’s lives all the more difficult.

Suppose you sense that your ex hasn’t yet been able to empty you from his RECYCLE BIN; then, there are chances that he still feels for you and wishes for a second chance.

The onus is on you; if the feelings are mutual, you could respond positively. But first, contemplate what went wrong last time to avoid repeating the same mistakes. You may have called it quits in the heat of the moment. So make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

If you don’t wish to get back, then your ex’s overconcerned behavior could make you worrisome. You need to keep calm and handle the situation tactfully. Do not give in to your ex’s emotional game – IF YOU REALLY WISH TO MOVE ON.

1. They’ve Disappeared Completely From The Social Scene

They’ve Disappeared Completely From The Social Scene

The human mind is a weird thing, indeed. People have different ways of coping with a breakup. Some would fake happiness, and some would have indifference written all over them. A few would completely retire into their shell, unable to cope with the trauma.

Don’t be surprised if your ex falls into the third category. You may not find him or her anywhere on social media. Their friends might complain to you about their inactivity in the social circle. When you send a ‘Hi, how are thing’s with you” message, that could also go unanswered. Don’t count these gestures as indifference.

Your ex might not have been able to handle the breakup well, resulting in such a reaction. Thoughts of you and the memories of the past still haunt them, which perhaps means that they are yet to get over you.

2. They Play The Blocking And Unblocking Game Repeatedly

It may sound funny, but when your ex repeatedly blocks and unblocks you from his social media, the battle between his head and heart is going strong. His head might tell him to leave his past behind and move on in life – the result is blocking you from everywhere. But, again, his heart plays naughty and reminds him of all the good times you have had together. So, this time again, the block button converts to an unblock.

This saga might go on for quite some time till he ultimately comes and communicates to you what he wants. He may even get over it finally, and with time things could heal. So don’t panic or get perturbed; rather, go with the flow.

3. They Remember Your Special Dates

The relationship may have ceased to exist, but the emotions haven’t. If you’ve ended on a good note, there are chances that your ex feels there’s still a second chance.

If that’s the case, they might show that they care through various gestures. So don’t be surprised if a ‘Happy birthday’ message pops up at midnight from them on your special day.

We don’t realize the importance of our near ones when they are with us. Distancing from them makes us aware of our priorities. You might have once waited the whole day for that wish, only to hear them say, ‘Sorry, babes, I was busy all day.’

 Now that you aren’t together, the wish comes promptly without any reminder. What more can this signify than the fact that they miss those good old days?

4. A Change in Their Body Language

A Change in Their Body Language

If you bump into your ex or meet them consciously, their body language will indicate what’s playing in their mind. They may make it evident in their indifferent gesture teamed with a fake smile that they aren’t interested in you. However, it may be the other way round too.

That sparkle in their eyes and broad smile may catch your attention right away. Another possibility is that they might not look at you at all. Don’t think they are being indifferent. Perhaps, they are shy, scared, or confused, which prevents them from making eye contact.

You could even see them spreading their arms and legs while sitting and talking to you. This indicates that your presence still makes them feel comfortable.

5. They Constantly Keep in Touch With Your Family Members

You’ve broken up with your ex, yet he knows how to stay connected with you. If not directly, it may be indirectly. He may have had a good rapport with your family members, like your mom, dad, brother, or sister. If you find him still in touch with your family, the reason may not just be their mutual admiration for one another. It may be one of his tactics to reach out to you.

Don’t be surprised if you hear any of your kin wish both of you to get back together.

6. They’ve Forgotten The Breakup

They’ve Forgotten The Breakup

Actions speak louder than words. You and your ex may have declared that you aren’t together anymore. Yet, his actions seem to point towards something else. He may still call you ‘Babes’ or ask you to do all his bank work, like before. He would sit with his legs folded on your couch and swipe the television channels to glory as if nothing had happened. He may have impulsively ended the relationship, but deep down in his heart, he has yet to accept the reality.

7. They Are Fast in Replying to Your Calls And Messages

When you were a couple, your boyfriend or girlfriend may not have promptly replied to your calls or messages. That might have even resulted in all the fights and conflicts. The equation has suddenly changed now that they are your ex. They are quick to take your call or respond to messages. Long sentences have replaced one-word replies.

Back then, you were doing most of the calls and texting; now, your ex has taken up your role.

8. Their New Partner Cannot Tolerate You

Their New Partner Cannot Tolerate You

Your ex may have moved on and has someone in their life. However, that doesn’t mean they have wiped you from their memories. No wonder you get to hear that your ex’s new partner loathes you since they can’t have enough of mentioning you.

9. You Ex is Using Reverse Psychology on You

You met your ex the other day, and instead of making a grumpy face at you, he behaved so well. He even said, ‘So happy that you moved on. All the best for your new life’.

Before you excitedly blurt out, ‘No, that’s not true. I am still single’; it’s my advice for you to control your emotions. He is just playing reverse psychology with you. He doesn’t know if you’ve moved on but wants to hear it from your mouth. Perhaps he wants to verify whether he still has a chance to enter your life.

10. They Prefer The Future Pace

If you’ve not ended your relationship with your ex in an ugly spat and have decided to remain friends, chances are that you meet once in a while. During those meetings, suppose you start talking about a plush cafe in town, and your ex spontaneously replies “We’ll go there someday” this points to something positive.

Time will tell whether your ex wants to come back to you or not, but one thing is for sure, the feelings aren’t completely gone.

11. They Call You With or Without a Reason

They Call You With or Without a Reason

When we can’t take someone off our minds, we may find ways to get in touch with them and give excuses to justify our actions. If you aren’t in contact with your ex after your break up and get a call one fine day, you could be startled and start to think of the reason behind the call. Then on the other side, you hear that familiar voice saying, ‘Sorry, I mistakenly dialed your number.’ It could be a mistake or maybe on purpose to hear your voice. If the mistake becomes a regular affair, then the intention is clear enough.

The second scenario is if you are on talking terms with your ex, and they find an excuse to call you every other day. Perhaps they miss you and your company and always wish to stay in touch.


One of the many things that make relationships complicated is the unanswered questions, the times when you keep tossing and turning, wondering what the other person is thinking. This is why it’s good to look for the signs listed above.

Do you find these similar to what your ex does?

Well, these are the most common signs your ex still has feelings for you! So what are you going to do now? Do you, too, have feelings for him?

There must be a reason you guys broke up, right? But your feelings are important too. So do what is best for you. And let me know what happens!

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