102 Funny Yet Romantic Lunch Box Notes For Husband

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In this technological day and age that we exist in nowadays, where messages can be sent with a few taps on your phone screen, we often overlook just how sweet a simple little handwritten note can be.

A short, funny, sweet message written by you on paper may seem like a small thing. Still, it’s a gesture that goes a long way in letting the love of our life know how much we appreciate and love them.

Surprising your significant other with a well-placed note which he will find as he goes about his day, will put a smile on his face.

It will bring him joy, even make him laugh out loud, all the while being reminded of just how much you care about him. And a great place to leave him a cute and flirty little love note is in his lunchbox!

Picture this: He’s about to eat his lunch after a long, tiring morning of working hard. A sweet note from you greets him as he opens his lunch box. It will be an excellent pick-me-up for him in the midst of his workday.

Plus, a hilarious and sweet little message from you will make his lunch break a whole lot more fun — and give him inspiration for the rest of his day, powering him until he gets back home to you.

Giving your hubby a little surprise via sweet and thoughtful notes in his lunchbox is one of the simplest, easiest, and most effective ways to show him how awesome you think he is and how much you truly adore him.

Sure, grand gestures are great, and they are also amazing ways to let him know how big your feelings are for him. But do not overlook the power of a simple little love note.

Showing your partner love and showering him affection only sometimes means going big or spending. Sometimes, all it takes is a fun, goofy, flirtatiously funny note to put a smile on his face and surround him with your love, even from miles away.

And hey, once he opens that lunch box and sees your note, he won’t be able to get you off your mind — and that can translate to a super romantic evening ahead when he gets home!

Sometimes, a hilarious, flirty, sweet note from you is all it takes to tell him that you love him, BIG TIME.

Tips on Writing Lunch Box Notes For Your Husband

Tips on Writing Lunch Box Notes For Your Husband

Girl, here’s the thing: Simply put, there is no wrong way to whip up a little lunch box love note for your hubby. But if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or guidance, don’t worry cos we’ve got a few simple tips that can help you get started:

  • When in doubt, KISS – that is, Keep It Short and Sweet. A line or two is all you need to show how much you appreciate and love him.
  • Be specific with your words. Whether you want to make him smile, get him laughing throughout his lunch, rev up his engine so he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you when he sees you later on, or want to let him know how much you adore something about him — don’t beat around the bush. Express it clearly.
  • Don’t be stingy with affection — tell him just how much you adore and enjoy being with him. Use your handwritten words to let him know that you cherish him more than anything.
  • Keep your tone positive — or better yet, keep it light and fun! A lunchbox love note for your husband is a great time to focus on all the awesome things about your relationship and bring good vibes, even if you’re not physically together.
  • Creativity is key. Put a food item in his lunch that will match your message, write it out in various colors, use cute stickers or paper or write it somewhere he wouldn’t expect. 
  • Personalize it and make it unique – the more personal, the more memorable it will be to him, and the more it will fill him with joy and all that good stuff.

Funny Yet Romantic Lunch Box Notes For Your Husband

Check out these lunch box note ideas to give the love of your life a flirty little lunch treat! With these sweet and hilarious love notes, you will be able to show your hubby just how much you love him and that you are thinking of him.

Plus, it will show him what a wicked sense of humor you have, not to mention how thoughtful you are!

Romantic Lunch Box Notes for Your Husband

Funny Yet Romantic Little Love Notes

These hilarious and flirty little love notes are an awesome way to fill your husband’s day with good vibes and romance. Brighten his day and make his lunch special with these funny yet romantic lunch box notes.

You’re my stud muffin.”

Tip: Leave this note right on top of a freshly backed muffin in his lunch box

“You are one HOT Tamale!”

Tip: Place this note on op of some hot tamales

“Marrying you was the best decision I ever made… That and growing out my bangs.”

You can substitute the “bangs” part with some other funny thing that applies to you

Donut, you know I LOVE you!”

Tip: Get him his favorite donut to put in his lunch box along with this note

“We’re just two nuts sharing the same nuthouse, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Love your Nutty Buddy.”

Tip: A Nutty Buddy bar or two alongside this note will make it more adorable

“I LOVE you (and I also secretly love your stinky farts.).”

Tip: You can replace “stinky farts” with whatever hilarious, good-natured ribbing you want to give him

I choose you over this chocolate cake… but can you just leave me a bite.”

Tip: Of course, partnering this with a slice of chocolate cake makes it cuter

“I thank God every day for giving me you… and tacos.”

Tip: Tacos are a great match for this note

I find you very ap-peal-ing.”

Tip: Write this on top of a banana using a Sharpie marker

“Here’s a cookie for now… and you can have my other cookie later.”

Tip: Leave this note on top of a yummy cookie

“You are my rock… but I couldn’t find a rock in our yard… So, you are my leaf. And leaves are more important than rocks. Leaves give food to trees. What do rocks do?”

Tip: Stick a leaf to this little note just because!

Life happens… Candy helps.”

Tip: Stick this on his favorite candy

  • “There are 3,500,000,000,000 fish in the sea… Seriously, I Googled it… And then I forgot what I was going to say. Oh well, love you.”
  • “Enjoy lunch, skip the gym, and I’ll give you a workout when you get home.” 
  • “I love you… that is all.”
  • “You don’t have to find a four-leaf clover to get lucky tonight!” 
  • “I LOVE you… even though you pee on the seat and leave dirty clothes on the floor.”
  • “I choose … (Write the entire alphabet and then circle the letter “U.”)”
  • “You are my … (Stick this to a rock with a heart painted on it).”
  • “I’m yours… no refunds.”
  • “You’re all that and this half-eaten bag of chips I found in the pantry.”
  • “Without U, I’m “BLE!”
  • “Hurry home… I’ll be waiting… in my sweatpants, oversized shirt, and messy bun… I mean, let’s be realistic.”
  • “You are my sunshine… and I need some Vitamin D!”
  • “I know I’m watching my carbs… but I can’t resist your hot buns!”
  • “I can’t imagine my WURLD without U in it! (You know I was never good at spelling).”
  • “I know it’s Cheesy, but I think you’re Grate!”
  • “I want olive view.”
  • “I just want to lick your face… From the dog (and me, too).”
  • “I’m going to make you a mix tape… Just kidding… “Alexa…””
  • “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray… and knock out the power, and I can’t watch The Bachelor!”
  • “It may not be football season, but you can still score tonight!”
  • “Cleaned the dirty laundry. Washed the dirty dishes. Mopped the dirty floors. Scrubbed the dirty toilet. Talk dirty to me.”
  • “I love you more than a millennial loves avocado toast.”
  • “You must be tired… because you’ve been running through my mind all day!”
  • “Of all the fish in the sea, I liked the taste of your worm the best.”
  • “If the way to your heart is through your stomach, then I’m hoping I stand a pretty good shot. Enjoy lunch, babe. I love you!”

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Sweet Lunch Box Notes to Put a Smile on His Face

Sweet Lunch Box Notes to Put a Smile on His Face

If you’re not in a pun-ny mood and prefer straight-out affection, these sweet lunch box notes will undoubtedly make your husband smile just as much. After all, precious little messages do the trick of filling his hear with joy!

  • “You’re the hardest worker I know, and I’m so proud of you.”
  • “You make me laugh all the time, even when I don’t want to smile.”
  • “I’m always happy when I’m with you.”
  • “You’re such a good listener, and I feel like I can talk to you about anything.”
  • “You make my heart race.”
  • “We make a great team!”
  • “I’m so grateful for you and everything we have together.”
  • “You’re always putting others first; I admire that about you.”
  • “You’re an amazing man, and I’m so glad we’re together.”
  • “You always make sure we have fun together, no matter what we’re doing.”
  • “You’re a great role model for our kids (if applicable).”
  • “You always think of others, and I know you’d do anything to help someone in need.”
  • “You have a heart of gold.”
  • “You’re so handsome!”
  • “I love spending time with you, and I can’t wait to do more.”
  • “You have such a kind heart.”
  • “You always know what to say to make me feel better.”
  • “You’re always there for me, no matter what.”
  • “I can’t imagine my life without you.”
  • “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
  • “I love you more than anything in the world.”
  • “You always make me feel special.”
  • “You always make me feel loved.”
  • “You are the love of my life.”
  • “I love you more than words can say.”
  • “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband!”
  • “You mean the world to me.”
  • “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
  • “I’m so lucky to be with you.”
  • “I’m grateful for everything we have together.”
  • “You’re my best friend, and I love you for that.”
  • “You always make me feel at home, no matter where we are.”
  • “You always put a smile on my face.”
  • “You make my life complete.”
  • “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us together.”
  • “I love you more than life itself.”
  • “Seeing you happy makes me happy.”
  • “I cherish our time together.”
  • “There’s nobody I’d rather be with than you.”
  • “You’re my reason for everything.”
  • “You’re the most important person in my life.”
  • “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” 
  • “I don’t think my life would be half as good without you.”
  • “You make me happier than I ever thought possible.”
  • “Seeing you smile is the best part of my day.”
  • “You mean everything to me.”
  • “You’re my world.”
  • “I love you more than anything.”
  • “I’m super, super grateful to be with you.”

Flirty Little Lunch Box Notes For Your Partner

Flirty Little Lunch Box Notes For Your Favorite Guy

Get your flirt on and let him know just how hot you are for him — we promise this will bring him a ton of joy and keep him smiling all day long!

  • “You are the apple to my eyes, the ketchup to my fries, the bread to my butter & the cheese to my ham. I love you. Enjoy lunch!”
  • “DAMN, Just a little reminder of how good you look!”
  • “Check your watch. It misses me ‘o’clock! Just kidding. You can never miss a person who is always in your heart. I love you and can’t wait to be back with you.”
  • “Hey, hottie, see you tonight.”
  • “Well, hello, handsome. Just look at you! You’re the biggest treat of them all!”
  • “Hello, hello. Just a little note to say I love you and I’m thinking of you. Hope your days are going well 🤍”
  • “There’s nothing you can’t do, you know? I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. Go show everyone exactly what you’re made of!”
  • “Just a little reminder that I love you and am so proud of you. Keep thriving, babe!”
  • “Just a little note to say that I love you and appreciate all you do.”
  • “Get out. Out, out, out. Out of my head! I can’t wait to fall into your arms later instead!”
  • “Hurry home… I’ll be waiting… in my sweatpants, oversized shirt, and messy bun… let’s be real. But still waiting!”
  • “Thank you for being the man of my dreams”
  • “My boyfriend, best friend, rock, lover. Thinking of you. I love you.”
  • “I want to be the reason you look at your lunch and smile, and well, let’s be fair, my sandwiches aren’t always up to scratch, so I hope that this, instead, does the trick!”
  • “To me, you really are perfect.”
  • “See you later, babe. I’ll still be wearing that smile you gave me.”

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How to Make His Lunchtime Even More of a Treat?

How to Make His Lunchtime Even More of a Treat

Your note will be the highlight of his lunchtime – and his day! And the best part is, you can make it even more of a treat with a few little things!

Here are a few ways to make sure that your note comes with an extra special lunch, prepared by you and made just for him!

  • Get him his fave sandwich from your neighborhood sandwich shop or deli
  • For dessert, get him a big slice of his fave cake
  • A good meal needs to be paired with a drink to wash it all down – so add a bottle of his choice, soda or juice.
  • Shake things up a bit sometimes and tuck in a gift certificate to his fave eatery or restaurant
  • Pack a big, warm thermos of his fave soup
  • Bake him some homemade cookies or cake for that little extra touch of fresh-baked sweetness
  • Prepare a lunch basket that has your go-to picnic or snack items as a couple. 
  • Get him a special lunch box that fits his personality or has his name on it.

Whatever you choose to write in your little love note, the important thing is that it comes from the heart. Your sincerity and genuine affection will go a long way to making his day super awesome and full of love.

Writing short and sweet messages and tucking them into his lunch box will make him happy and feel loved. And hey, don’t make this a one-and-done — leave little notes regularly always to let him know just how much you love him. Little love notes make a big difference!

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